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transliterations with integrated vocabulary (400'000 entries)

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- The story of the shipwrecked sailor

- New Kingdom Texts I

- New Kingdom Texts II

- Book of the Dead

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- New: German version with vocabulary

- New: HieroAbbrev Here is an app which displays abbreviations and variants of Ancient Egyptian words available on the App Store.


- In order to be able to display the vocabulary the mouse must be over the word without click. The vocabulary first displays word’s “official” writing. The last radical of 3e infirmae verbs is written j.

The vocabulary is not intended to replace any already published translation, but to give the main meanings of the words.

- The vocabulary displayed is partly built on the book of Raymond O. FAULKNER, A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, Oxford, 1962. References to this major contribution to Egyptology

are throughout the vocabulary in brackets with the mention of the page (i.e. [F 40] refers to page 40 of the Dictionary).

- The transliteration gives the first entry usually found in hieroglyphic dictionaries: for instance ỉmȝḫy will be written ỉmȝḫw

- Royal and private names are written all with hyphens for technical reasons.

- Specials thanks are given to the Griffith Institute for the permission to use Faulkner's Dictionary.

- In order to increase the text size type one or several times: CTRL SHIFT +.

- Additional Remarks

- Searching words (useful also for getting word definition on Smartphone/iPhone)

- Here is a list of words which are not to be found in the database


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