1. Search here (97 Mo) any word (CTRL+F; accents and diacritics sensitive) (window 1)


1. Search here any word (CTRL+F; accents and diacritics sensitive) (window 2).

2. Right clicking will let you select the internet address of the window where appears the word selected.

3. Click on the link selected.


1. Open any window with integrated vocabulary.

2. Search any word (accents et diacritics sensitive).

3. Click on the found word.

4. Press "Change color"

5. Every occurrence of the word with this specific definition is in red.

Note: some words need to be clicked twice since their treatment in texts from the Old Kingdom is different, i.e. without y (Old Kingdom Texts and Pyramid Texts)




Note:for better use of the search function open both windows (windows 1+2), then search a word (window 1), select and copy the whole line then go to window 2 and search the line which has been copied, right click to get the address. Go again to window 1, search next word.