ȝỉw          [weather phenomenon] storm, gale [F 327]

ȝỉs, ỉs      viscera [F 1]

ȝwt          long knife [F 2]

ȝw ḏrt     generous [F 323]

ȝbȝb                        [vb] be delighted [F 2]

ȝfr                            [vb] boil [F 3]

ȝmmw     colic (med.) [F 3]

ȝhmt        trouble, sorrow [F 4]

ȝẖʿt         scratch, scar [F 5]

ȝtp           box, coffer [F 7]

ỉȝbt          the East [14th nome of L. E.]

ỉȝbtt        trap, snare [F 8]

ỉȝm                          [vb] offer, propose [F 9]

ỉȝṯỉw, ỉȝtỉw              mutilation [F 9]

ỉỉ              [neg. part.] see nỉỉ  [F 10]

ỉʿb                           [vb] heap up, reject (bad) [F 11]

ỉʿf                            [vb] squeeze (through a fabric), press (grapes), squeeze out, wring out, twist (washing), extract [F 11]

ỉwʿw        ring, circle (see ʿwʿw) [F 13]

ỉwbt        crumb of bread  [F 13]

ỉwdt        separation, exile [F 14]

ỉbȝ           [stone pawn for a game], draughtsman [F 15]

ỉpȝ           private office [F 17]

ỉfd           quadrangular, square [F 17]

ỉfdt          four (group of four elements) [F 17]

ỉmȝt         female ibex, female of any wild animal [F 19]

ỉmntỉ, ỉmnty           the Westerner,  the dead (ỉmntyw, ỉmntỉw, ỉmntỉỉw, mntỉw, Westerners) [F 21]

ỉmty        imty bity : student, foster-child of the King of L. E. [title] imty n nt, ỉmt n nt (foster-child of the crown of the North) [F 18]

ỉmy-nḏst                                rear, stern (of a ship) [F 18]

ỉmy-hrw-f               [noun] sentinel [F 19]

ỉmy-ḫt     member of the bodyguard [F 19]

ỉnʿt          chin [F 23]

ỉnbȝ                         [vb] be dumb [F 23]

ỉnnk, ỉnk                 thyme, conyza or water mint [F 23]

ỉnrỉỉ, ỉnr                   shiver, shudder, tremor (also written iwnrw) [F 24]

ỉntnt        [vb] keep, hold back, restrain, repress [F 24]

ỉnỉỉt         refrain [F 22]

ỉry-ḥȝt                     pilot, who is at the head of [F 25]

ỉry-sȝ                      administrator, keeper of cattle-pens [F 25]

ỉhm                          [vb] walk slowly, linger, slow, be slow [F 28]

ỉhhỉỉ        a festival [F 28]

ỉḫm                          [vb] erase off, cancel, abolish [F 29]

ỉspr         whip [F 30]

ỉkkw        adviser, sḥ n ỉkkw (adviser of the wise man) [F 32]

ỉtỉỉt          Queen, ỉtỉỉt ḫȝw (Queen of thousands = ep. of the U. E. crown) [F 33]

ỉd             [vb] attack [F 35]

ỉdȝ           [vb] smooth [F 35]

ỉdỉ            [vb] see ỉd, be deaf [F 35]

ỉdn          proxy, mandate, m idn (on behalf of, as proxy for) [F 35]

ỉdr                           [vb] sew, suture [F 36]

ỉdt           anger, wrath [F 35]

ʿȝʿ            courage, valor [F 38]

ʿȝbt         selfishness, miserliness [F 38]

ʿȝdt         bread [F 38]

ʿʿw                          [vb] take fright [F 38]

ʿwȝỉỉt       kind of fermented drink [F 40]

ʿwȝỉỉt       (fem.) robber  [F 39]

ʿbw         lettuce [F 41]

ʿbb                          [vb] use the pitchfork [F 41]

ʿbḫn        frog [F 41]

ʿbt           [object used when opening the mouth] [F 40]

ʿpšȝỉỉ       insect (beetle) [F 42]

ʿfȝ            sweet clover (plant with yellow flowers) [F 42]

ʿnʿn, ỉnʿ  chin [F 43]

ʿnbỉỉt       armful (as a measure of quantity for reed-stalk) [F 43]

ʿḥȝ           Nile perch (Lates Niloticus) [F 46]

ʿḥȝ-mw   sounding-pole, boat hook [F 46]

ʿḥʿ           servant [F 47]

ʿḫḫ                          [vb] evaporate, consume, destroy [F 48]

ʿšȝ           gecko lizard [F 49]

ʿšȝ           indecent, shocking, disgusting, despicable [F 49]

ʿḳ-r          one over-familiar in speech [F 50]

ʿgȝỉỉt       part of the wȝm plant, resin [F 50]

ʿḏ                            [vb] fatten, spoil, destroy [F 51]

ʿḏnt         melting furnace, crucible [F 51]

ʿḏnt         bracelet, armband [F 51]

wȝỉ                          [vb] bake, broil, roast [F 52]

wȝm                        [vb] bake, brown (in oven), grill [F 53]

wȝḥt, wȝḥỉỉt           temenos [F 54]

wȝḥ-tp    multiplication [F 53]

wȝḏ         offering bread [F 55]

wʿʿwt      loneliness, intimacy [F 57]

wʿrw       hastiness (of speech), dodging (of a question) [F 58]

wʿrtỉỉt      administratrix, nurse [F 58]

wnḫ        roll of cloth (offering) [F 63]

wnḏwt, wndwt, wnḏwy       hollow, hole, valley, (ground) depression  [F 63]

wnỉỉt       baldness, hair removal [F 61]

wrt          crown of Upper Egypt [F 64]

whȝhȝ     arrogance [F 65]

whb        hole, perforation [F 65]

whnn      head, cranium, top (of the head), forehead [F 65]

wḫdt       pain [F 68]

wsỉ, ws   [vb] saw [F 68]

wsfw       a lazy person, an indolent person [F 68]

wst          sawdust [F 68]

wsṯ                          [vb] fall into ruin, being damaged, ravaged, ruin, damage [F 69]

wšȝt        widgeon [F 70]

wšbỉỉt     beads, grains [F 70]

wgb                        [vb] appear, rise above the horizon [F 71]

wgp                        [vb] grind, triturate [F 71]

wgỉỉt       lower jaw [F 71]

wgỉỉt       talker, talkative person [F 71]

wt            place of embalming [F 71]

wṯsw       accuser, accused person [F 72]

wdpỉỉt     serving-maid [F 73]

wdn        offerer [F 73]

wdnt       heavy block of stone [F 73]

wḏ           inscription [F 74]

wḏȝỉỉt      udjayt [mythical residence of Amun-Ra] [F 75]

wḏʿ         he who is judged [F 75]

wḏb        folded cloth [F 76]

wḏḥʿ                       [vb] pour out, spill, instil [med.] [F 76]

            leopard, panther [F 77]

bȝḥ          [measure of capacity for baking] [F 78]

bȝkbȝk    cake [F 79]

bȝtỉỉt, bȝtỉỉ              the one from Bat, devotee of Hathor (= queen) [F 77]

bȝdt        ladle, measure [F 79]

bȝỉỉ                          [vb] be wet, bȝỉỉ m fdt (be soaked with sweat) [F 77]

bȝỉỉ, bỉỉ    foot-ewer, pot (used to wash the feet), feet washing [F 77]

bỉt           block of stone, alabaster from Hatnub [F 79]

bỉt           vase, ewer (oval) [F 79]

bbwy      clavicle, collarbone or neck [F 82]

bbỉỉt, bbwỉỉt, bbwt                wig (falling on the shoulders) [F 82]

bnnt        ball, pellet [F 83]

bgȝw       shipwrecked man [F 85]

btȝt         evil, harm, damage, injury [F 85]

bddw-kȝ a plant, watermelon [F 86]

bḏȝ          jar, earthenware pot, conical bread tin [F 86]

bḏȝw       cushions, (bḏȝ sing., stiff roll of linen (for splint)) [F 86]

pȝʿt         quail see pʿrt [F 87]

pȝw         rumors, lies, slander, gossip [F 87]

prw         land emerged from inundation (after the flood) [F 91]

pr-dšr     Red House, Treasury of Lower Egypt (with warehouses)(// pr-ḥḏ) [F 90]

pḥrt         walking, course (of runner) [F 92]

psḥ         bite, sting [F 94]

psšty      part, share, division, fragmentation of land [F 95]

pggt        frog, toad [F 96]

pdst        pellet, pupil (eye) [F 96]

pḏj, pḏ                    [vb] sharpen [F 97]

fȝỉỉt          weight, gravity, support [F 97]

fȝk                           [vb] be bald, crop, shave, be shorn [F 98]

fnfnw      reward, remuneration, payment, income [F 98]

fkty         [priestly title] shorn priest [F 99]

ftt            bandage, vegetable lint, stuffing [F 99]

mȝw-ḥr   mirror [F 100]

mȝḫ, ḫmȝw             sheaf (of wheat), bundle [F 103]

mỉbt        small ax [F 104]

mʿf, mʿḏ                  headsman’s block [F 105]

mʿt          kind of boat [F 105]

mnḫ        string (amulet) [F 109]

mnḳt       container, jar, vase [F 110]

mrỉ                           [vb] run aground (boat) [F 112]

 (mr, au singulier) (écrit avec le signe du canal) [F 111]

mrt          kind of boat [F 111]

mḥw        linen thread (weaving) [F 114]

mḥwnw  slaughterer, the person who cut the throat in the slaughterhouse [F 114]

msnw      harpooner [F 117]

msštȝ      part (of vehicle), framework (of chariot) [F 118]

mšʿ          journey, march [F 119]

mks         mekes container [F 120]

mt            strip, piece, mt ỉfd (rectangular linen, rectangular fabric) [F 120]

mtmt                       [vb] debate, discuss [F 121]

mḏȝbt     drainer (for evacuation of water from a boat) [F 123]

mḏdw     r-mḏdw n ỉb n: according to the desire of, according to the will of [F 124]

nỉtỉt                         [vb] stammer, wšb.k nn nỉtỉt (answer without stammering) [F 126]

nws         sheet, (metal) sheet [F 128]

nb, nbȝ                   [vb] bind, tie, wrap [F 128]

nbȝ          wig(?) [F 130]

nbỉbỉ                       [vb] be hot, burning, burn [F 130]

nbỉt         reed, straw [F 130]

npȝpȝ                      [vb] flutter, beat(also of the meninges after a head wound) [F 130]

npḥw      iliac region [F 130]

nfnfn                      [vb] unroll [F 131]

nft                           [vb] slacken (bow), loosen, detach [F 132]

nft, nfỉỉt                  fan [F 131]

nmwt      net, trap, snare, net (for birds) [F 133]

nmḥ        poverty, humility [F 133]

nhnh, nhnhȝ                          [vb] quake [F 135]

nhry        Syrian dignitary, noble of Naharina [F 135]

nhs         hippopotamus (= Seth) [F 136]

nht          (magical) protection  [F 135]

nḥȝ                          [vb] shake [F 136]

nḥȝt        palpitations, obstruction, discomfort, inconvenience, illness (eyes) [F 136]

nḫȝḫȝ                      [vb] ruffle, tousle (someone's hair) [F 138]

nḫt          early youth, early childhood [F 137]

nsr                          [vb] anoint, dab (injury) [F 140]

nsty        cake, bread [F 140]

nstyw     kind of red roots, alkanet (plant from which comes the Alkanna dye) [F 140]

nšw         flow, issue (from wound), skin disease (pemphigus), mucositis [med.] [F 140]

nšnt        the condemned ones, the cursed ones [F 140]

nšt          hairdresser (fem.), wigmaker (fem.) [F 140]

nšỉỉ                          [vb]do one’s hair, comb [F 140]

nḳwt       humidity, moisture [F 141]

nkn         sword [F 141]

ngỉỉt        breach (of law), violation, crime [F 141]

nṯrw        sacred pole [F 143]

nṯrty       adze (used when opening the mouth) [F 143]

nṯry         magic rope [F 143]

ndb                         [vb] cover, inlay, line, band (metal door), ndb m (to cover) (see nbd) [F 143]

ndbdb                    [vb] drink in small sips, sip [F 143]

nḏ-ḥr                      protector, support [F 144]

nḏsnḏs                   [vb] burn [F 145]

nḏtyw                     maidservants (fem.)(Urk. IV, 2032, 7) [F 143]

r-ỉb          stomach [F 146]

rwỉ           vineyard, vines (hapax) [F 148]

rwwt       departure, way out [F 148]

rmn         portable altar, portable shrine (for procession) [F 149]

rmrm                       [vb] punish, chastise, beat [F 149]

rnn                          [vb] caress [F 150]

rḳ-ỉb        the rebel [F 153]

rḳj, rḳ, rḳw              [vb] incline, bend, disobey, rḳ r (depart from, turn away from), repel, engage in hostilities, oppose, incline to (determinative of the arm) [F 153]

rḳỉỉ                           wild, fierce, brutal, aggressive [F 153]

rkrk         snake (see rrk) [F 153]

rtḥ                           fortified shelter, blockhouse [F 154]

hbhb                       [vb] move, drive out (pain) [med.] [F 158]

hbḳ, hȝbḳ                               [vb] beat up, grind, crush [F 158]

hmw        salary, payment, remuneration, emolument [F 158]

hnn         deer [F 159]

hdhd                       [vb] charge, attack [F 160]

ḥb, ḥȝb                   [vb] hunt (birds with a net, go fishing) [F 167]

ḥȝỉỉt         bandage [F 161]

ḥȝʿb                        bad quality (of an object), bad character (of a person) [F 163]

ḥȝḥȝ                        [vb] go astray, disappear, stumble, search, stagger [F 163]

ḥȝg                          [vb] make landfall, land, crash (boat) [F 163]

ḥȝt           food, fodder [F 160]

ḥȝtỉ, ḥȝty                                bleariness, darkening (of eyes) [med.] [F 163]

ḥȝt-ḫȝ, ḥȝty-ḫȝ      herdsman, shepherd [F 162]

ḥʿ            palace (see ʿḥ) [F 164]

ḥbsw      package, bundle [F 168]

ḥbswt, ḥbsỉỉt         fabric, linen, cloth, coat [F 168]

ḥpgt        acrobatic dance [F 168]

ḥmȝ         ball [F 170]

ḥmww     fuller, launderer [F 170]

ḥmm        (surgeon’s) instrument [med.] [F 170]

ḥnỉỉt        spear, harpoon [F 172]

ḥnw        ribs [med.] [F 172]

ḥnwty     servant, priest (on duty) [F 171]

ḥnḥnt     swelling, swelling (in the neck) [med.] [F 172]

ḥnkw      presents, (diplomatic) gifts  [F 173]

ḥntȝ        hedgehog, porcupine [F 173]

ḥntȝsw   lizard [F 173]

ḥr            rope, shroud(boat) [F 175]

ḥrf           heref bread [F 176]

ḥrtt          lump (of lapis lazuli) [F 176]

ḥry-ẖt-f                  offering bread [F 175]

ḥry-š       (temple) garden  [F 175]

ḥsb         fracture [F 178]

ḥtȝw        wrinkles, fold, stains, bruises [F 179]

ḥtpt         bowl, cup (for offerings of bread) [F 180]

ḥṯt, ḥtt    (striped) hyena  [F 181]

ḥḏ           white linen [F 181]

                              [vb](be) a child, be in childhood, be young [F 182]

ḫȝ                            [vb] (be, become) young, little [F 183]

ḫȝʿ                           [vb] urinate, sweat [med.] [F 184]

ḫȝr                           [vb] bolt (of horses) [F 184]

ḫȝḫȝ                        [vb] winnow, sift, screen [F 185]

ḫȝs                          [vb] scramble, climb, cling, ḫȝs m (climb) [F 185]

ḫȝty        hall, forecourt [F 185]

ḫwỉỉt, ḫwt               sanctuary [F 186]

ḫwdt       profusion of trees, plenty of precious wood [F 187]

ḫwḏw, ḫwdw         class of fisherman [F 187]

ḫpỉỉt        death [F 188]

ḫprỉỉ        children [F 189]

ḫfʿ           khefa cake [F 190]

ḫft-ntt     since, because, inasmuch as, insofar as [F 190]

ḫm           divine image, divine statue, sacred image [F 191]

ḫmȝȝ                       [vb](be, become) narrowed, contracted, shrink, get narrower, wither, become wrinkled [F 191]

ḫmt-rw    fraction 3/4 [F 191]

ḫn           clap (of hands, rhythmically), dt ḫn (beat time, set the pace) [F 192]

ḫnfȝ        arrogance, pretentiousness [F 192]

ḫnsỉỉt      scurf, dandruff, oozing scabs (on the head) [med.] [F 193]

ḫnd                         [vb] bend, curve (wood), weave, twist together (flower stems) [F 195]

ḫs            water hole (marshes), stream [F 197]

ḫsf                          [vb] spin (linen or other fibers) [F 197]

ḫtm         livestock, khetenu cattle  [F 199]

ḫtmỉỉ       seal-maker [F 199]

ḫtt-pr      house-servant  [F 198]

ḫd           downstream, flow (water), North [F 199]

ẖȝb          [part of the body] clavicle [F 200]

ẖȝm                         [vb] see ḫȝm, bow [F 200]

ẖpʿ                          [vb] chew, be chewed [F 201]

ẖn           be blistered, turquoise, burnt [F 201]

ẖrw         men (coll.) [F 203]

ẖrdt         children, swarm of children, group of children, youth [F 204]

ẖry-sȝ     the hindermost, who is behind, the oppressed one [F 204]

ẖkrỉỉ, škrỉỉ               hairdresser [F 205]

ẖdr                          [vb] defend sb (m hȝw, in a case), rescue [F 205]

s              [suffix pronoun 3rd person. fem. sing.]she, her, her [collective sense] this, that, ḥr.s (because of it, about it, about this, about that), ẖr.s (under it) [F 205]

            maggot [med.] [F 207]

sȝw         magician [F 207]

sȝwt        [part of the body] (perhaps) loins [F 209]

sȝj, sȝ, sȝỉw, sȝw                   [vb] screen, sift (flour, powder) [F 209]

sȝḫmw    species of bat [F 211]

sỉ                             [vb] shuffle (while walking), be lame, stumble [F 211]

sỉȝrr                         [vb] give medicine, dose (a patient), chop [F 212]

sỉwḥ                        [vb] flood, submerge [F 212]

sỉwḥ                        [vb] rob [F 212]

sỉnw        ropes [F 213]

sỉnt         clay seal [F 213]

sỉhm                        [vb] hold back [F 213]

sỉsj, sỉs, sỉsy                          [vb] make light, lighten (aload, burden), lessen [F 213]

sʿwȝ                        [vb] ferment, make decompose (a mucilage in order to make an emetic) [F 213]

sʿrỉỉ         ewer on stand [F 214]

sʿrỉỉt        uraeus [F 214]

sʿsʿ                         [vb] deface, mutilate, injure [F 215]

swȝwȝ                     [vb] weigh up, consider, think, ponder, think about [F 216]

swỉt         pearl, pill, pellet (med.) [F 216]

swn         trade, business, trading (see swnt, price) [F 217]

swnỉỉt     pain, suffering [F 217]

swr, swỉ  drink-supply [F 217]

swḥt       linen, linen fabric, shroud [F 217]

swḫȝ, swḫȝy          rot, decay, degradation [F 218]

swgm                      [vb] grind, pulverize [F 218]

sbỉw        flautist, jester [F 220]

sbḫ         sebekh jar, tub, vat, pot [F 220]

sbḫt        (pylon-shaped) chest [F 220]

sbt          libation-jar, ewer [F 219]

sp            medicine, dose, portion, share, ration [F 222]

spw         [med.] (bone) fragments, the fact of, the fault of [F 222]

spnʿ                        [vb] overturn, capsize, renew (skin) [F 223]

sf                             [vb] cut to pieces, cut off, split [F 224]

sfȝ           carelessness, hatred, disdain, contempt [F 224]

sfw          disorder, confusion, chaos, mess [F 224]

sfj, sf                      [vb] mix, sf m, sf ḥr (mix with) [F 224]

sfsf                         [vb] break, break (knives) [F 225]

smȝt-ʿ     offering (bread), pastry [F 226]

smȝt-ʿȝt  fabric, a textile fabric  [F 226]

smỉỉty     necropolis worker [F 227]

snʿḥw     angler [F 230]

snwtt      bindweed [F 231]

snbj, snb                                [vb] frighten, snb ḳdd m (banish sleep) [F 231]

 [vb]        [vb] make beautiful, make perfect, embellish, restore, restore (what was incomplete, defective), carry out, carry out successfully(task, job) [F 232]

snm         greed, greed (of goods) [F 232]

snmỉỉt     a rank weed, fodder grass  [F 232]

snr                          [vb] to deal with, take care of [F 232]

snhp                       [vb] rise early, be up early [F 233]

snḫtw     stiffening, stiffness (of limbs) [F 233]

snẖt        mucus, phlegm, dribble [F 233]

snktkt     gossip [F 234]

sr             plait, wig (man), hair, hide (animal) [F 235]

srft          inflammation (of the skin), fever [F 236]

srḫ          accused, guilty person  [F 236]

sh                            [vb] terrorize, frighten, scare [F 237]

shȝt         discharge (of blood)[med.] [F 237]

shp                         [vb] govern, manage [F 237]

sḥỉỉḥt, sḥḥt            [insect or bird] cochineal or moorhen [F 238]

sḥr                          [vb] go up, climb, fly up, sḥr r pt (fly to the sky (king)) [F 238]

sḥḏn                       [vb] irritate, annoy, anger, infuriate, vex [F 239]

sḥḏt        chest [F 239]

sḫmm                      [vb] make sb feel hot, make warm [F 241]

sḫn         swelling, gathering (of flesh) [med.] [F 241]

sḫrt         roll of papyrus, book, bundle(of papyrus) [F 243]

sḫsf                        [vb] oppose, quarrel, sḫsf r (oppose, create opposition against), sḫsf-ʿ (oppose) [F 243]

sḫt          assault, ambushing, Tsm.n.i mSa m sxt (I dragged the army to attack) [F 244]

sḫty        [vb] run, hurry up! [F 244]

sḫtyw     class of cattle [F 240]

sẖrw       a linen fabric [F 244]

sswt        a metallic inlay, ornament, decoration, metal [F 245]

ssfw        pieces of clothing, [categories] of clothing [F 245]

sšỉỉt         night, night sky, dusk, evening [F 246]

sšrr                         [vb] lessen (justice) [F 248]

sšsp                        [vb] make brightness, lighten (darkness) [F 248]

sšsr                         [vb] proclaim, announce [F 248]

sḳȝʿ                                         [vb] induce vomiting [F 249]

sḳbb                       refreshment, relaxation [F 249]

sḳsn                        [vb] make miserable, unhappy, grieve, impoverish [F 250]

sḳd                          slope, inclination (of a pyramid) [F 250]

sḳdw                       builders, architects (word used for those who order work, not for the workers) (plur.) [F 250]

skȝt         plowland [F 251]

skp                          [vb] sift, filter, strain (medicine) [F 251]

skr                           [vb] adorn [F 252]

stwȝ                        [vb] stop, hold up, bustle about, get a move on [F 253]

stp                          [vb] choke, suffocate, taste [F 254]

stj, st, stỉỉ                               [vb] stare, gaze at, see [F 252]

stt           shore, ground [F 253]

sṯw          sower [F 255]

sṯt                           [vb] kindle (light) [F 256]

sdnỉ                        [vb] punish [F 257]

sdḫ                         [vb] hide, conceal [F 257]

sdšrw                     reddening [F 257]

sdtyw     weaklings, feeble beings, wimps, those who wear festival clothes [F 257]

sḏȝ          adviser (Urk. IV 2090.6) [F 257]

sḏȝw       rings, seals (perhaps to be read ḫtmw) [F 258]

sḏḥ         shin, shank, leg (mainly between foot and knee) [part of constellation] [F 260]

sḏḥ         ringed plover [bird] [F 260]

sḏdȝ                        [vb] fatten [F 260]

sḏdw                      tales, oral stories [F 260]

šȝʿ           container, tank (for grain), tank, granary(wheat), geometric figure (math.) [F 261]

šȝʿ           space, volume [F 261]

šʿt           slashing, cutting, top of the djed pillar [F 262]

šwt-nmty               plant (formerly šwt-ḏḥwty) [F 262]

špt          puffer fish, blowfish [F 265]

šptỉỉt       bladder (urinary tract)[med.] [F 265]

šfwt        swelling [med.] [F 265]

šfšfỉỉty    one greatly respected, who is renowned [F 265]

šmỉỉt        stake, walking-stick, fence [F 266]

šmsw      veneration, worship, belief (in someone) [F 267]

šms-wḏȝ                 [vb] follow the funeral, accompany the deceased to his last resting place [F 267]

šn            ring [F 267]

šnỉ                           [vb] stop, dispel (strife), surpass, do more (than its predecessors) [F 268]

šnw         cartouche (what encircles, what protects) (sign surrounding the fourth and fifth king's name) [F 268]

šnsw       slab (for offerings) [F 269]

šrš                           [vb] rush, hurry, going at full gallop, bolt(horses) [F 270]

šs            coffin, bier [F 270]

šsȝw       bubalis antelope  [F 271]

šspt        choir, šspt-dḫn (chorus) [F 272]

šsm         (be) bloodshot (of eyes), be ignited [F 272]

šst           alabaster [F 271]

ššj, ššy                   [vb] refine (gold) [F 272]

škrỉỉ         hairdresser (see ẖkrỉỉ) [F 272]

štbt         crate [F 273]

šd            vulva [F 274]

šd            band, compress, poultice (med.) (see sšd) [F 274]

šdw         waterfowl [F 274]

šdt          bread dough (see šḏt) [F 274]

ḳȝḳȝ-ỉb    conceited person, boastful person, vainglorious [F 276]

ḳỉs, ḳȝs                   [vb] vomit [F 276]

ḳʿḥ          sunlight, sunshine [F 277]

ḳfnw, ḳfnỉỉ              baker [F 278]

ḳmȝw      qemau soldiers (class of soldiers) [F 278]

ḳnỉỉ, ḳnỉt                                 [vb] be yellow (eye disease)[med.] [F 280]

ḳnỉt         yellowness (eye disease) [F 279 and  280]

ḳns                          [vb] bury (see ḳrs) [F 280]

ḳrft          contractions, narrowing, what is contracted, what is tightened [med.] [F 280]

ḳddw      distinctive characteristics, characters (of persons) [F 282]

kȝpw, kȝp               bandage [F 284]

kȝpw       bittern (heron) [F 284]

kȝpt         linen cover (for a jar) [F 284]

kȝmw                                      grape-harvest [F 284]

kȝt-šwt   [plant] a lichen ? [F 283]

kfȝ                           [vb] flow forth, come out while flowing, liquid jet (also kff) [F 285]

kft           gash, notch, gaping wound  [F 285]

kftỉw       class of seagoing ships (Cretan-type) [F 286]

kmỉỉt        herd of cattle (coll.) [F 286]

kmty       large container, pot, vase, jar [F 286]

gȝp                          [vb] lance (an infection) [F 288]

gỉỉ            offering-loaf, pastry [F 288]

gbb         goose [F 288]

gbgb                       [vb](be, become) lame, crippled, paralyzed [F 289]

gmȝ         temple [med.] [F 289]

gn           [vb] stand in front of (ritual cup) [F 290]

gnw        branches, twigs [F 290]

gsȝ          favorite [F 292]

gs-ḥry    top, upper part, m gs-ḥry ỉry (in the part that is above it) [F 291]

tȝỉỉty       the One who is veiled (ep. of Osiris) (tȝỉỉtt, tȝtt fem.) [F 293]

tȝmw       worm, tnm tȝmw (wander, follow the wrong way) [F 294]

tỉȝ            [vb] shout for joy, having a muscle cramp, shriek (pain) [F 294]

tỉȝ            acute, violent pain, muscle cramp [med.] [F 294]

twȝ          poverty, lack [F 295]

tbn          bone marrow [med.] [F 296]

tbt           payment, reward [F 295]

tbỉỉ          [vb] pay [F 296]

tp-n-sšmt-ʿ            specification (Urk. IV, 1796, 17) [F 298]

tp-r                          mouth  [F 297]

tp-r          base (of triangle), radius (of circle) [math.] [F 297]

tp-r          (financial) principal  [F 297]

tp-ḫnt  example of cruelty, act of tyranny, despotism [F 192 and 297]

tms          paneling, panel (tmsw) [F 299]

tnṯ           spur-winged plover [bird] [F 300]

thw         transgressor, ỉw.k ḫpr.t(ỉ) m thw (you have become a transgressor), criminal, delinquent [F 300]

tḥwȝ, tḥwy, tỉḥwy pea, bean [F 301]

           [vb] spit, spit out [F 301]

ṯnf           enjoyment [F 306]

ṯnḥr         raptor, hawk [F 306]

ṯhm          [vb] hunt [F 306]

ṯḥn                [vb] approach, pierce (part of infected body)(med.) [F 306]

ṯswrt, ṯs-rwt           offering-loaf [F 308]

ṯs-prỉ       battle, fight [F 308]

ṯsm, ṯsmt            [vb] train, train (originally, perhaps, train dogs, then troops for fight) [F 308]

ṯs-ẖs       bad thing, baseness (base act), crime [F 308]

dȝgỉỉt      bat [F 315]

dỉỉt          papyrus-plant (see ḏỉỉt, ḏt) [F 309]

dw          [vb] see wdj [F 308]

dwȝ-wr   adze (for Opening of the mouth) [F 310]

dbn         helmet (see Urk. IV, 712, 1) [F 311]

dbnw      circumference [F 311]

dbj, db       [vb] stop up [F 311]

dbḥw      measure for offerings [F 312]

dbdb         [vb] make the debdeb noise, hit heavily, thump (of heart) [F 312]

dpty        an offering (see Urk. IV, 1952, 20) [F 312]

dmȝw      groups, classes, categories (see Urk. IV, 1822, 2) (see srwḏ-mȝw) [F 313]

dmỉ          (ornamental) fruit-dish [special determinative] [F 313]

dmỉw       those who live in the same city, fellow-citizens, comrades (dmỉ, sing.) [F 313]

dmḏw     crowd, allies [F 313]

dḳr                          deqer (spinning technique) [F 316]

dgȝỉỉt      bat [F 317]

dgỉỉt        [bird] a bird, woodcock [F 317]

dgm        [tree] castor-oil plant (med.) [F 317]

dḏw, dwḏw            unsifted flour, unrefined flour [F 317]

ḏȝỉs         civil war [F 319]

ḏȝbḥw    djabehu fisherman (type of fishermen) [F 319]

ḏʿ            [kind of] bread, cake [F 320]

ḏʿrỉỉt        lock, bolt (of door) [F 320]

ḏwỉ                          [vb] separate, divide (med.) (identical to ḏwỉ, raise ?) [F 321]

ḏbȝ          garment (worn by god) [F 321]

ḏbȝw       float (of net) [F 321]

ḏbȝw       altars (see Urk. IV, 149, 12) [F 321]

ḏfỉỉ          [vb] penetrate, cross, drill [F 322]

ḏfỉỉt                         penetration, drilling [F 322]

ḏfḏft       drop (of liquid), tearing [med.] [F 322]

ḏms         avocet [animal] [F 322]

ḏnb         [vb] bend, deflect, change direction, divert [F 322]

ḏnb         crookshank, cripple [F 322]

ḏnb         an offering-loaf [F 322]

ḏnḥ         upper part of the hind-leg, ham [F 322]

ḏnḥ         ḏnḥ n ḏrww (wing-rib (of an insect)) [F 322]

ḏrỉ                           [vb] (be) hard, stolid (with the determinative of bad bird) [F 323]

ḏrww      part (of the pyramid), walls [F 324]

ḏt, ḏỉỉt, dwỉỉt          papyrus-stem, papyrus thicket, leaves (see also ḏỉỉt, papyrus, and ḏỉỉt, papyrus swamps) [F 318]

ḏdb         [vb] sting, pierce, make an incision, Ddb (incisive, active (for treatment)) [F 326]