Various Texts II

Warning: In this section I present various texts in literal transliteration that is to say the word is displayed as it is written and NOT as it should be written. The transliteration of reference usually does already exist and will be mentioned when known to me. My purpose is to give to the reader a tool helping him to read faster and catch easier the essence of each word. Comparison of both transliterations reveals in full the Ancient Egyptians' stenographical way of writing.

Ivory Tablet of King Qa'a

Cylinder Seal of Peribsen

Teaching of Kagemni

Inscriptions from the tomb of Ankhtifi

Siut Inscriptions

First Intermediate Period Texts

Inscriptions of Heqaib

Second Intermediate Period Texts

Tempest stela

Biography of Ahmose

Campaign of Thutmose III

Border Stela of Akhenaten

Hymn to Aten

Destruction of Mankind

Eighteenth Dynasty Letter

Letter from the time of Thutmose

Letter of protest

Wisdom Text

Statue of Wersu and his wife

Harris Papyrus

Story of Wenamun

Tale of the two brothers

The Instruction of Amenemope

Piankhi Stela

Enthronement Stela

Excommunication Stela

Ordination Stela

Tanutamun Stela (Dream Stela)

Stela of Harsiotef

Stela of Nestesen

The laments of Isis and Nephthys

Other Stelae

Dynasties 26-30

The Famine stela

Texts of the Ptolemaic period

Stela of Pasherienptah III