Warning: In this section I decided to display the literal transliteration that is to say the word as it is written and NOT as it should be written. The transliteration of reference will be mentioned when known to me. The comparison of both will reveal in full to the reader the Ancient Egyptians' stenographical way of writing.

The vocabulary displayed is partly built on the book of Raymond O. FAULKNER, A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, Oxford, 1962. Specials thanks are given to the Griffith Institute for the permission to use it.

Siut Inscriptions

Bibliography: Brunner, Hellmut, Die Texte aus den Gräbern der Herakleopolitenzeit von Siut: mit Übersetzung und Erläuterungen, Glückstadt, 1937

3) Brunner, Siut, op. cit., p. 42 and 17

i anxw i tpw-tA ms.w(w) nty.w r ms.t xd.w.t(y).sn xnt.t(y).sn iw.t(y).sn m

Sms n wp-wAwt nb sAwt ir.t(y).sn swAw Hr wart tn aq.t(y).sn

r is pn mAA.t(y).sn ntt im.f anx n.Tn wp-wAwt nb sAwt inpw nb (r-qrrt)

iw.Tn r dwA nTr r pr-xrw n HAty-a tf-ib-i(?)

rpa HAty-a smr-wat mr Hm-nTr

n wp-wAwt nb sAwt tf-ib-i(?)

Dd sDd...

dwA-nTr(.i)(?) sdm.in xpr.t(y).sn

ink pgA-Drt n bw-nb ...


mrwyti ink iqr sxr

Ax n niwt.f TAm Hr n

spr ...

Xrd n xpr.t.f aHa Hr pgA

n xArt r dr.f DArw.s ink Hp

n mrt.f xsf (Afa) sbT Hr Hna bw-nb Sw m ksm ...

dr bw nb bin aHA.yw anx.w(w) m DAis(w) m

xnms.w ...

mar sp.f Dd(w) (n.f) mAA ky m-mitt pH.n(.i) it.w.i n ir(.i) iw n wn

xsf.t(i) ib.i r ir.n.i Sf ...

nn aAg(w).n.i nn iT(w).n(.i) iSt.f Hw(?).f mtr(.w) ir.n.i Sf tp tA psg(?)(.i)

Hr TAwt bw(.i) nss n xt

i wx sDr(w) Hr mTn Hr rd.t n(.i) iA wnn.f mi s m

pr.f snD aHA(.i) m mkt.f awt r tA (Hr gs) ...

Sni mi bwt nTr n sXm r nDs Hr-iwtt

xpr.f r(.i) m sprti in inw m mtt nt ib

m-mrwt stp sAwt swsx.n(.i) st.s r ft(?) / (fAyt) n nDs.w

Ax.w(y) bit(.i) nfr.t n ir(r)(w) stpw pr.f Xr sxr(.i)

i.n.aA(?) sA.i m st qnbt m wAb.w.f

HqA.n.f m s n mH 1 niwt Ha.t(i) im.f sxA.s

nfr(.i) Hr-nt ir saH nb ir.t(y).f bw-nfr n rmT(t) swA.t(y).f

Hr sp n ir(r)(w) sw ...

Ax m Xr-nTr sA.f mn(.w) m pr it.f sxA.f nfr(.w) m niwt

sAx(.w) rmn(.w) twt.f in ms.w n pr.f

sp tp n aHA n mSa(.i) Hna spAwt rs.t i.y dmD(.w) rs r Ab mHti r (?) ...

r tAS rs Snw... imnty tA i.n(.i) r niwt sxr.n(.i) ...

... r itH n mryt tp-rs rd.n.f n(.i) tA n rd.i dmi.f ...

in(?) aq m ib.f pH iAbty tA xnt ky mi Tsm i.n.f Aw ...

m ky aHA m snnw.t.f iAt ... pr.n(.i) r.f m ... nn (Hryt) ...

sxs.f r aHA mi isSpt(?) (nDft) xntt Hr ... r tA mi kA pr ...

pDt nn gr n.i r Hw.n(.i) pH.(...) r ... mi sbH TAw n iAbt mi ...

nfr mnxt xr.n.f m mw Haw.w.f r tA mSa.f mi kA.w ...

m sd.w r HAt in ... s rd(.i) xt ...

qA.w r xt-TAw dr.n(.i) bSt(w) m xn... m sxr wp-wAwt ...

n kA nxt ir(r) s bw-iqr n ... sw HAt mSa ...

n nb.f n pXr.n(.i) Hr aqA(w) Hr mTn.f nn Abwt xnt n ...

HA Dd(.i) mdw n tp-rs sdm ... Xn-nxn (i)n iw Hm ...

sin dmi ... ia Hr.f mAA rmT(t) i(.w) Hr nfrw baba ...

ir.n.f qn hA.t(w) Hr wDnw nn ... r-Hnt ...

... sDd(w) n Xrd.w.f (i)n iw Hm ...

... s (m) nHA... ir tkn(w)

im.s ...

bAstt nt tp-rs Hrrt ... hA.t Hr qAt ...

nxt.t aHA nbt sxr mar.t sp.w nt st nb(t) aHA.t aHA n nswt ...

Xt.s grg.t.s r tp-rs Hr ptr Smaw qd(.w) Hr xtm.w.f nb(.i) ...

nn-nsw tA Xr Hryt aHA.w.i nn xAst Sw.t m snD.s ir ir.f ...

Hti m spAwt rs.t ir(r).f st m Hnt(?) tA.f r grg ...

swAD Hb(w) r-prw ir.t Htp-nTr n nTrw mAA st Hwrw ...

rd.n.f nHH xft-Hr.f n dg.n.f n m-xt mAA.f btA ...

wp-wAwt ... nTr-aA nb Sfyt mn pAt

... mAr Hna wsr nn rd.t im Hr gs

... nn srx Hqr sA(.w) niwt nt nb.w

... dmi n nHH dg.y.n.Tn n m-xt

... n s nb pH(r)... n nb-wa

... Hr hrw n fA.t

... nb nHH ... snm.n

... nma / nma sA nTr pw ...

... tp tA wnn.f m-m saH.w

... imAxw.w m-m Sms(w) nTr

rpa HAty-a xtm-bit smr-wat

mr Hm-nTr n wp-wAwt

nb sAwt tf-ib-i(?) Dd

ir sS nb rx-xt nb

aq.t(y).sn r is pn Dd.t(y).sn

Htp-di-nswt xA m t Hnqt n kA

n HAty-a tf-ib(-i)(?) iw(.i) r sb.t Hr.sn m ...

(Xr-nTr) xr nb.sn n Dt

rpa HAty-a mr Hm-nTr n inp nb r-qrrt

tf-ib-i Dd ir Hry-tp nb sA s nb saH nb

nDs nb tm.t(y).f(y) mk qrs pn Hna ntt im.f nn Ssp nTr.f

t-HD.f n qrs.t(w).f m imnt ...

rpa HAty-a tf-ib-i(?) Dd ir sbi nb sbi.t(y).f(y) ... Hna

ntt im.f HD.t(y).f(y) sS.f nss.t(y).f(y) Xnti m is.w tpw-a m st

nt sAwt

r pr(?) ... ntt im.f n sA m nst(?) n ...


m-m Ax.w nn sxA.f xr tpw-tA nn rn.f xr ms.w.f nn ... n.f mw

n pr-xrw n.f m wAg ...


4) Brunner, Siut, op. cit., p. 52 and 27

mr(?) spAwt qrHt nt rk nTr ...


mAat nswt-bit mry-kA-ra


m wAwt ... Hs Tw ...

n / n nn-nsw sxr.k XAkw-ib Ax ...

nb idbwy mrwti nTr Swt nt tA r-Dr.f ...

n HqA HqA HqA.w sA HqA sA sAt HqA qrHt nt iswt ... HqA

Dbat nt hrw tp saH anD mitw Aw.w(y) ib n mr(w).n.k (mry-kA-ra) ... ir.t.n.k n

Tst.k ir.n.k d.y snD xt tA sbA.n.k Smaw Hr.f wa.y rd.n.k

xnt.f kf(.w) n.f

pt tA r-Dr.f Hna.f (HAtyw-a) nw Smaw bwAw nw nn-nsw wart

nt Hnwt tA i.t(i)

r xsf HaDA tA Hr sdA Smaw Hr mDAb(?) rmT(t) nb(t) Hr sSd(?)

niwwt Hr sabA(?)

snD wA(.w) r Haw.sn qnbt nt pr-aA n snDt imy.w st-ib n

Sfyt nt nn-nsw

tA hwt(.w) m nswt.s qsn m Hr prt.s r saA Hrt(?).s

Hr-ntt mr(t) pw

n HqA n pA sp.s iw.t HAt Haw.w r SAs-Htp pH.y.f

r ...

... hA.y Hr mw mni n nn-nsw niwt

Hr i(t) Ha.t m nb.s sA nb.s Hmwt

Sbn(.w) m TA.w iAw.w Hr Xrd.w sA HqA pH.n.f niwt.f aq r pr it.f nw.f

tS.t m pr.sn qrs.f iAwt.f wn s m st.f niwtyw

Hr sDAs

nw nHH mn(.w) rwd(.w) mr.w Tw nTr.k niwti sA tf-ib(-i)(?) Xty Hn.n.f Tw

dg.f n m-xt r

smAw Hwt-nTr.f r Ts.t inb.w n nHH (Hr) sAT nw sp tp r mD

qAH n iswt

(xwt) nt ir(w) pt / xwt-nt-ir(w)-pt qd.t.n ptH m Dba.w.f snt.t.n DHwty n wp-wAwt nb

sAwt m wD nswt

HqA tAwy nswt-bit mry-kA-ra ir.t(w) mnw n wp-wAwt nTr aA bAw ir.f n.f HH.w nw rnpwt wHm.f


m xrpt n rx-nswt sA tf-ib(-i)(?) Xty Hry-tp aA n Smaw mk

wnn rn.k r nHH m Hwt-nTr

nt wp-wAwt sxA.k nfr m iwnyt dd sw kt Xt n kt {nkt} Xt

ir m-xt mi nf

m rnpwt kt St r-sA kt St m anx wAH tp tA wnn.k m Hmsw(?) tp n ir(t).n.k ...


... r it.w.k xpr.w(w) m-HAt Aw.f m Dba.w.f a.wy.k Hr xAt ...

... Hr Htp

... swr.k xAw ...


r-gs Sms.w.f rd.k pH Hsy.k r-xnt m.w(?) saH.w nw rk nTr in.t(w).k ...

... r xrt-ib.k

Aw.k n mry.k rS.w(y) wr.w nw rk.k xpr(w)w n Tst.k Aw.w(y) ib n

Spswt.k xnr n wp-wAwt mA.w mnw.k m Hwt-nTr nswt Hr (Dd) ir wAH(.w) Hwt-nTr i.t(.tw) Hr (iSt).s pH.n

nfrw.s pt nfr.w(y) xpr.t m hAy.k hr.w(y) niwt Xr.k wn.t StA m Hr n rmT(t)

ir.n.k st Hr tmA rd.n.k sAwt Hr sDAs m sxr.k wa.t(i) sDr

nb r aHaw.f

nn aHA nn st.t Ssr n sx Xrd r-gs mwt.f nDs r-gs Hmt.f

nn HaDA(w)

xt m mrrt nn AwH(w) r pr.f gr(?) sSm Tw nTr.k niwti it.k

mr.r Tw

rpa HAty-a xtm-bit smr-wat Hry-tp aA n nDft wAH tp tA Xty

Xkr-nswt watt Hm(t)-nTr Hwt-Hr imA.wt.s nt ra nb imAxyt tf-ib(-i)

rpa HAty-a xtm-bit smr-wat mr Hm-nTr n wp-wAwt nb sAwt ...


... nb imAx Xty

rpa HAty-a xtm-bit smr-wat mr Hm-nTr n inpw nb r-qrrt wr m iAt.f iA(?) m saH.f

Hry-tp aA n tA-Sma m HqA n xA.w wr snDt iqr sxr Hrrt nt ...

... Hms r-gs nb.f HAt HAtyw-a ir nfrw

nb.f ... Xty

rpa HAty-a xtm-bit smr-wat mr Hm-nTr

n wp-wAwt nb sAwt Xty Dd

i.n(.i) m niwt(.i) hA.n(.i) m spt(.i) ir(.i)

mr.rt rmT(t) Hs.st nTrw iw

rd.n(.i) t n Hqr Hbs.w n HA

sdm.n(.i) (sprt)

nt xArt d.n(.i) ...

... n Dar(.i) bw-Dwy n-mrwt

wAH tp tA sb.t r imAx ir grt sS nb rx-xt nb m Hmww ...

... aq r at sbA swA.t(y).f(y) Hr rwd pn aq.t(y).f(y)

r is pn mk.t(y).f(y) sS.f

twr.t(y).f(y) Xnt.w.f Dd.t(y).f(y) Htp-di-nswt xA m iH.w Apd.w ixt nb(t) n kA n

nb n is pn ...

Htp-di-nswt inp tpy-Dw-f nb r-qrrt imy-wt nb tA-Dsr qrst nfr.t m

is.f n Xr-nTr ... (n) imAx

mry niwt.f ... Hsy n spAt.f ... qrst

m Htp-di-nswt Htp m st imntt ...

... xA-tp n tA r-Dr.f qA m rn.f Xty

is pn HAty-a sA tf-ib(-i) Xty sxm ...

... n it.f n mwt.f n Hmwt.f n Xrd.w.f n Sms.w.f n ...

iw.w m-xt.f iw.f r iAw n niwt.f imAxw n spAt.f iw(.i) r sb.t Hr.f

m Xr-nTr (imnt)

ir swt sbi nb XAk-ib nb ir.t(y).f(y) pnay m nn sdm(w).n.f nn wn

rn.f tp tA nn qrs.t(w).f m st (iw.f) r ps(t)(?) n xbnty.w nTr sDb r.f sbw(?)

sw nTr niwti ...

Htp-di-nswt wsir nb Ddw nTr-aA nb AbDw m swt.f nb(t) pr-xrw t Hnqt iH Apd m

Abd ...

m mswyt nb(t) m Hb skr m DHwtt m diw-Hrw-rnpt nb m hrw nb nfr n wn-Hr n kA n

imAxw xr wsir nb imnt m swt.f nb(t)

Hsy n nTr.f niwti m Xrt-hrw nt ra nb ...

Hr(?).f nb ... nb ... nb ... nb ... pr.t xn.t

... aq r Htw(?) wAH tp tA mr nTr.f niwti imAx Xty

5) Brunner, Siut, op. cit., p. 64 and 11

rpa HAty-a xtm-bit smr-wat mr Hm-nTr n wp-wAwt nb sAwt Xty Dd

aba.t.n s nb m grg m tm.t.n.f ...

ir.t.n(.i) nb(t) xft-Hr ... iw in.n(.i) inw n niwt tn nn hAw

im.f n tA-mHw nn saqy.w im.f n Smaw

ir.t(w) n(.i) mnw m ... DbA.t(w) itrw nw mH 10

SAd.n(.i) n.f Hr xbs grg.n(.i) sbA ...

... sw m Axt mn.t DAr(?) m qd

wa Sw m sSw(?) ink wsx mnw aqA

mrt ... (sanx).n(.i) niwt iw ir.n(.i) Hsb

m ... it-mH rd mwyw m Hr-ib hrw

r sAq ... m tA xAst iw ir.n(.i) a

n niwt tn Smaw m p Dw nn mAA(w) mw

xtm.n(.i) tAS.w ... Hr sDAyt ir.n(.i) qA... m idHw

d.n(.i) mH Hp Hr iAwt iswt

ir.n(.i) xbs m ... gs nb m ibt ... Hp r xrt-ib.f

rd.i mw n gs.w.f Htp.f n.sn

ink aA it-mH iw tA m Ts

sanx(.i) niwt m xA(w) m ipt iw d.n(.i) fA n.f

nDs it-mH Hna Hmt.f xArt

Hna sA.s iw d.n.i

bAkw ... nb r tA gm(w).n(.i) ip m-a it.w(.i)

mH.n(.i) ... Xr sAbwt

s (nb) ... Xr iwn aSA kA.w / (iHwt) Hr

ms.t snwy.s pr.w mH(.w)


... ms.w imA.n n(.i) sxAt-Hr Dd.s Tst(?) pw

ink aSA kA.w

iwA.f ... anx.f m bw-nfr ink aA mnw n Hwt-nTr

... gm.t.n.f wHm(w) Htp-nTr ink Hsy

... ink nxt pDt qn m xpS.f

aA snD m gs.w.f ir.n(.i) Tst aHA.w ... pDty(?)

m xA-tp n Smaw ink nfr Ha.w ... mH-ib n nswt

xnt.f ink rs-tp Hr Dd.t.n.f sAq-ib m ... qsnt ink qA

is wsx rd xnt pr-nfr ink mry n nswt rx(w).n sr.w.f Tst.f

xnt Smaw rd.n.f HqA(.i) m s n mH 1 sxnt.n.f st(.i) m (DAmw)

iw d.n.f sbAt r nb.t Hna msw-nswt ink aqA bit

Sw m shA n nb.f Sd sw m Xrd sAwt hr.t(i) Xr sxr(.i) nn-nsw Hr dwA-nTr n(.i) Smaw tA-mHw Hr Dd sbA.w ity is pw


... ms.n

... rs grH

... m sAxt rn.f

... nsw Ds.f Smaw tA-mHw mi-qd.f

... (nTr(?)) niwti Ds.f HAtyw-a dmD

... sanx.n sA sAt.f rn.f sAx.n(.f)

... sAwt qrHt Ax.t n it.s

... wp-wAwt mr Hat m ir.t bw-nfr n ...

... mdw aHA.yw anx.w(w) m DAis(w)

... ir.s swt n mrt nt st-ib.f niwtyw (Hr) hr.t Xr Dd.t.s

... nb r xpr.n sA.s m nxt-a

... aqA-ib mTn n ...

rpa HAty-a xtm-bit smr-wat mr Hm-nTr n wp-wAwt

HAty-a mr Hm-nTr n inpw nb r-qrrt wAH tp tA Xty

mr Hm-nTr wsir nb imnt ...

... sxAt-Hr ... Xty

rpa HAty-a mr Hm-nTr n wp-wAwt imAx Xty

... .sn r is pn dwA-nTr n Xty ir n.f Htp-di-nsw

... ptH sxpr wD r

sxA tp tA Xty

Statue of Wersu and his wife

Bibliography: Griffith, F. Ll., A new monument from Coptos, in JEA 2, p. 5-7

1) imy-r xAswt wr-sw mAa-xrw

Htp-di-nsw wsir nb Ddw nTr-aA nb AbDw d.f pr-xrw t Hnqt iH(w) Apd.w

Ss mnxt snTr mrHt xt nb.t nfr(t) wab.t anx.T nTr im.sn swr mw Hr bbt nt itrw

n kA n imy-r xAswt nbw n imn wr-sw mAa-xrw Htp-di-nsw

inp xnty sH-nTr d.f Ssp snw n ra nb n kA n Hmt.f mrt.f sAt-ra mAat-xrw

wr-sw Dd.f ir nty nb r th.t XAt.i m Xr-nTr nty

r Sd.t twt.i m is.i wnn.f m xbd n ra n

Ssp.f mw Hr xAt(?) n(t)(?) wsir nn swD.f xt.f n ms.w.f r nHH

2) imy-r xAswt nbw n imn wr-sw mAa-xrw Dd.f ir th(.ty.fy)

r st.i xb.t(y).fy is(.i) Sd.t(y).f(y) XAt.i xb

sw kA n ra n swD.f xt.f n ms.w.f

3) nn Htp ib.f m anx nn Ssp.f mw m

Xr-nTr Htm bA.f r nHH tA pn wsx(.w)

nn r-a.f ir.w n.Tn mi ir.t.n(.i) Ax Ax(.w) m (ir.t.n.f) / (ir.t n.f)

4) (pr.rt) Hr wdHw m pr mnw n imy-r xAswt nbw wr-sw mAa-xrw

5) pr.rt Hr wdHw m pr Ast n nbt-pr sAt-ra mAat-xrw

Inscriptions from the tomb of Ankhtifi

Bibliography: Vandier, Jacques, Moʿalla : la tombe d'Ankhtifi et la tombe de Sébekhotep, Le Caire, 1950

1) rpa HAty-a xtm-bit smr-wat Xry-Hb mr mSa mr aAw mr xAswt

Hry-tp aA wTs-Hr nxn anx-t(y)-f(y) Dd

2) iw in.n w Hr r wTs-Hr n a.w.s r grg.s ir.n(.i) xr

wn Hr Hr mr.t grg.s Hr in.f w r.s r grg.s gm.n(.i)

pr xw-w(i) Ttf(.w) mi grgt mkHA(.w)

(i)n ir.f m st-a Xnn.w Xr sxr n Hwr

iw d.n(.i) qni s Hna smA(w) it.f smA(w)

sn.f n-mryt grg wTs-Hr nfr.w(y) hrw n gm(.i) wDA m

spAt tn nn d(.i) sxm Smmt Ad(?) im.f m-sA

sHfw qd nb Dw msD.Dw rmT.w ir.t.f

3) ink HAt rmT pHwy rmT gm Ts m gA.f

Hr-xnt tA n sxr xn abA r sAq-ib hrw n dmD spAt 3

ink pw TAy iwt wn ky mdw r xrw.f pat gr.t(i) hrw n d.y(t) snD Smaw m sgr

4) ir grt rd.y nb Drt(.i) Hr.f n sp iw.t xt

im.f n xtm.n ib(.i) n iqr.n sxr(.i) ir gr xm

nb Hwr nb dd sw xft-ir(.i) Ssp(.f) r rd.t.f

irtw xr.tw r saHa(w)(.i) d.n(.i) Ssp(?) (wart(?)).f mw mi

imw ink pw TAy iwt wn ky

5) rpa HAty-a xtm-bit smr-wat mr Hm-nTr mr xAswt mr aAw Hry-tp aA n wTs-Hr nxn

anx-t(y)-f(y) nxt Dd ink HAt rmT pHwy rmT Dr-ntt

nn xpr mit nn sw r xpr n ms mit n ms.(ty).f(y)

iw swA.n(.i) ir.t (tpw-a)(.i) n pH w Hrw-pHwy

m ir.t(.i) nb(t) m HH pn n rnpt Dr-ntt ir is hr(.i) (Hr(?))

Tst tn nt HfAt aHa tA pn hr.w ir

grt xnd.t(w) Hr sDwt(.i) mi msH aHa rs mHt tA pn r-Dr.f

Xr sdAw ir mH(.i) Xr wsrw.w gm(.i) mr(?) iH.w(?)

DdH.w isnyt isn.w ir fA(w) (TAw) r tA-wr r xm(?) Dt.f

gm (sw) mAA.w (tp) inb.w ir As(.i) xrwyt

irtw xr.f in Hwr ink pw TAy

iwt wn ky HAty-a mr mSa n nxn mi-qd.s anx-t(y)-f(y) nxt Dd

iw d.n(.i) iw.t qnbt nt mr Smaw nt m tA-wr r nD

mdt m-a ... HAty-a mr Hm-nTr Hry-tp aA n nxn Htp n gm.t(.i)

ir(.w) is pw (i)n kw Hryw-tp wn m spAt tn m sxr(.i) iqr

m mdt wAH.t m mH (hrw) grH ink pw TAy

iwt wn ky

6) rpa HAty-a mr mSa anx-t(y)-f(y) nxt Dd iw grt mr mSa n iwn

i.y r Dd mk r.k TAy (xd r itH.w iwn) ... xd.n(.i)

m imntyw nw iwn gm.n(.i) wAst nTrwy mi-qd.sn

(iT).sn itH.w iwn m sgA smx-sn spr

r(.i) r.s aHa.n (TmA.n a.wy(.i)) r.sn im mi bswt(?) Hr Srt

nt db hA.w xnt.n(.i) r sXnn itH(w).sn

m Tst nt HfAt nxt.t ink pw TAy iwt

wn ky

7) HAty-a mr mSa n nxn anx-t(y)-f(y) nxt Dd

iw xd.k(wi) m DAm n mH-ib nxt mni.n(.i)

m imntt nt wAst xnt Haw.w m sgA smx-sn

pHwy Haw.w m pXr-n-Tmy

DAm n mH-ib Hr wxA aHA xt imntt

nt wAst n pr.n.t(w) n snD.f iw xd.k(wi) mni.n(.i) m iAbtt

nt wAst pHwy Haw.w m is-imbi xnt m SAy-sgA

gwA r inb.w.f isn.n.f isnyt

n-Hr.f n snD iw DAm pn nxt n mH-ib

iw DAm pn n mH-ib xpr.w m wxAwt

xt imntt xt iAbtt nt wAst Hr wxA

aHA n pr.n.Tw n snD.f ink pw TAy iwt

wn ky

8) ir HqA nb HqA.t(y).f(y) m HfAt ir.t(y).f(y) a Dw bin r dit

tn r mnw nb.w nw pr pn sx.t(w) xpS.f / sx.t(w) xpS.f n Hmn

m pr.f nw wD(?) nb sx.t(w) xpS.f / sx.t(w) xpS.f n Hmn

m {m} pr.f nw gs iAbt nb sx.t(w) xpS.f / sx.t(w) xpS.f n Hmn

m pr.f nw xfty nb sx.t(w) xpS.f / sx.t(w) xpS.f n Hmn

m pr.f nw wxA(?) nb sx.t(w) xpS.f / sx.t(w) xpS.f n Hmn

m pr.f nw Swt(?) nb(t) aA.t Ssp w Hmn sfTt.f hrw n Hm nb(.i)

Ssp w Hmn iSt.f nb(t) iwa w sw iwa.f

9) Dr-ntt ir.n(.i) is dit tn mnw nb.w nw pr pn

m a.wy(.i) Ds(.i) Dr-ntt (nn) wn aA DrDr iwn DrDr m pr

pn Dr-ntt sbA.n(.i) Smaw r aHA pA tA r xtm ib.f

iw d.n(.i) swhA Hr aA.w(.i) nxt(w) Hr aA.w Hr diwt Dr-ntt

ir.n(.i) is dit tn m iwbt nt xwt nTrwy

Dd w ky mitt-r ink pw TAy iwt wn ky

10) rpa HAty-a xtm-bit smr-wat Xry-Hb mr mSa mr xAswt mr aAw Hry-tp

aA wTs-Hr nxn anx.t(y).f(y) nxt Dd iw d.n(.i) t n Hqr

Hbs.w n HAy iw wrH.n(.i) XsA

iw Tb.n(.i) dgA iw d.n(.i) Hmt n iwt Hmt

iw sanx.n(.i) HfAt Hr-mr ... pt (m) igp

tA m TAw ... n Hqr Hr Ts pn n aApp

... Xr rmT.f mHt i.y (Xr) Xrd.w.f iw in.n(.i)

... tn m mtnwt it-Sma(.i) rd.n(.i) sin pA it-Sma xnt(.w)

pH.n.f wAwAt xd(.w) pH.n.f tA-wr iw Smaw r-Dr.f

mt(.w) n Hqr s nb Hr wnm Xrd.w.f n sp

d(.i) xpr mt n Hqr m spAt tn iw d.n(.i) TAbt n Smaw

it-Sma n Ssp n mHt n gm.t is pw in HqA.w tpw-ay

n sp ir(r) mr mSa nb n spAt tn mitt-r

iw grt sanx.n(.i) pr n Abw ... sanx.n(.i) iAt-ngn

m rnpwt iptn m-xt HfAt Hr-mr Htp(.w) n gm.t

ir is pw in it.w(.i) tpw-ay iw ir.n(.i) Dw n HfAt

Swt n Hr-mr anx.t(y).f(y) Dd iw tA pn r-Dr.f xpr(.w) m

snHm m Sw(?) wa m xd ky m xnt

n sp d(.i) xpr mHt(?) m spAt tn r kt spAt ink pw

11) rpa HAty-a xtm-bit smr-wat Xry-Hb mr Hm-nTr mr aAw mr xAswt

Hry-tp aA n wTs-Hr nxn anx.t(y).f(y) nxt Dd ir.n(.i) aA r qAw

n pt hAwt(?) pw(?) wD(?) iw Xt.f m pt iw.s

gp.t(i) m sbAwt Hrw-sA.f m iarw ... .f nHb-kAw

qA iwn.w prw(?) nw aS r mAmA.w

nbt imt iw sAwt.f in(.w) m Abw

mi db xar r nb Smaw

12) iw grt sanx.n(.i) nxn wTs-Hr (Abw) nbyt Hs

w Hr-nxn anx n(.i) Hmn iw pH.n Sma(.i) iqr iwnt SAbt m-xt

sanx(.w) spAt 3 tn m ... n sp ir st HqA nb xpr(w)

m spAt tn ink pw TAy iwt wn ky

13) ink Sps nb Spsw / (Spss(?)) ink Hp nb (iHwt) sxAt-Hr

nb (iHwt) npr nb Sma tAyt nb Hbs.w Dd(.i) nn r-Dr

m wn-mAa n is iAwt nt Xr-nTr iw nHm.n(.i) mAr

m-a wsr sDm.n(.i) mdw xArt

rpa HAty-a mr Hm-nTr Hry-tp aA n wTs-Hr nxn mr mSa anx.t(y).f(y) nxt

Dd iw ir.n(.i) r mSa n nn r Drw Abw r Drw iwni

iw-swt n sp iw.t xt im iw ir.n(.i) r mSa n

DAmw m HfAt m iw nb qsn hA.y(.i)

r.f n sp iw.t xt im m pDt nxt.t m sxr iqr ir

grt sDm(w) m sxr(.i) n iw xt im.f sdm(w)

n(.i) Hr diA nTr tm(w) sdm n(.i) Hr (Dd) irtw

... pw ir.y.f Dr-ntt ink nhAt nt snDw

mnnw n bhA(w) wA ink pw TAy

14) ... nt mr Hm-nTr anx.t(y).f(y) m wx mswt.f nn mSr

(Hsmn).f mrt.f (m) Xt nt rmT xpr(w).n(.i) Hna

... iw aHA.n(.i) Hna DAm n mH-ib

Xrd.w xpr m min n ...

... ir hA(w) ... sr.w ...

... HfAt ... DAw mni.n(.i)

... m DAm nxt d.n(.i) mA.s sxnt(w)

m ... (smAy(?)) (dAir(.w)) m DAw iw

d.n(.i) aHA wTs-Hr m-xnt tA n pA xpr Dr rk

ra m-a Aa n (DAm n) mH-ib nxt

ink pw TAy iwt wn ky

15) rpa HAty-a xtm-bit smr-wat Xry-Hb mr Hm-nTr mr mSa mr xAswt mr aAw

Hry-tp aA n wTs-Hr nxn anx.t(y).f(y) iqr mAa-xrw Hs.sw niwt.f mi-qd.s

16) sx xpS Tbn

(i anxw) ... msD.Dw(w) xpt

Htp-di-nswt wsir nb Ddw m swt.f nb.t wab.t pr-xrw xr nTr-aA nb pt rpa HAty-a

mr mSa Hry-tp aA n wTs-Hr nxn anx.t(y).f(y)

imAxw xr nTr-aA nb pt rpa HAty-a mr mSa anx.t(y).f(y)

anx n Tt HqA snb...

sA.f nbi

sA-tx nb-pnw

(sAt).f irt... sA(.f) nbi ... Hr ir.t mr.rt Hwt-Hr Hr anx.t(y).f(y)

Hmt.f mrt.f nbi

sAt.f mrt.f ab-kAw

Xn n.f wr.w iqr(w) mTn mHt ...

m h h m wab(.w) (iHwt)

... wn-mAa ...


ir Sm iqr mk HqA ...


Hmt.f mrt.f nbi

mAA st.t rm.w in mr mSa mr Hm-nTr anx.t(y).f(y) iqr

nDr tp nDr sxr sxt Hnwt Htp nfr n kA n anx.t(y).f(y) mAa-xrw

m r.T mA.T Hr nfr

iTH iqr nfr hrw mTn sp sn r.Tn nfr rm.w wr

in Hr Hp n sA.f nfr-kA-ra mAA Xnt nb(t) nt Hmn

anx.t(y).f(y) ir m ...

sA.f mry.f HAty-a nxn mi-qd.s idy

rpa HAty-a (mr) Hm-nTr Hry-tp aA n wTs-Hr nxn anx.t(y).f(y)