Sethe, Kurt, Urkunden des Alten Reichs, Leipzig, 1903-1933; Breasted, James Henry, Ancient records of Egypt : historical documents from the earliest times to the Persian conquest, 5 vol., Chicago, 1906-1907, vol. I; Roccati, Alessandro, La littérature historique sous l'Ancien Empire égyptien, Paris, 1982; Lalouette, Claire, Au royaume d'Egypte : le temps des rois-dieux, Paris, 1991

The vocabulary displayed is partly built on the book of Raymond O. FAULKNER, A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, Oxford, 1962. Specials thanks are given to the Griffith Institute for the permission to use it.

Note: the y is reserved for the dual. Otherwise the word is in parentheses.

Biography of Methen (B I 171; Strudwick nb 108)

Sethe I 2 bottom of the page (L. 212)

d(.w) n.f ixt it(.f) sAb sS inpw-m-anx

n wn.t it bdt ixt nb(t) pr

sTw awt

wd.t(w).f tpi sS st-DfAt (imy-r) ixt st-DfAt

wd.t(w).f m nxt-xrw m-snw St.w

wn aD-mr xAsww imi-xt sAb Hri-sqr xAsww

iT.f sAb nxt-xrw

wd.t(w).f (imy-r) (mHy) nb nswt

wd.t(w).f m HqA pr-dsw m Xri-mdw

wd.t(w).f m aD-mr dpiw

HqA Hwt-aAt pr-sDAwt(?) pr-spA aD-mr nrt

HqA niwwt Hwt-Hwni-snt spAwt Xrt-mdw

HqA pr-SsTt HqA niwwt Hwt-aAt nt S-rsi

grg(.w) Srt-mTn(?)

xnt d(t) n.f it(.f) inpw-m-anx

(n) sSm-tA HqA spAt (imy-r) wpwt m inpwt

(imy-r) sin.w HAt-mHit

wr-sAH AHt sTAt 4 rmT(t) ixt nb(t)

imi(t) wDt sS st-DfAw isT (Hri) tA

d(.w) n sA wa d(.w) wDt nsw

in(.w) xr.f

nHb(.w) n.f m rd.wy.f nrt imntt (imy-r) wpwt

grg.n.f St-mTn niwwt 12 nrt xAsww xpS

pr-Hm.s n.f (m) sH(?)

Sethe I 4 line 8 (L. 212)

in(.w) n.f r isw AHt sTAt 200 xr nswtiw aSA

prt-xrw t 100 ra nb m Hwt-kA nt mwt msw-nsw ni-mAat-Hp

pr Aw mH 200 wsx mH 200 qd


wAH(.w) xt nfr

ir(.w) S im.f aA wrt

wAH(.w) dAb.w iArrt

iw sS(.w) im r a-nsw r.s r a-nsw

wAH(.w) xt.w iArrt aA wrt

ir(.w) irp im aA wrt

ir(.w) n.f kAnw AHt xA (1) tA 2 sTAt (1) m-Xnw inb

wAH(.w) xt.w

ii-mr-s Sr(t)-mTn iAt-sbk St-mTn

Sethe I 2 line 8 (B I 175, L. 212)

in.n.f (r) isw AHt sTAt 200 xr nswtiw aSA

d.n.f AHt sTAt 50 n mwt(.f) nb-snt

ir.s imt-pr im n ms.w

wd(.w) n a-nsw (m) st nb(t)

HqA Hwt ni-swtH xpS

d(.w) n.f AHt sTAt 12 Hna ms.f

sTw awt

Sethe I 1 Titles (B I 174):

HqA pr-dsw HqA pr-wr-sAH

HqA Hwt-Hwni-snt aD-mr Hwi

HqA Hwt-aAt sxmw aD-mr xAsww

HqA Hwt-aAt dp aD-mr dpiw

HqA Hwt-aAt pr-mi(?) aD-mr nrt

HqA Hwt-aAt STwy aD-mr HAt-mHit

HqA Hwt-aAt Hs-wr HqA aHt imntt nrt

HqA Hwt-aAt Hwt-iHwt aD-mr smt xrp nw.w

HqA aHt Xrt-mdw aD-mr xpS

HqA spAt sSm-tA (imy-r) wpwt iqr iAb(i)

sAb Hri-sqr HqA Hwt-aAt imntt nrt xrp aAtiw

Sethe I 7-8 King Snefrou at Wadi Maghara (Strudwick nb 55)

Hr nb-mAat nswt-bit nbty nb-mAat Hr-nbw snfrw

snfrw nTr-aA d wAs Ddt anx snb nb Awt-ib nb(t) Dt

dA xAswt

Sethe I 8 King Kheops at Wadi Maghara (Strudwick nb 56)

Xnm-x(w)-f-w nTr-aA sqr iwntiw mnTw

sA anx HA.f nb

Sethe I 8 Thenti (B I 182)

in sA.f smsw (imy-r) Hm-kA sS iwt-n-ptH(?) ir n.f nw

sk sw qrs(.w) m imnt nfr.t

xft Dd.t n.f im

sk sw anx(.w) Hr rd.wy.f

Sethe I 9 Tomb of Khufuhotep at Giza (Strudwick nb 163)

in sA.f smsw sHD wab(w) (imy-r) gs... ir n.f

sk sw qrs(.w) m Xrt-nTr

m ir(t) r xw-f-w-Htp

Sethe I 9, False door of Ikhi (B I 183, L. 222)

nb imAx xr nTr-aA n.f sA.f nw

sk sw m imnt

ixi Dd.f

ir.n(.i) nw n it.i

sk sw xp(.w) r imnt Hr wAwt nfr.t imAxw.w

Sethe I 10 Tomb of Kaihersetef at Saqqara (Strudwick 243, nb 161)

rmT(t) nb(t) mAA.t(y).sn nw n(.i) nTr m nw

Sethe I 11-15 Testamentary enactment (B I 201)

sk sw anx(.w) Hr rd.wy.f

m smr-wati Hri-tp nxb stp.f sA r nswt ra nb

... aD-mr DwA-Hr-hnti-pt ...

... Hmw-kA ipn Dt

wDt-mdw ir.t.n(.i) r.s pw

n rd.n(.i) sxm .... sn.w

snwt mswt nb(t)

sHD Hmw-kA imiw-xt Hmw-kA

m... AHt rmT(t) ixt nb(t)

ir(t).n(.i) r pr-xrw n(.i) im



(m-HAw-Hr) pr-xrw n(.i) im

m Xrt-nTr m is Dt nt(i) m wr-xa-f-ra

xft mDdt nt AHt rmT(t) ixt nb(t)

ir.t.n(.i) r pr-xrw n(.i) im

n rd.n(.i) sxm Hm-kA nb Dt

m rd.t AHt rmT(t) ixt nb(t)

ir.t.n(.i) r pr-xrw n(.i) im

r isw n rmT(t) nb(t)

m rd.t m imt-pr n rmT(t) nb(t)

wp-r n

n psS.t.f Hna Hm-kA imn m Hmw-kA ipn

ir Hm-kA nb Dt Xnn.t(y).f(y) ... nt prt-xrw

rd.t.n n(.i) nswt r imAx(.i)

nHm(.w) m-a.f mDdt Xrt.f

(i)n sA nt(i).f xr.f

ir Hm-kA nb Dt Sn.t(y).f(y) ixt r snnw.f

ir.f a n dqr.f r Hm-kA

xsf.f mDdt Xrt.f Hr.f

nHm(.w) (m-a).f AHt rmT(t) ixt nb(t)

rd.t.n(.i) n.f r pr-xrw n(.i) im

... n.f (pHwy(?))

Hr tm Sn m-bAH sr.w

Hr AHt rmT(t) ixt nb(t)

ir(t).n(.i) n Hmw-kA Dt r pr-xrw n(.i) im

m is Dt nt(i) m Xrt-nTr m wr-xa-f-ra

ir Hm-kA nb Dt pr.t(y).f(y) n kii sSm

m-bAH sr.w

... sr.w

pr.r.f n kii sSm

mDdt Xrt.f n sA nt(i).f xr.f

... nt AHt rmT(t) ixt nb(t)

ir.t.n(.i) r pr-xrw n(.i) im

m is pn nt(i) m Xrt-nTr m wr-xa-f-ra

pr.r.f rf m iwf.f

ir AHt tn

rd.t.n n(.i) nswt r imAx(.i)

... r pr-xrw n(.i) im m Xrt-nTr

ir ixt nb(t) pr.t(y).s(y) xnt rd.t.n(.i)

wn.n wDa-mdw(.i) m bw wDa-mdw im

mDdt wDA.t m-xt

n sA.w ipn m r 10

ir(.i) nw ... wDA.t(?)

r pr-xrw n(.i) im

m Xrt-nTr m is Dt nt(i) m wr-xa-f-ra

ir niwwt nt Dt

rd.t.n n(.i) nswt r imAx(.i)

ntt xwt-a n prt-xrw

xft rxt ... Dt

pr-xrw n(.i) im

m is Dt nt(i) m Xrt-nTr m wr-xa-f-ra

AHt rmT(t) ixt nb(t)


ir niwwt nt Dt nt wabwt


Sethe I 15 Mastaba (B I 184)

in sA.f (imy-r) wr-xa-f-ra rx-nswt TTi

ir n it(.f) Hna mwt.f

sk sn qrs.wii m smt imnt.t

Sethe I 16 and 17 Nekure (B I 192)

rnpt-sp 12 ipt mnmnt awt ...

sA-nswt n(i)-kAw-ra ... ir.f ...

anx(.w) Hr rd.wy.f

nii mn.f ixt

d(.i) n rx-nswt n(i)-kA-n-nbty(?) ... xa-f-ra ...

sA.f rx-nswt n(i)-kAw-ra iAbt-pHt ... xa-f-ra ...

sAt.f rxt-nswt Htp-Hr-s iAbti ... xa-f-ra ... iAbt-pHt ... xa-f-ra ...

sAt.f rxt-nswt n(i)-kA-nbty Srit ... aA-bAw-xa-f-ra ...

... HAt-mHit ... xa-f-ra ...

Hmt.f mrt.f rxt-nswt n(i)-kA-nbty ....

Atft nfr-xa-f-ra ... nart xntt ...-xa-f-ra wr-xa-f-ra pr n sAt.f ...

Sethe I 16 Tomb of Nebwmakhet in Giza (Strudwick 165)

mHnk.f sS.n.f is.f pw

sS-qdwt smr-kA

mHnk.f ir.n.f is.f pw m kAt


Sethe I 18-21, Debhen's inscription (B I 211, L. 221)


ir is pn in nswt-bit mn-kAw-ra anx Dt rd ir.t.f

sk xpr Hm.f Hr wAt r-gs Hr

r mAA kAt ir(t) (n) nTr(i)-mn-kAw-ra

wD Hm.f iw sHD wiA Hna wr-xrp-Hm(wt) 2

Hna Hmwt

aHa Hr.s

r mAA kAt ir(t) (n) nTr(i)-mn-kAw-ra

sk wAH s 50

r ir.t kAt im.f ra nb

Hna SA.A Abw n wabt

wD Hm.f ... r wnwt nb(t)

(m-HAw-Hr) ir.t kAt im.f

r Htp.f

wD igr Hm.f sk iAt nt Hmsw

... is pn

wD Hm.f ...

r sk Hmsw


wD Hm.f iw xtmw-nTr 2 Hm.f


... d.t

... s 2

wDa Hm.f pXr.f m kAt SA.A.s


in.t inr m r-Aw

r (an) r-pr im

Hna rwt 2 sbxt r is pn

in (sHD) wiA Hna wr-xrp-Hm(wt) 2 Hna mDHw nswt (m) qd iw ...


in.t n(.i) twt r anx aA r aA wrt

... nb m Xrt-hrw

iw min Ab Hr xAst.f Hna pr-wab


Hna twt 2 n Xr-a

ntt iw wa sn...

... Hb Hp m aH-nTr


ir.n.f nw

n-mrwt wn.n imAx.f xr nb.f


(i)n it(.i) Hna mwt(.i)


xw-a.n(.i) sn ...

... (wADw) msdmt

... r rwt(i) st


m tA-mHw m xAsww m iAt-mnx(?) rn.s

ir.t(w) wD n nswt n (imy-r) kAt nb.t nt nswt

... (s.w) r ir.t.f

is n mH (100) m Aw.f r mH 50 m (wsx).f

r mH ... (m qAw.f)

r ir(t) it.i pf sk sw anx(.w)

rd igr Hm.f ...

Sethe I 22 Sarcophagus of Weta from Giza (Strudwick 323)

wab nswt rx-nswt nb imAx xr nb.f

xnti-S Hri-sStA nTr(i)-mn-kAw-ra gs wtA

Xri-a (imy-r) gs(w) nswt Hri-sStA

ir ixt r st-ib nt nb.f m kAt gs wtA

(imy-r) gs Tbt nswt

ir ixt m Tbt nswt r st-ib nt nb.f wtA

(imy-r) art(?) ir.t mDAt nt art nt Xri-Hb(t)

r st-ib nt nb.f mr wD.t

ir.t ixt r (st-ib) nt nswt

xpr.t Hms m DAdw wtA

Fifth Dynasty

Sethe I 23 Magical text

ir s nb ir n(.i) nw

n sp Spt.f

ir (s nb) m (Hmwti) m Xrti

sHtp.n(.i) sw

smsw pr / smsw-hAiit mni i.Dd.f

msH ir.f m mw

HfAw ir.f Hr tA

ir.t(y).f(y) ixt ir nw

n sp ir(.i) ixt ir.f

in nTr wDa.f

Sethe I 24-32 Testamentary enactment of Nekonekh (B I 216)

(imy-r) pr n Hwt-aAt (imy-r) niwwt mA(w)t

(imy-r) Hm-nTr n Hwt-Hr nbt r-int rx-nswt n(i)-k(A)-anx

Hmt.f nbt imAx xr Hwt-Hr Hknw-HDt

ir.f wDt-mdw n ms.w.f

r wab(w) n Hwt-Hr nbt r-int

Hmw-nTr ir.w.n(.i) pw m ms.w(.i) Dt

r wab(w) n Hwt-Hr Hm mn-kAw-ra ir AHt sTAt 2

n Hmw-nTr ipn

r wab Hr.s

rx-nswt (imy-r) pr Hwt-aAt n(i)-k(A)-anx Hmt.f rxt-nswt Hknw-HDt ms.w.s

rxt-nswt Hknw-HDt nbt imAx / Hriw-rnpt / AHt

/ Abd tpi / Axt / sTAt 5

sS-a-nswt Hm-Hwt-Hr / Abd 2 / (Axt) / sTAt 5

Spss-Hwt-Hr wab / Abd 3 / (Axt) / sTAt 5

n-sw-Axt-Hwt-Hr / Abd 4 / (Axt) / sTAt 5

Spss-Hwt-Hr wab / Abd tpi / prt / sTAt 5

kAw-Hwt-Hr wab / Abd 2 / (prt) / sTAt 5

qA-swt-Hwt-Hr / Abd 3 / (prt) / sTAt 5

xa-bAw-Hwt-Hr / Abd 4 / (prt) / sTAt 5

xnti-swt-Hwt-Hr / ... / Smw / sTAt 5

r-int / ... / (Smw) / sTAt 5

... r 10 .f n aq.t nb(t) r Hwt-nTr m HAw-ixt

Hm-nTr Hm-Hwt-Hr / Abd 3 / (Smw) / sTAt 5

Hm-kA / mr... / Abd 4 / (Smw) / sTAt 5

Hm-kA / (?) / ( Abd 4 / (Smw) / sTAt 5)

Sethe I 26 bottom of the page (B I 219)

in Hm n wsr-kA-f wD wab(.i) n Hwt-Hr nbt r-int

ir ixt nb(t) aq.t(y).s(y) r Hwt-nTr

ink is wab Hr ixt nb(t) nt wDb-rd r Hwt-nTr

in igr ms.w(.i) ipn wab n Hwt-Hr nbt r-int

mi ir.r(.i) Ds(.i)

sk wi xp.k(wi) r imnt nfr.t m nb imAx

... Hr-a ms.w(.i) ipn

in igr rmT(w) ipn pr-xrw

n rx-nswt Xnw-k

it(.f) mwt.f ms.w.f pr.f nb

Hriw-rnpt / ...

Abd tpi / Axt / ...

Abd 2 / (Axt) / Hm-nTr Hm-Hwt-Hr

Abd 3 / (Axt) / r-int

Abd 4 / (Axt) / xnt(i)-swt-Hwt-Hr

Abd tpi / prt / xa-bAw-Hwt-Hr

Abd 2 / (prt) / qA-swt-Hwt-Hr

Abd 3 / (prt) / wab-kAw-Hwt-Hr

Abd 4 (prt) / Sps-Hwt-Hr

Abd tpi / Smw / n(i)-sw-Axt-Hwt-Hr

Abd 2 / (Smw) / Spss-Hwt-Hr wab

/ (Smw) /

Abd 3 / (Smw) / sS-a-nswt Hm-Hwt-Hr

Abd 4 / (Smw) / rxt-nswt Hknw-HDt

Sethe I 28 (B I 222)

in igr ms.w(.i) ipn pr-xrw

n rx-nswt Xnw-k

it(.f) mwt.f ms.w.f pr.f nb

m wAg DHwtt Hb ra nb

(imy-r) pr Hwt-aAt rx-nswt n(i)-k(A)-anx nb imAx

rxt-nswt Hknw-HDt

... Dd ... ms.w.f

sk sw Hr rd.wy.f anx(.w) xr nswt

iw Hmw-kA ipn Xr-a ms.w(.i) ipn

n rd.n(.i) sxm rmT(t) nb(t)

m iT.t sn r wnwt nb.t

(m-HAw-Hr) prt-xrw psS m pr nw ... Hmw-kA ipn

ir ms.w(.i) ipn ir.w kAt nb(t) Hr-tp Hmw-kA ipn

ir s nb Xnn.t(y).f(y)

wn.n wDa-mdw(.i) Hna.f

Sethe I 31 (B I 225)

sS-a-nswt Hm-Hwt-Hr

iwaw(.i) pw Hr nst(.i)

nb iSt(.i) nb.t

sA.s smsw imAx (i)n it.f

sS-a-nswt Hm-Hwt-Hr

... imt-pr n iwaw.i pn

mi n(.i) Ds(.i)


d.w n.s n ixt t Hnqt

m imt-pr

igr Hr st(.i)

... m imt-pr

ir.s(n) ixt t Hnqt n iwaw.i pn

mi ir.s(n) n(.i) Ds(.i)

(imy-r) pr Hwt-aAt n(i)-k(A)-anx Hmt.f rxt-nswt Hknw-HDt

sAt.f sA.f ir n.f nw

xft imAx.f xr.f

nbt imAx xr Hwt-Hr rxt-nswt Ax-nbt

sHD sS-a-nswt rx-nswt n(i)-anx-ssi

Sethe I 32 Sinai inscription (B I 236)

Hr nb-xaw nswt-bit sAHw-ra d anx Dt

sqr nTr-aA mnTw xAswt nb.t

dA xAswt nb.t

Sethe I 33 f Mastaba (B I 187)

smr-wati n mrwt xrp sH pr-aA (imy-r) sqbbwy pr-aA

(imy-r) baHt sxt-Htp nt nswt

nb imAx xr nb.f ra nb

(imy-r) Hwt-iHwt kA-m-rHw

ir.t.n n.f sA.f smsw imAxw.f sAb sHD sS Htp

r imAx.f xr.f

sk sw xp(.w) n kA.f

Sethe I 33 Zezemonekh (B I 186)

i(n) xtmw mDAt-nTr pr-aA DADA-m-anx

ir.n(.f) nw n Hmt.f nbw-Htp

qrs.n(.f) si m is pn nfr

xtmw mDAt-nTr pr-aA DADA-m-anx

ir.n(.i) nw n sA(.i) smsw xtmw mDAt-nTr Hm-mnw

sk sw m Xrd

Sethe I 34 Cairo 1691 (B, I, 185)

nb imAx xr nTr-aA rxt-nsw Hnwt-sn

in sA(.f) smsw sAb Hri-wDb k-m-Tnnt ir n.s

(r) pr-xrw n.s im

Sethe I 34-5 Inscription of the tomb of Henu (Strudwick 221, nb 135)

ir rmT nb ir.t(y).f(y) ixt r nw

ir(w).n(.i) r imAx xr nb(.i)

wn.n wDa-mdw(.i) Hna.f m bw nt(i) wDa-mdw im

Sethe I 35 Stiftungsurkunde der Totenpriesterin Pepi (Strudwick nb 113)

Hm-kA Tnti Dt mwt-nswt Htp-Hr-s sAt.f Hm-kA ppi


ir ms.w ipn

rd.w n(.i) in it.i pn m imt-pr

nn rd.n(.i) sxm rmT nb(t)

Hm-kA bwt ...

Sethe I 36 Testamentary enactment of Senuonekh (B I 232)

iw Hmw-kA Dt ipn Hna

Hna igr ms.w nw sn Dt


n rd.n(.i) m rd.t r isw m imt-pr

n rmT(t) nb(t)

igr n

nw psS.t.f Hna Hm-kA m Hmw-kA ipn

ir Hm-kA nb im bnw.t(y).f(y) n kt wnwt

Sm ixt nb(t) d(t).n(.i) n.f n Hmw-kA nt(i)w m sA.f

n rd.n(.i)...

ir Hm-kA nb Sn.t(y).f(y) ixt r snnw.f

nHm(.w) ixt nb(t) d.t.n(.i) n.f

igr dd.t(w) n Hm-kA Sn(w).f ixt r.f

n rd.n(.i) sxm ...

Sethe I 37 Tomb inscription of Persen (B I 241)

in.t prt-xrw n sHD pr-aA pr-sn

m wDb-rd n (HTA) psn sft

xp.p m Hwt-nTr nt ptH (rsy-inb-f)

n mwt-nsw nfr-Htp-s

m Xrt-hrw (nt) ra nb m Awt Dt

rd(w).n.f r prt-xrw im m rk sAHw-ra

Sethe I 38-40, Tomb stela of Nenekhsekhmet (B I 238, L. 222)

wr-swnw ni-anx-sxmt Dd xr Hm.f

Hw wD kA.k pw mrii ra

rd.t(w) n(.i) rwt nt inr

r is pf n Xrt-nTr Hm.f in.t(w) n.f rwt 2 m r-Aw

m inr

wd.t(w).sn m-Xnw DAdw

nw xa-wrrt-sAHw-ra

wd.t(w) wr-xrp-Hm(wt) 2 wabt Hmwt

(r) ir.t kAt r-gs nswt Ds.f

xpr S ra nb

mA.t(w) ir.t m stp-sA Xrt-hrw Hm.f d.t Xr-a m xsbD Hm.f n wr-swnw ni-anx-sxmt

snb fnD(.i) pn mr.r wi nTrw

xp.w.k r Xrt-nTr

iAwt wr.t

m imAxw

rd iA(w) n nswt aA

dwA nTr nb n sAHw-ra

sk sw rx(.w) Hna Smsw.w r-Dr.f

ir is pr.ii ixt nb(t) m r n Hm.f

xpr Hr-aw(y)

sk rd.n n.f nTr siA ixt m Xt

(n-aA-n) Spss.f r nTr nb

in mr.Tn ra

dwA.Tn nTr nb n sAHw-ra

ir nw

ink imAxw.f

n sp ir.ii ixt nb(t) Dw(t) r rmT(t) nb(t)

Sethe I 40-45 Tomb inscription of Weshptah (B I 243)

in sA.f smsw ir n.f Xri-tp nswt mdw-rxiit nswt-mr-nTr(?)

sk sw m is.f n Xrt-nTr

... nfr-ir-kA-ra

mA nfrw kAt tn


sk sw pr.f Hm.f twAt(?).f


ixr mAA msw-nsw

... aA wrt r ixt nb(t)

ixr sk Hm.f Hs.f sw Hr.s

mA sw Hm.f is

n sDm.f


ixr msw-nsw smr.w wn m stp-sA

nrw Hr r ixt nb(t)

... Xnw Hm.f Sm msw-nsw smr.w Xri-Hb(t) wr-swnw

... Hm.f iT.t(w) n.f Aaw n sS

... xr Hm.f wnt.f dbAx.f

... ib n Hm.f Dw(.w) aA wrt r ixt nb(t)

Dd Hm.f

ir.f ixt nb(t) r st-ib

iw rf r Xnw-a


dwA.n.f ra


wd.t m sS Hr is.f


rd Hm.f ir.t(w) n.f qrsw m hbni xtm

nii sp ir.t n kii mitw.f Dr-bAH

dd.w im.f

... iptn m mHtw...


rd Hm.f wrHt.f r-gs Hm.f

in sA.f smsw ir n.f Xri-tp nswt mdw-rxiit nswt-mr-nTr(?)


ir.t(w) n.f xwdt


smA.f im.s r tA

... Sm.f

... nb m Xnw

... wD Hm.f rd.t(w) wd.t m sS Hr is.f


Hs sw Hm.f Hr.s

dwA n.f n.f nTr wr r ixt nb(t)

m is.f n Xrt-nTr nt(i) m xa-bA-sAHw-ra

Sethe I 45, Iti, musician and servant of the Gods (L. 214)

(imy-r) Hst pr-aA

sxmx ib n nb.f m Hst nfr.t m-Xnw pr-aA

Hm-nTr ra Hwt-Hr m st-ib-ra Hm-nTr nfr-ir-kA-ra

Hm-nTr sAHw-ra Hm-nTr ni-wsr-ra iti

rx-nswt (imy-r) Hst pr-aA Hm-nTr ra Hwt-Hr wab nswt iti

Sethe I 46-8 Inscription of Khuiwer (Strudwick p. 293, nb 219)

pr(.i) m niwt(.i) hA.n(.i) m spAt(.i)

Dd.n(.i) mAat im ir.n(.i) mAat im

nfr(.w) n.Tn (imy-xt)(.i) mAa-xrw.Tn tpiw-aii(.i)

ir ir.t.Tn r nw

wn.n ir(.i) mitt r iSt.Tn (n) imiw-xt.Tn

n sp ir(.i) Sn.nt rmT(t) nb(t)

n sp d(.i) sDr s nb (Spt) ... nb

Dr mswt(.i)

ink sb Htp(.w) ir imAxw

mrii it(.f) mrii mwt.f

imAxw xr nt(i)w Hna.f

bnr xr snwt.f

mrii n bAk.w.f

iwt(i) sp ir.f Sn.nt rmT(t) nb(t)

rx-nswt sS-a-nswt pr-aA

sAb (imy-r) sS(w)

sAb sHD sS(w) n Hwti-wrti imt-wrt nt Xnw

xrp sS(w) sprw.w

wDa-mdw m (hAiit)

pXr mH m Swt

sAb sHD sS(w) n wpwt

sHD sS(w) pr Hri-wDb

(imy-r) st-DfAw

xrp sS(w) sprw.w m DADAt wr.t

(imy-r) imi-wrt aA(t) Hr

(imy-r) mSa nfrw

sDm mdw m sStA nb

Htp-di-nswt inpw

xp(.f) Hr wAt nfr.t nt imnt imAxw Hr.s

iAw.k(wi) nfr wrt

wab.k(wi) Hr wAt nfr.t

m nb imAx xr nTr-aA

sAb sHD sS(w) xw-w-wr

Sethe I 48-9 Inscription of Pehenwikai (Strudwick 146)


ir rmT nb aq.t(y).f(y) Hr twt pw m abw.f

ir rmT nb aq.t(y).f(y) Hr twt.w ipn m abw.f

wn.n wDa-mdw(.i) Hna.f m bw nt(i) wDa-mdw im

n sp ir.ii(.i) ixt Dw(t) r ixt nt rmT(t) nb(t)


ir.n(.i) is pw m imAxw xr nswt

ir rmT(t) nb(t) aq.t(y).sn im.f m

ir.t(y).sn ixt Dw(t) r.f

m-xt nn Dd(w).n(.i)

wn.n wDa-mdw(.i) m bw wDa-mdw im

Sethe I 49-51, Tomb inscription of Hotephiryakhet (B I 252, L. 225)

sAb iri-nxn Htp-Hr-Axt Dd.f

ir.n(.i) is pw m iSt mAa(t)

n sp iT.i ixt nt rmT(t) nb(t)

ir rmT(t) nb(t) (wn.n.w) n(.i) ixt im


dwA ( nTr Hr.s aA wrt

ir(.i) nw Hr t Hr Hnqt Hr Hbs

Hr mrHt Hr bdt aA wrt

n sp ir.i ixt nb(t) m wsr (r) rmT(t) nb(t)

mr nTr ixt mAa(t)

ink imAxw xr nswt

sAb smsw-hAiit Htp-Hr-Axt Dd.f

ir.n(.i) is pw Hr rmn imnt(i) m st wabt

nn wn.t is im n rmT(t) nb(t)

n-mrwt mk.t(w) ixt sb n kA.f

ir rmT(t) nb(t) ir is pw m ixt Dw(t) ir nw

wn.n wDa-mdw(.i) Hna.s(n) Hr.s in nTr-aA

ir.n(.i) is pw m Swt

imAx(.i) xr nswt in n(.i) qrsw

Sethe I 51-53, Inscription of Ptahshepses (B I 256, L. 213)

Xrd ms(w).n mwt.f m rk mn-kAw-ra

Sd.f m-m msw-nswt m pr-aA n nswt m Xnw-a m ipAt-nsw

Spss xr nsw r Xrd nb ptH-Spss

id Ts mDH m rk Spss-kA-f

Sd.f m-m msw-nswt m pr-aA n nswt m Xnw-a m ipAt-nsw

Spss xr nswt r id nb ptH-Spss

ixr Hs sw Hm.f

rd n.f Hm.f sAt-nswt sms.t xa-mAat m Hmt.f

mr.n Hm.f wn.n.s Hna.f r s nb ptH-Spss

n wsr-kA-f wr-xrp-Hm(wt)

Spss xr nswt r bAk nb

hA.f r dpt nb(t)


aq.f Hr wAwt aH Smaw m Hb.w nb(w) n xaw


n sAHw-ra

Spss xr nswt r bAk nb

m Hri-sStA n kAt nb.t

mr.rt Hm.f ir.t.s

snfr ib n nb.f ra nb ptH-Spss

n nfr-ir-kA-ra

Spss xr nswt r bAk nb

ixr Hs sw Hm.f Hr ixt

rd Hm.f sn.f rd.f

nn rd.n Hm.f sn.f tA ptH-Spss

n nfr-f-ra

Spss xr nswt r bAk nb

hA.f r wTs-nTrw m Hb.w nb(w) n xaw

mrii n nb.f ptH-Spss

min xr ni-wsr-ra anx Dt stp-sA r.f

n ib n nb.f

mrii nb.f

imAx (i)n ptH

ir.r mr.rt nTr r.f

sbnr (Hmwti) nb xr nswt ptH-Spss

Sethe I 53, 54 Sinai inscription (B I 250)

Hr st-ib-tAwy ni-wsr-ra d anx Dt

nTr-aA nb tAwy nswt-bit nbty st-ib Hr-nbw nTri

ni-wsr-ra sA-ra (mrii(?)) wADt

dA xAswt nb.t d anx

sqr nTr-aA mnTw

dA xAswt nb.t

Sethe I 54 Sinai inscription (B I 263)

Hr mn-xaw nswt-bit mn-kAw-Hr d anx Ddt wAs mi ra Dt

wpwt ir.t.n ...

Sethe I 55 Sinai inscriptions of Dedkare-Isesi I (B, I, 264)

Hr Dd-xaw sA-ra anx Dt

nswt-bit nbty Dd-xaw Hr-nbw Dd

mrii wADt bAw-p

d anx snb Awt-ib nb(t) Dt

wpwt nswt ir.t.n Hw-..-Hk...

Sethe I 55, 56 Sinai inscriptions of Dedkare-Isesi II (B I 266)

rnpt m-xt sp 4 Tnwt mnmnt awt nb(t)

d.t nTr gm.t(w) (aAtt) m biAt StA(t)(?) wD(?) m sS nTr Ds.f

Hr Dd-xaw nswt-bit nbty Dd-haw Hr-nbw Dd Dd-kA-ra

anx Dt

wpwt nswt hAb.t

Hna apr-wiA imi-irty ni-anx-xnti-Xt

r xtiw-mfkAt rn.f

Sethe I 56 Sinai inscriptions of Dedkare-Isesi III (B I 267)

dA xAswt nb(t)

sqr nTr-aA mnTw

dA xAswt nb(t)

Sethe I 56 Sinai inscriptions of Dedkare-Isesi IV (B I 267)

rnpt-sp 9 Tnwt mnmnt

Sethe I 57

sp tpi Hb-sd nswt-bit Dd-kA-ra mrii bAw-iwnw

d anx Ddt wAs Awt-ib nb(t) Dt

Sethe I 57 Inscription of Seshemnefer (Strudwick nb 234)

i.n(.i) m niwt(.i)

pr.n(.i) m spAt(.i)

qrs(.i) m is(.i) pn

Dd.n(.i) mAat mr.rt nTr ra nb

bw-nfr pw wn Dd(.i) xr nswt Ax(t) n rmT(t)

n sp Dd(.i) ixt nb(t) Dw(t) r rmT(t) nb(t) xr Hm n nb(.i)

Sethe I 58 Inscription of Ptahhotep desher (Strudwick nb 86)

HAti-a tAiti-sAb-TAt(i) ptH-Htp-dSr

ir.t.n sA imi-nfrt

Sethe I 59-67 Tomb inscription of Senezemib (B I 270)


ink mH-ib n nswt m Hri-sStA n Hm.f

m imi-ib n Hm.f

m ixt nb(t)

ir kAt nb(t) wD.t.n Hm.f ir.t

wn ir(.i) mi st-ib nt Hm.f r.s

... Hm.f

sk sw m st-a

sk xpr...

rd Hm.f wrH.t(w)(.i) m and


n sp ir.t mitt r-gs nswt n rmT.w nb(w)


sS Hm.f Ds.f m Dba.wy.f

r Hs.t(.i)

n ir.t(.i) kAt nb(t) wD.t.n Hm.f ir.t

r nfr r mnx

xft st-ib nt Hm.f r.s

wD-nswt (n) tAiiti-sAb-TA(ti) (imy-r) sS-a-n-nsw

(imy-r) kAt nb.t nt nswt snDm-ib

iw mA.n Hm(.i) mDAt.k tn

ir.t.n.k r rd.t rx.t(w)

... n mrt-issi

ntt ... n pr-aA n ...

wn-mAa snDm-ib

m snDm ib n issi


... Dd mr.rt issi

r rmT.w nb(w) xpr m tA pn r-Dr.f


... Hwa nb ...


snDm ib pw n issi


iqr iqr.w...


wn.t.k r ir.t S

xft Dd.f m ...

... nb.f

iw mr.n Hm(.i) sDm mdw.k pn wrt


... Hm ixt nb(t) ...

Dd (imy-r) kAt nb(t) nt nswt


wD-nswt (n) tAiiti-sAb-TA(ti) (imy-r) kAt nb.t nt nswt

(imy-r) sS-a-n-nswt snDm-ib

iw mA.n Hm(.i) snT wD pn

n aH n issi nHbt ...

... Aw mH 1200 wsx mH 221

xft wD.Dt n.k ...

ir.n Tw Hm nTr r st-ib nt issi

r rmT.w nb(w) xpr m tA pn r-Dr.f

ir(.i) ixt nb(t) wr.t ...


ir.t(w) wD

... r dmD sr.w ...


n is.f pn ir(w).n(.i) n.f n rnpt 1 Abd 3

sk sw m wabt nt aHaw

m pr-Dt nt(i) m nfr-issi


in(.w) Asx m wpwt Htp-nTr m tA-mHw Smaw ...

... r min mi mAwt

iw rd Hm.f xtm wD.w (r.s(?)) m sDAwt nt a


iw ir.n.f Hmw-kA

iw rd.n(.i) d.t m sS


(sXr(?)).s in qsti


psS m sA


Hr DAt

ir(.w) ixt nb(t) (i)n Hmii.w ipn

mi wn.t wD im m Xnw


i.n qrsw pn Hna aA.f

r Axt-xwfw


sAT aA pHt(y)-issi rn.f

Sethe I 69 Inscription of Unas at Elephantine (Strudwick nb 48)

Hr wAD-tAwy nswt-bit wnis

nb xAswt d anx wAs Dt mrii Xnmw d anx Dt

Sethe I 69-71 Inscription of Inti at Deshasheh (Strudwick 271)

rx-nswt inti Dd.f

ir.n(.i) is pw m iSt mAa.t

n iT.i ixt nt rmT(t) nb(t)


... Ts n rmT(t) nb(t)

... n sp ir.i ixt Dw(t) r rmT(t) nb(t)

ir Hmwt nb.t ir.r(t) n(.i) nw

wn.n ir.r(.i) nw n(.i) nTr Hr.s ir.t ...

ir.t aA wrt

n-mrwt n(.i) nTr im

mrrw inpw

rmT nb aq.t(y).f(y) r nw

dwA.f n(.i) nTr im

ir.w n.f mr r(.f) m iSt.f

ir Hm rmT(t) nb(t) ir.t.n.s(n) ixt Dw(t) r nw

ir.t.n.s(n) ixt nb(t) nbD.t r nw sS im

wn.n wDa-mdw(.i) Hr.s in nTr-aA nb wDa-mdw

m bw nt(i) wDa-mdw im

ir Hm rmT nb qrs.f m iSt.f

ir.rt.f ... mkt m kt ixt sb n kA.f

imAxw n nTr-aA pw

sb n kA.f iAwt nfr(t) wrt

ink imAxw xr nswt

ink imAxw xr nTr-aA

ink mr.f nfrt msD.f Abt

mrrt nTr pw ir.t ixt mAa(t)

Sethe I 71-72 Inscription of Seftjwa in Berlin (Strudwick 190)

rx-nswt sfT-wA Dd.f

ir.n(.i) nw m iSt mAa.t

Sethe I 75 Mortuary inscription of Nezemib (B I 279)

i anxw tp(i)w tA

swA.t(y).sn Hr is pn

st n(.i) mw

ink Hri-sStA

pr n(.i) prt-xrw m ntt m-xt.Tn

ink mrii rmT

n sp Hw.t(.i) m-bAH sr nb Dr mswt(.i)

n sp iT(.i) ixt rmT(t) nb(t) m awA

ink ir rmT(t) nb(t)

Sethe I 76-79, Tomb inscription of Henku (B I 281, L. 225)

i rmT(w) nb(w) nw Atft

i Hriw-tp aA.w nw kt spAwt

swA.t(y).sn Hr is pn

ink hnqw Dd(w) (n.f) nfr bnr

(st) mw

d t Hnqt n imAxw xr mAtit nbt (?)

xr nmti nw mam(?)

n rpat HAti-a sm smr-wati Xri-Hb(t) Hri-tp aA Atft

imAxw xr nb.f hnqw

ink imAxw

mrii n it.w(.f)

Hsii n mwwt(.f)

qrsw n iAw.w.f

Sethe 77, line 8

iw rd.n(.i) t n Hqr nb n Atft

iw Hbs.n(.i) HAii im.s

iw gr mH.n(.i) wDb.w.s m mnmnt

mxr.w.s m awt

iw gr ssA.n(.i) wnS.w nw Dwt Drwt nt pt

m xAw n awt


iw ir.n(.i) Hri-tp (imy-r) it-Sma m spAt tn


iw gr grg.n(.i) niwwt Agb-wr(?) m spAt tn

m sAb.w nw kt spAwt

wn.w n mrw

ir(.i) m sr(w)

n sp kf.ii(.i) s Hr Xrt.f

siw.f (wi) Hr.s n nTr niwt

ink Dd wHm bw-nfr

n sp hm s n wsr r.f

siw.f Hr.s n nTr

aHa.n(.i) Hm r HqA m Atft

Hna sn(.i) imAxw smr-wati Xri-Hb(t) Hm-ra


Ax(.i) n.s m sA-prw nw mnmnt m grgt nt wHa.w

iw grg.n(.i) iAt.s nb(t) ...

m rmT.w mnmnt r... awt m bw-mAa

n Dd(.i) grg im ...

ink igr mrii n it(.f)

Hsii n mwt.f

mnx qd n sn.f

imA n snt.f


Sethe I 80 Tomb of Nebib at Deir el-Gebrawi (Strudwick 268)

imAxw xr n mAtit nbt iAkmt

Hri-sStA n (xtmw-nTr) ... iAkmt

(imy-r) ... n (xtmw-nTr) nb-ib


i(.n)(.i) m niwt(.i) hA.n(.i) m spAt(.i)

ir.n(.i) m imAxw xr nb.f ra nb


Sethe I 81-84 Inscription of Sabu called Ibebi (B I 283)

n wnis wr-xrp-Hm(wt)

Spss xr nswt r bAk nb

hA.f r dpt nb(t)


aq.f Hr wAwt aH Smaw m Hb.w

sAbw rn.f nfr ibbi

imAxw xr nswt


mr.r(w) nb.f

wr-xrp-Hm(wt) (imi-prwy)

(ny-Hb-ra) Hm-nTr ptH Hm-nTr skr

sAbw rn.f nfr ibbi

min xr sA-ra tti anx Dt wr-xrp-Hm(wt)

Spss xr nsw r bAk nb

m Hri-sStA n kAt nb.t

mr.rt Hm.f ir.t.s

snfr ib n nb.f ra nb

wr-xrp-Hm(wt) sAbw

wr-xrp-Hm(wt) Hnk-nsw


wr-xrp-Hm(wt) (imi-prwy) (ny-Hb-ra)

sbnr (Hmwti) nb

imAxw xr iti nb

stp.n.f sA r.f

n ib n nb.f

imi-ib n nb.f

mrii nb.f

imAxw n ptH

ir mr.rt nTr r.f ra nb xr nswt

min xr sA-ra tti anx Dt wr-xrp-Hm(wt)

Spss xr nswt r bAk nb

hA.f r dpt nb(t)


aq.f Hr wAwt aH Smaw m Hb.w nb(w) n xaw

wr-xrp-Hm(wt) (ny-Hb-ra) sAbw

ixr Hs wi Hm.f

rd Hm.f aq(.i) r Xnw-a

d(.i) n.f anxw m bw nb

gm.m(w) wAt im

n sp ir.t mitt n bAk nb mit(i).i in iti nb

n mr.r wi Hm.f r bAk.f nb

n ir.t ra nb

n wn imAx(.i) m ib.f

iqr.k(wi) xr Hm.f

gm(.i) wAt m sStA nb n Xnw

Spss(.i) xr Hm.f

Sethe I 84-85 Inscription of Sabu called Thety (B, I, 288)

min xr Hm.f

wd wi Hm.f m wr-xrp-Hm(wt) wa.k(wi) ...

Hwt-nTr nt ptH (rsy-inb-f) m st.f nb(t) Xr-Hr(.i)

sk nfr n wn.n wr-xrp-Hm(wt) wa Dr-bAH

... skr m STt

ixt-nTr nb(t) irt nb(t) ir.t wr-xrp-Hm(wt) 2


sk nfr n ir.t mitt (i)n wr-xrp-Hm(wt) nb

Hr (hAw) nsiw-bitiw nb(w)

... n Hwt gs-pr

m sAr xr Hm.f

wd wi Hm.f

... Xr-Hr(.i)

sk mi

... Xr-Hr(.i)

ir.t m tA r-Dr.f

sk nxt ib n Hm.f r ixt nb(t) ir.t im

Sethe I 86-87 Inscription of an unknown builder (B, I, 290)

ir.k(wi) r Hs.t wi Hm.f Hr.s ...

rd Hm.f aq(.i) r Xnw-a

stp-sA nb r iti

rd Hm.f pr smr ra-wr(?)

dwA.f n(.i) nTr Hr.s


min xr tti nb(.i) anx Dt


hAb wi Hm.f

r xrp kAt m Hwt-kA ...

(r xrp kAt) m r-Aw ...

ir.n(.i) rwt im

Hr xrp kAt


rd.n Hm.f xd ...

Sethe I 87-88 Mereruka (Litterature historique sous l’Ancien Empire égyptien, p. 155)


mi r Hwt-nTr nt nTr

wn.n wDa-mdw(.i) Hr.s

... m wnwt Xri-Hb(t)

iw gr

iw gr rx.k(wi) iar.t.f nii(?) n nTr-aA

iw gr rx.k(wi) Spss.t.f nii(?) xr nTr-aA

... m sxt

nii rd xpr ixt nb(t) msD.Dt.f Dt


Dd(.i) nw r-Dr rmT(t) nb(t)

aq.t(y).sn r is pn Dt


m smrw-wat(iw) Spss.w xr nswt

sk wi m saH pn

ink Hsii n it..f


ink wr n nswt

iw sb.n(.i) imAxw

Sethe I 91-92 Sinai inscription (B I 302)

nswt-bit nbty mrii-Xt mrii-ra d anx nb Dt

Hr mrii-tAwy

sp tpi Hb-sd

d(t) sxt

sA anx HA.f


nTr nfr nb tAwy

rnpt m-xt sp 18 Abd 4 Smw sw 6

wpwt ir.t.n (imy-r) mSa Abdw sA (imy-r) mSa mrii-ra-anx

Sethe I 93 II The expedition inscriptions (B I 298)

rnpt xt sp 18 Abd 3 Smw sw 27

nswt-bit mrii-ra anx Dt sp tpi Hb-sd

wpwt nsw ir.t.n (imy-r) kAt nb(t) nt nswt smr-wati

mDHw nsw (m) qd (imi-prwy) mr-ptH-anx-mrii-ra

sA.f Xri-Hb(t) mr-ptH-anx-mrii-ra

Hna xtmw-nTr ixi iHw

Sethe I 94 III

rnpt xt ...

wpwt nswt ir.t.n (imy-r) kAt nb(t) nt nswt smr-wati

mDHw nsw (m) qd (imi-prwy) mr-ptH-anx-mrii-ra

(imy-r) wpwt Htp-nTr (imi-prwy) Xri-tp nsw sAb sHD sS ssi

sS-a-nswt xnw

sAb (iry-mDAt) xwi

xtmw-nTr iHw

xtmw-nTr ixi

wpwt nswt ir.t.n xtmw-nTr ixi

sA.f apr-wiA imi-irty ixi


(imy-r) qd(w) mr TTi

Sethe I 94 (Strudwick 140, nb 64 E)

Hr mrii-tAwy sA-ra d anx Dt

bikw-nbw nbty mrii-Xt pipi anx mi ra

nswt-bit mrii-ra sp tpi Hb-sd

wpwt nswt ir.t.n xtmw-nTr ixi

sA.f apr-wiA imi-irty ixi

(imy-xt) Hmwt pr-aA






(imy-r) (qdw) mr TTi

Sethe I 95-96 Hatnub quarry (B I 304)

Hr mrii-tAwy nsw-bit mrii-ra d anx Dt

sp tpi Hb-sd

rnpt-sp 25 tpi Axt sw 1

wpwt nswt ir.t.n smr-wati wr-diw pr DHwti

Xri-tp nsw Hri-sStA

xrp nst.y (imy-r) aH (imy-r) Smaw Hri-tp aA n wnt

sA xw-w(i) n(i)-anx-ss-Xnm

Sethe I 97 I Beloved of the lord of Coptos (Min) (B I 296)

mrii nb gbtiw

Sethe I 98-110, Inscription of Uni (B I 292-94, 306-15, 319-24, L. 150)

HAti-a (imy-r) Smaw imi-is iri-nxn Hri-tp nxb smr-wati

imAxw xr wsir xnti imntiw wni


(L. 150)

ink id Ts mDH xr Hm n tti

iAwt(.i) m (imy-r) Snaw

ir.n(.i) sHD (xnty-S) pr-aA

(B 307)

... smsw n DbAt xr Hm n pipi

rd wi Hm.f m iAwt nt smr sHD Hm-nTr n niwt.f

sT iAwt(.i) m ...

rd wi Hm.f m sAb iri-nxn

ib.f mH(.w) im(.i) r bAk.f nb

sDm(.i) ixt wa.k(wi) Hna tAiiti-sAb-TA(ti) m sStA nb

... m rn n nswt n ipt-nswt n Hwt-wrt 6

n mH-ib.n Hm.f im(.i) r sr.f nb

r saH.f nb r bAk.f nb

dbH.k(wi) m-a Hm n nb(.i)

in.t(w) n(.i) inr HD qrsw m r-Aw

rd Hm.f DA xtmw-nTr

Hna Tst nt apr (Xry-a).f

r in.t n(.i) qrsw pn m r-Aw

i.n.f m-a.f m sAT aA n Xnw

Hna aA.f rwt rwiit

gmHwy sAT(w)

n sp pA.t ir.t mitt n bAk nb

ixr iqr(.i) Hr ib n Hm.f

ixr wAb(.i) Hr ib n Hm.f

ixr mH(.i) ib n Hm.f im

sT wi m sAb iri-nxn

rd wi Hm.f m smr-wati (imy-r) (xnty-S) pr-aA


ir.k(wi) r Hs.t(.i) Hm.f m ir.t stp-sA

m ir.t wAt nswt m ir.t aHaw

ir.k(wi) mi-qd r Hs.t wi Hm.f Hr.s r ixt nb(t)

Sn.t(w) ixt m ipt-nswt r Hmt-nsw wrt-Hts m sStA

rd Hm.f hA.ii(.i) r sDm wa.k(wi)

n wn.t tAiiti-sAb-TA(ti) nb sr nb im

wp-r wa.k(wi)

n iqr(.i) n wAb(.i) Hr ib n Hm.f

n mH Hm.f ib.f im

ink ir m sS wa.k(wi) Hna sAb iri-nxn wa

sT iAwt(.i) m (imy-r) (xnty-S) pr-aA

n sp pA mitw(.i) sDm sStA n ipt-nswt Dr-bAH

wp-r rd.t Hm.f sDm(.i)

n iqr(.i) Hr ib Hm.f r sr.f nb

r saH.f nb r bAk.f nb

Sethe 101 (L. 138)

xsf.n Hm.f ixt nt aAm.w (Hriw-Sa)

ir.n Hm.f mSa n Dba.w aSAw m Smaw mi-qd.f

xnt m Abw mHt(i) m mdnit m tA-mHw

m gswy-pr m sDr m-Xnw

sDr.w m irTt nHs(i)w

mDA nHs(i)w imA nHs(i)w

m wAwAt nHs(i)w m kAAw

nHs(i)w m tA (TmHw)

hAb wi Hm.f Xr-HAt mSa pn

sT (HAtyw-a) sT xtmww-bit sT

smrw-wat(iw) Hwt-aAt sT Hriw-tp HqAw-Hwwt

nw Smaw tA-mHw smr(w) (imyw-r) aAw.w (imyw-r) Hmw-nTr

nw Smaw tA-mHw (imyw-r) gs-pr

Xr-HAt Tst nt Smaw tA-mHw Hwwt niwwt

nHs(i)w nw xAswt iptn

ink wn ir sxr

sT iAwt(.i) m (imy-r) (xnty-S) pr-aA

n mt n st(.i)

r-nfr-n d.d wa im m snnw.f

r-nfr-n nHm wa im xADw