Sethe, Kurt, Helck, Wolfgang, Urkunden der 18. Dynastie, Berlin, 1984 (Sethe); Breasted, James Henry, Ancient records of Egypt : historical documents from the earliest times to the Persian conquest, 5 vol., Chicago, 1906-1907 (B II and III); Lalouette, Claire, Thèbes ou la naissance d'un empire, Paris, 1986 (L.)

The vocabulary displayed is partly built on the book of Raymond O. FAULKNER, A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, Oxford, 1962. Specials thanks are given to the Griffith Institute for the permission to use it.

Stela from the temple of Montu in Hermonthis

Sethe 1245 (L. 379)

ir m sp Hr rn.f

iw.w aSA(.w) r ir.t st m sS.w

st.t.f r Dbt Hmty

xt nb tS(.w) mi mHyt

aHa.n rd.n Hm.f mnt-iry m pr imn

m Hbw n Hmty m qmA.w n Dba.w 3 m wmtt Ssr.f im

DA.n.f sw d.f pr Ssp 3 Hr-sA.f

r rd.t nHty imyw-xt rwDt a.wy.f m qnt nxt

Dd.i n mw ir(r)t.f nn Xrt-a nn iwms

(m-xft-Hr-n) mSa.f tm(.w)

nn Ts im n aba

ir ir.y.f At sDA-Hr.f m bHs Hr xAst nb(t)

aSA(.w) Tnwt nt in.t.n.f r sbw n mSa mi-qd.f

iw smA.n.f mAi.w 7 m st.t m km n At

in.n.f Xnm n smA.w 12 n wnwt 1

xpr.n nw n sTy-r

xbsywt irw n pHwy.fy

sarq.n.f 120 n Abw.w Hr xAst nt ny

m iw.t.f m nhrn

DA.n.f itrw pXr-wr

ptpt.n.f dmi.w nw gs(wy).fy sswn(.w) m sDt r nHH

smn.f wD n nxtw Hr gs.f iAbty

in.n.f Sqb m st.t Hr xAst rs.t tA-sty

m-xt wDA.f r miw r HH.y btn(w) sw m tA pf

smn.n.f wD.f im mi ir.t.n.f m pHwy ...

(L. 293)

n ir.n Hm.f Abw m wDA.w r tA n DAhy

r smA btnw.w nty.w im.s

r rd.t ixt n nty Hr mw.f

Reign of Amenhotep II

Sphinx Stela

Sethe 1279 (L. 381)


isT grt xa.n Hm.f m nswt m Hwn nfr

ip.n.f Dt.f

km.n.f rnpt 18 Hr (smn.t) pHty.f m qnt

rx(.w) sw kAt nb.t nt mnTw

nn twt n.f Hr pgA

rx(.w) sw Htr

n wn.t mity.f m mSa pn aSA

nn wa im itH pDt.f

n m sxs

nxt a.wy iwty wrD.f

xft TA.y.f wsrw

Xn.n.f m pHwy bik.f m SAty n s 200 1/2 n itrw n sqdwt Xsy.w gn.w

n TAw

iw Hm.f nxt(.w) Xr wsrw.f n mH 20 m Aw.f

sfx.n.f mni.n.f bik.f

in.n.f itrw 3 m Xn.t

nn ir.t sxn m iT.t

Hr.w an.w m mA.n.f ir.n.f nn

itH.n.f 300 nt pDwt nxt.t

Hr stwt kAt r rx xm r rx

i.n.f is Hr ir.t nn rd(w).n(.i ) m Hr.w.Tn

aq.n.f rf r S.f mHty

gm.n.f smn(.w) n.f stw 4 m Hmty sTt n Ssp 1 m

mH 20 r-iwd Hmt r snnwt.s

xa.t in Hm.f Hr Htr mi mnTw m wsrw.f

TA.n.f pDt.f

Am.n.f aHAw 4 m s wa

xd.n.f is Hr st.t r.s mi mnTw m Xkr.w.f

Ssr.w pr.w Hr-sA iry

kfa.f kt Hmt

sp is pw n ir.t.f

n m sDdt

st.t aHA r stw m Hmty

pr.w im.f d.w r tA

wp-Hr nswt wsr fAw snxt(w).n imn nswt-bit aA-xprw-ra

pry-a mi mnTw

isT ir m wn.f m inpw

mr.f ssmwt.f

Ha.f im.s(n)

rwd ib pw Hr bAk st

rx qi iry

SsA m pXX.s(n)

aq m sxr.w

tw m pr-nswt in it.f Hr kA-nxt-xa-m-wAst

nDm(.w) ib n Hm.f sDm.f st

Ha.w m Dd.t r sA.f smsw

ti sw Hr Dd m ib.f

ntf ir.f nb n tA Dr.f nn tkk.f

hb ib m qnt Ha m nxt

iw.f m Hwn nfr n mrwt n sArt.f

nn sw r nw n ir.t kAt mnTw

mkHA.n.f ib-Dt

mr.f nxt

in nTr dd m ib.f ir.t r mk.t n.f kmt

r dhn n.f tA Hm.f (n) nty.w r-gs.f

imi n.f ssmt nfr.t wrt m iHw n Hm.i

nty m inbw

Dd.w n.f

mk.y st snr.w st TiTi st srwx st

SnT.w r.k

xr m-xt rd(.w) m Hr n sA-nsw r mk.y m ssmt iHw n nswt

isT rf sw Hr ir.t m Hr.f

rSp astrt Ha.w im.f Hr ir.t mr.rt nb.t ib.f

sxpr.n.f ssmwt nn

n xft TA.f xnr

n fdt m sxsx qA

nHb.f m mn-nfr m TAmyt

wAH.f r xnw n Hr-m-Axt

ir.f At im Hr pnana st

Hr mA(A) SsAw n xnw pn n Xnmw-x(w)-f(-wi) xa-f-ra mAa-xrw

Ab.n HAty.f sanx

dd.f m ib.f Xry-xr.f r xpr.t wD(t).n n.f it.f ra

m-xt nn sxa.w Hm.f m nswt

wrt Htp.s st.s m wpt.f

tit ra mn.ti r aHaw.s

tA mi tpt-a.f Htp(.w) Xr aA-xprw-ra

HqA.f tAwy xAst nb.t dmA(.w) Xr Tbwty.f Hm.f bw

sDA.y-Hr.f r hw mr.w Hr-m-Axt rd.t xnw im

smn(.w) wD im.s m inr HD

xt(.w) Hr.f m rn wr aA-xprw-ra mry Hr-m-Axt d anx Dt

Amada and Elephantine stelae

Sethe 1289 (B II 792, L 384)


rnpt-sp 3 Abd 3 Smw sw 15 xr Hm n Hr kA-nxt wr-pHty

nbty wsr-fAw sxa-m-wAst

Hr-nbw iT-m-sxm-f-m-tAw-nb(w)

nTr nfr nb irt-ixt nswt-bit aA-xprw-ra

sA-ra n Xt.f mry.f nb n xAst nb.t imn-Htp nTr HqA-iwnw mry ra-Hr-Axty imn nb nswt tAwy

nTr nfr qmA.w / qmAw ra ity pr m Xt(.f) wsr.w

mity Hr Hr nst it.f

wr xpS n xpr mity.f n n.f snnw

nswt pw wdn a wrt

nn itH(w) pDt.f m mSa.f m HqA.w xAswt wr.w nw rTnw

n-aA-n wr(.w) pHty.fy r nswt nb xpr

xar mi Aby hb.f pri

n wn.t aHA m hAw.f

pDty qn m Hw-ny-r-Hr sbty mk kmt

mn-ib Hr pgA m At Hwtf

titi bSt.w(w) Hr.f

sxm Hr-a r xAswt nb.t m rmT(t) Htr.w m HH.w

n ntt imn-ra Hr mw.f r Apd Hr-a Sfyt xt Haw.f

mity mnw m rnpt snDt nn wa nHm sw m-a.f

ir.f rst m xfty.w.f psDt-pDt r-mitt

bAk.n n.f tA.w nb.w xAswt nb(t) bSt.t

nswt swt n swhA(w) n.f r DAwt

a.wy.f m r-DAw

nn xAswt ir.t tAS Hna.f m TAw.f

nswt nsyw HqA HqA.w in Drw pH.ww sw

wa qn.y / qn n sqA(w) bAw.f r rx.t{i} ra m pt

Hs.y Hr.f hrw Hw-ny-r-Hr

nn Dr.w ir.t.n.f r xAst nb(t) sHw.w(t) r tA nb dmD(w)

xr(w) Hr-a n nsrt.f mi r-a n imyt

nn wh(w) im(.f) m sDryt

mi abw n bAstt Hr mTn n ir(w) imn

mar sp r Tnw rx.w

ntt sA.f pw mAa pr m Haw(.f)

wa Hna.f r HqA Sn(n)t.n itn

tA.w xAswt nb(w) rx(ww).n.f iT.f st Hr-a m nxt Hr wsr

Sethe 1293 (B II 793, L. 395 and 398)

nswt pw Htp ib Hr kAt n nTrw nb.w

m qd ms.t

Htp-nTr wAH(.w) m-mAwt t Hnqt r wr xt-aA Hr aSA

m imnyt m Xrt-hrw r nHH

iH.w awt r nn gAwt r.s

rd.n.f pr n nb.f apr.w m ixt nb.t

m iwA.w wnDw.w rny.w Apd.w nn Drw

r-pr pn abA.w r Aw.f m t irp

wAH.n.f xnt m-mAwt n it.w(.f) nTrw

r mA.n Hnmmt r rx.t bw-nb

isT in Hm.f snfr Hwt-nTr tn ir(t).n it.f nswt-bit mn-xpr-ra

n it.w(.f) nTrw nb.w


qd.ti m inr m kAt nHH

inb.w HA.s m Dbt aA.w m aS n tp-xtyw

sbA.w m inr n rwDt

n-mrwt mn rn wr n it.f sA-ra DHwty-ms m pr pn r nHH Hna Dt Hm n nTr pn nfr nswt-bit nb tAwy aA-xprw-ra Hr pD Ss

wHa wAwAt n it.w(.f ) nb.w / n it(.f ) Xnm nb qbHw

Hr ir.t n.f bxnt wr.t m inr n rwDt xft-Hr wsxt

Hbyt m iwnyt Sps.t

pXr.T(i) m iwn.w n rwDt m kAt nHH sp sn

wdHw.w aSA m Hnw.w nw HD nbw Hsmn

gnw.w xAw.w mr axw Tni.w aab.w Sfdw

aHa.n rd.n Hm.f wD pn

smn.w m r-pr pn m st aHaw n nb a.w.s

xt.w m rn wr n nb tAwy imn-Htp nTr HqA-iwnw m pr it.w(.f) nTrw

m-xt i.t Hm.f m rTnw Hrt sxr.n.f rqy.w.f nb.w

Hr swsx tAS.w kmt m wDyt tp.t nt nxt

i.n Hm.f m Awt-ib n it.f imn

smA.n.f pA wr.w 7 m HD.f Ds.f wn.w m w n txsy

d.w m sxd m-HAt bik n Hm.f

nty rn.f m-Dd aA-xprw-ra-smn-tAwy Hr ax.t s 6 m nn xrw.w m-xft-Hr-n sbty n wAst

nA n Drwt r-mitt

aHa.n sxnt.w pA ky xrw r tA-sty

ax.w n pA sbty n npt

r rd.t nxtw Hm.f r nHH Hna Dt

m tA.w nb.w xAswt nb(t) nw tA nHsy

Dr-ntt iT.n.f rsyw waf.n.f mHtyw

pHww nw pA tA r Aw.f psD.t ra Hr.s

ir.f tAS.f r mr.r.f nn xsf-a.f

mi wD.n it.f imn-ra nb nswt tAwy

ir(t) n.f sA-ra n Xt.f mry.f imn-Htp nTr HqA-iwnw d anx Ddt wAs snb Awt-ib.f mi ra Dt

Elephantine stela

Sethe 1299 (B II 798, L. 398)

rnpt-sp 4

wD Hm.f rd.t nA n Hbs.w n tA Xnt nt nn nTrw imy.w Abw

m Hbs.w aA.w wa nb n mH 10

iw m Hbs.w nDs.w wa nb n mH 3

iw wD.n Hm.f wAH hrw wa n mwt.f anqt Hr Hb.s n sty

m Xnt.s nt tp-iTrw

aprw m t Hnqt iH.w Apd.w irp snTr dqr.w ixt nb.t nfr.t wab.t

m Htr r Tnw rnpt

m-HAw-Hr pA hrw 3 n Hb.s mty

r rd.t xpr Hb.s n tpy Smw m hrw 4 r mn r wAH

ir.f di-anx Dt

Memphis stela

Sethe 1301 (L. 386)

rnpt-sp 7 Abd 1 Smw sw 25 xr Hm n Hr kA-nxt spd-abwy

nbty wsr-fAw sxa-m-wAst

Hr-nbw iT-m-sxm-f-m-tAw-nbw nswt-bit nb tAwy aA-xprw-ra

sA-ra nb xaw nb xpS imn-Htp nTr HqA-iwnw d anx Dt

nTr nfr mitt ra sA imn Hr nst.f

qd.n.f sw m nxt Hr wsr m-Tnt-r xprt

Hw.n HD.f nhrn

ptpt.n pDt.f tA nHsy

iT(w) m nxt m wsrw mi mnTw DbA m xaw.f

Htp(.w) ib.f mA.n.f sn

Hsq.n.f tp.w XAkw-ib

wDA Hm.f r rTnw m wDyt.f tp.t nt nxt

r swsx tAS.w.f r rd.t ixt n nty Hr mw.f

Hr.f sxm(.w) mi bAsty mi stx m At.f nt nSny

spr Hm.f r SmS-itm

xbA.n.f sy m At Sr.t mi mAi-HsA Hr Hf xAswt

iw Hm.f Hr wrryt.f imn-qn-Ssm-nfrt-pA-nfr-sx rn.f

rxt kfa n Hm.f n hrw pn

sTtyw anx(w) 35 kA 22

DA.n Hm.f irntw Hr mw m hsmq mi rSp

aHa.n wDb.n.f a.f r mA pHwy mSa.f

iw.f Hr ptr nhy n sTtyw iw(ww) m rkrk

sab.w m xaw nw aHA r th.t r mSa n nsw

iw Hm.f Hr nr mi aXt nt bik nTr.y bdS.w wa Hr wa xr(.w) Hr snnw.f

(r-mn-m) Hntwy

nn wa nb Hna Hm.f wpw-Hr.f m xpS.f qn.y

smA st Hm.f m st.t

i.n.f im ib.f Awy mi mnTw qn Hb.n.f

rxt kfa n Hm.f n hrw pn

wr 2 mryn 6 (r-mn-m) nb.w nw aHA

spr Hm.f m-xntyt r ny

iw wr.s rmT.f nb TAy.w mi Hmwt m Htpw n Hm.f Ssp(.sn) gAgAwy

spr Hm.f r ikrt

Sn.n.f btn(w) sw nb

smA.n.f st mi nty.w n xpr(.sn) d.w Hr gs m sTs.y

i.i.n.f im m Awt-ib xAst tn tm.ti m nDt.f

Htp m imAw (i)n Hm.f r hAw Trx

Hr iAbty SSrm Hr HAq nA n wHt nt mnDt

spr Hm.f r hTra

iw wr.s Hr pr.t m Htpw n Hm.f Xr ms.w.f ixt.f nb.t

rd.t Htpw n Hm.f in ynq

spr Hm.f r qdSw

iw wr.s Hr pr.t m Htpw n Hm.f Hr rd(t) sDfA-tryt nb(w) r-mitt-irw Hm.f Hr st.t r Hbw 2 n Hmty m qmA

Hr gs rs(y) n dmi pn Hr ir.t sw Hr rbi m pA xt Hr in.t gHs.w mAswt sXawt aA.w xm.w(w)


wDA Hm.f Hr ssmt r xSb wa.w nn wn.t snnw.f

i.i.n.f im m At Sri.t

in.n.f mryn anx 16 Hr Drww.y n wrryt.f

Drt 20 r dhnt nt ssmwt.f

kA 60 m r-HAt.f

rd.t Htpw n Hm.f in dmi pn

isT Hm.f m-xntyt m-Xnw pA amq srn

gm.n.f wpwty n pA wr n nhrn Xr Sat

sin(t) r xx.f

in.n.f sw m sqr-anx Hr {n} Drww n wrryt.f

pr.t Hm.f m sibyny Hr ssmt r tA-mri

pA mryn m sqr-anx Hr Htr wa Hna.f

spr Hm.f r mn-nfr ib.f Aw(.w) m kA nxt

rxt HAq pn

mryn 550 240

knanw 640 ms.w wr.w 232 ms.w wr.w st-Hmt 323

Hsyt nt wr.w n xAst nb(t) st 270 (r-mn-m) n sxmx-ib

n HD nbw (r) rmn iry dmD 2214

Htr 420 wrryt 730 (r-mn-m) nb(w) nw aHA

isT Hmt-nTr Hmt-nsw sAt-nsw ... Hr mA(A) nxtw Hm.f

Campaign in Syria

Sethe 1305 (L. 390)

rnpt-sp 9 Abd 3 Axt sw 25

wDA Hm.f r rTnw m wDyt.f 2.nwt nt nxt

r dmi n ipqn

iw.f Hr pr.t m Htpw n pA nxtw aA n pr-aA a.w.s

pr.t Hm.f Hr ssmt sab.w m xaw nw r-a-xt r dmi n yHm

isT HAq.n Hm.f nA wHt n mpsn

Hna nA n wHt xtTn

dmi 2 Hr imnty swk

isT pA HqA (Hr) (nSn.y) mi bik nTr.y

Htr.w.f Hr aX mi sbA n pt

aq Hm.f wr.w.f Xrd.w.f Hmwt.f m sqr-anx Xrw.f nb(w)


ixt.f nb(t) nn

mnmnt.f Htr.w.f

awt nb(t) n imyw-HAt.f

nDm pw ir.n Hm.f

i.t Hm n nTr pn imn nb nswt tAwy tp-m Hm.f m rswt

r rd.t qnt n sA.f aA-xprw-ra

it(.f) imn-ra m sA Haw.f Hr xw.y pA HqA

pr.t Hm.f Hr Htr tp-dwAyt r dmi n itrn

Hna mktr-int

aHa.n sxm Hm.f a.w.s mi sxm sxmt mi mnTw Hr wAst

in(.w) n.f 34 mryn 57 sTtyw anx(w) 231

Drt 372 ssmt 54 wrryt 54 (r-mn-m) xaw nb(w) nw aHA

(nxtw-a) nb(w) nw rTnw nb(t)

m-xt mA.n Hm.f pA HAq aSA wrt Hr ir(t) st m sqr-anx Hr ir.t Sdy 2 m nb

mk mH(.w) st m xt

iw Hm.f m rsw Hr.s r HD-tA

iw pAy.f iqHw Hr wnmy.f

wa.w nn wa nb Hna.f

isT pA mSa wA(.w) r.f Hrw sDmw-aS n pr-aA

ir m-xt tA HD.w n 2.nw hrw

pr.t Hm.f Hr Htr tp-dwAyt sab.w m Xkr.w mnTw

hrw n Hb xat-nsw n Hm.f Hr HAq inxrtw

rxt kfa n Hm.f wa.w n hrw pn

mryn anx 17 ms.w wr 6 sTtyw anx(w) 68

Drt 123 Htr 7 wrryt nt HD nbw 7 (r-mn-m) nw aHA

kA 443 idt 370 mnmnt nb(t) nn mSa r-Dr.f Hr ms.y HAqt aSA(t) wrt nn

spr Hm.f hwakti / hAw mkti Hr in.t wr n kba-smn qAqA rn.f

Hmt.f Xrd.w.f Xrw.f nb(w) r-mitt-irw

dhn.w (ky) wr m st.f

spr Hm.f r dmi n mn-nfr

ib.f ia(.w) m xAswt nb.t tA.w nb.w Xr Tbwty.f

rxt pA HAq in.t(.n) Hm.f

wr n rTnw 127 sn.w nw wr.w 179 apr 3600 SAsw anx 15200

xr 36300

ngs anx 15070

Abt irw 30652

dmD s 89600 m-mitt nn

awt nb(t) mnmnt nb(t) nn

wrryt nt HD nbw 60 wrryt sS.t / naa.t 1032 (r-mn-m) nb(w) nw aHA

m 13050

m pHty imn-ra it.f Sps{t}.f nty m sA(.f)

wD n.f qnt

Sethe 1309 (L. 392)

isT sDm.n pA wr n nhrn pA wr n xtA pA wr n sngr

pA nxt aA ir(w).n(.f)

wa nb Hr stwt r snnw.f m Hnk nb xAswt nb(t) Hr Dd m n it

r dbH Htpw xr Hm.f

r rd.t(w) TAw n anx

iw.n Xr bAkw.n r aH.k

sA-ra imn-Htp nTr HqA-iwnw HqA HqA.w Aby (nSn.y) m xAst nb(t) m tA pn Dt

Karnak stela

Sethe 1310 (B II 782)

anx Hr kA-nxt spd-abwy sA-imn tit-(i)tm nbty wsr-fAw sxa(w)-m-wAst

Hr-nbw iT-sxm-f-m-tAw-nbw

... ipt-swt aA-xprw-ra

nb-xpS waf-psDt-pDt

sA-ra n Xt.f nb n xAswt nb(t) imn-Htp nTr HqA-iwnw d anx mi ra Dt

rnpt-sp 7 Abd 1 Smw sw 25

spr Hm.f r pA dmi n SmS-itm

ir.t Hm.f sp (mar) im kfa Hm.f Ds.f

isT sw mi mAi-HsA Hr Hw.f xAswt rTnw

... pA-nfr-sxw rn.f

rxt kfa(w).n Hm.f Ds.f m hrw pn

sTtyw sqr-anx 18 iH.w 19

Abd 1 (Smw) sw 26 DA.t Hm.f mSdt irntw m hrw pn

(isT) DA.n Hm.f mSdt irntw ...

m hsmq.w mi pHty mnTw-wAsty

wDb.n Hm.f a.f r mA pHwy n pA tA

aHa.n ptr.n Hm.f nhy n sTtyw iw(ww) Hr ssmwt

m dmi n qdn iw(ww) m

isT Hm.f sab.y m xaw.f n aHA

iw Hm.f Hr nr mi mnTw m wnwt.f Dr mA.n Hm.f wa Hr wa

aHa.n sxr.n Hm.f Hntwy Ds.f m minb.f


isT in.n.f pA sTty Hr Drww.y n wrryt.f pAy.f Htr

tAy.f mrkbt xaw.f nb n aHA

i.n Hm.f m Awt-ib mi mnTw qn Hb.n.f

rxt kfa(w).n Hm.f m hrw pn

mryn 1 ssmt 2 wrryt 1

mss n aHA pDt 2 ispt mH.ti m Ssr.w


Abd 2 Smw sw 10 Hs.t m-xntyt r tA-mri

wDA Hm.f Hr Htr r dmi n ny

isT nA n sTtyw n dmi pn TAy.w mi Hmwt tp

Hr dwA Hm.f Ssp(.w) (i)n gAgAwt Hr nTr nfr

isT sDm.n Hm.f r-Dd

nhy m nA n sTtyw nty m dmi n ikrt Hr ngmgm

r ir.t sxr n xAa tA iwayt nt Hm.f

r-bnr m pA dmi

r pna Hr pA wr n ikrt nty Hr mw n Hm.f

aHa.n rx.n st Hm.f m ib.f

aHa.n Sn.n.f btn(w) sw nb m dmi pn

smA.n.f st Hr-a

sgrH.n.f dmi pn

sqbb.n.f tA r-Dr.f

... Trx r Aw.s

Abd 2 Smw sw 20 isT sw m pA aany ir.y.n Hm.f

r dmi n Trx


Sethe 1314

Abd 3 Smw sw 6

Sethe 1315

isT HAq.n Hm.f wHt xtTn dmD(.ti)(?)


isT pA wr ...

... dmi n snDw Hm.f

in(.w) wr.w.f Hmwt.f ms.w.f m sqr-anx Xrw.f nb r-mitt-irw

rxt kfa(w).n Hm.f Ds.f m hrw pn



Abd ... Smw sw 27

pr.t Hm.f m pr nfr-Hr / nfr Hr wDA m Htpw r mn-nfr

Xr pA HAq in(w).n.f Hr xAst rTnw

rxt HAq

mryn anx 550 240

... n nbw dbn 6800

Hmty dbn 400000 qn 100000

dmD tp 2 ssmt 210 wrryt 300

tA r-Dr.f Hr mA nxtw Hm.f

in nTr nfr nb tAwy nb irt-ixt nb xpS imy wAst mry imn

nDty n imy wAst

sxpr Hb.w Hwt-aAt imn nb nswt tAwy mi ra

sA-ra xa-xaw DHwty-ms d anx mi ra Dt

Karnak building inscription

Sethe 1324 (B II 804)

anx Hr kA-nxt wr-pHty nbty wsr-fAw sxa(w)-m-wAst

Hr-nbw iT-sxm-f-m-tAw-nb(w)

nTr nfr mity ra tit Dsr.t nt itm sA imn mstyw.f

sxa(w).n.f m ipt-swt rd.n.f sw r nswt anxw r ir.t mr.rt kA.f

nDty.f gm Axt mnwy aA biAwt qmA rx


SsA m ir.t Hmw-ib mi rsy-inb-f

nswt nsyw HqA HqA.w pr-a nn twt(w) n.f

nb Sfyt m tA.w rs(y)w wr Hryt m pHww sTt

iw n.f tA nb m ksw Xr

nswt-bit aA-xprw-ra d anx nb nxt iT tA nb saA(w).n imn xpS.f

Inscriptions on columns in Hall of Hatshepsut, Karnak

Sethe 1326 (L. 392)

iw n.f wr.w mtn Hr

r dbH Htpw (xr) Hm.f ( TAw.f nDm n anx

sp qnt n sDm.f Dr hAw rmT(t) nTrw

xAst tn xm.t kmt Hr snmH n nTr nfr

in it.i wD ir.i st imn qmA nfrw(.i)

rd.n.f wi r sAw tA pn rx.n.f xrp.i n.f sw

sip.n.f n(.i ) wn.t xr.f sHD.t irt tpt.f

tA.w nb.w xAst nb(t) Sn.nt nb.t Sn-wr n.i m wAH tp mi nDt nb.t nt Hm.i

sA-ra imn-Htp nTr HqA-iwnw anx Dt wa rs-tp ms(w) / ms(w)(.n) nTrw

ir.n.f m mnw.f n it.f imn-ra ir.t n.f wAD.w Sps.w n wADt rs.t

bAk(.w) m Damw r aAt wrt m kAt nHH

ir.n(.i ) n.f mnw m Tnt(?) nfr(.w) st r pA(yt) xpr

d.n(.i ) (m-HAw-Hr) wnt-m-bAH sn.n.i ir.t.n Drtyw

dhn.n.f wi r nb rxyt iw.i m Hwn imy sS

rd.n.f n.i psSt nTrwy d.f Htp Hm.i TnTAt

twt(.w) ir.t sp n Axt n it Htp.n(.i ) Hr nst.f

d.n.f n(.i ) tA Hr ndbwt.f nn rqy.w.i m tA.w nb(w)

Karnak building inscription

Sethe 1329 (B II 806, L. 396)

ir.n.f xm m nbw sAtw.f m HD

ir.n n.f wdHw.w aSA

nfr(.w) sw r Xwt sbA.w pr-HD.f arf.n.f Spss m inw n xAswt nb(t)

Snwwt.f Hr ngsgs sSrw wbn(.w) Hr inb.w

wAH.n(.i ) n.f Htp-nTr srwD.n.i pAwwt ms(w) wi

ir(t)(.n) n.f sA-ra imn-Htp nTr-HqA-wAst d anx Ddt wAs mi ra Dt

Inscription on columns between pylon 4 and 5

Sethe 1331 (L. 396)


saHa n.f wsxt nt wAD.w Sps(w) m inr HD nfr n rwDt

wAD.w.s bAk(.w) m Damw nfr(.w) st r xpr

Inscription of the 8th pylon (Karnak)

Sethe 1333 (L. 392 and 396)

Dd-mdw in imn-ra nb nswt tAwy

sA(.i ) mry(.i ) aA-xprw-ra d(.i) n.k xAst nb(t) tA.w nb.w

wr.w xr(.w) n Sat.k

wr(.w) bAw.k r xfty.w.k sxr(w).n(.i ) m dmt.k

Hr.i nDm(.w) wrt mA nxtw anx.ti

Dd-mdw in imn-ra ... nb pt nswt nTrw ...

ii.wy sp sn nTr nfr sA imn aA-xprw-ra Hr nst.i

Hr.i n nbw sxa(w) m wAst

ink it.k Sps nb nTrw

sr(.i) n.k qnt nb(t) nxt (nb.t) r tA nb

r sxr.t sTtyw m

Boston stela

Sethe 1343 (L. 400)

rnpt-sp 23 Abd 4 Axt sw 1 hrw n Hb xat-nsw

mity n wD ir(w).n Hm.f m a.wy.fy Ds.f n sA-nsw wsr-stt

isT Hm.f m niwt rs.t m kAp n pr-aA a.w.s

ti sw m Hms swr ir hrw nfr

mk n.k wD pn n nswt aA sxt

nxt-a qn Hr xpS.f

waf mHtyw

sxr sTtyw m nb(t)

nn rqy m tA nb

Hms.k ...

qn.y kfa Hr xAswt nb(t)

Cenotaph of Weser-Satet

Sethe 1345 (L. 399) Hm.f m-Xnw wAst Hr TnTAt aA.t

r ... biAwt nt mSa pn

kfa m nxtw wDyt tp.t nt nxt n nb tAwy

aHa.n ms.n mSa pn inw n xAswt rs(t) m-bAH-a nTr pn nfr

Snwt Hr rd(t) iAw

mSa pn Hr dwA Hm.f

wr(.w) bAw.k nTr nfr mnwy

wr(.w) inw pn r(?) tA.w

n mA nn Dr tpyw-a ... xpr(w)w Xr-HAt

xpr.s n.k nb.n

rxt nty Xr inw pn

nty ATp ... s 200

nty ATp m nbw s 150

nty ATp m HmAgt s 200

nty ATp m Abw s 340

nty ATp m hbny s 1000

nty ATp m sty nb nfr n xAswt rs.t s 200

nty ... s 34

nty Xr Aby anx s 10

nty Xr Tsm.w s 20

nty Xr iwA.w wnDw s 400

dmD nty Xr inw pn s 2657

Pillar inscription (between 9th and 10th pylon), Karnak

Sethe 1358 (L. 393)

tA.w nb(w) xAst nb(t) StA.t ir-rdwy nTr pn nfr mrrw nTrw

anx Ddt wAs nb snb nb Awt-ib nb(t) tA.w nb(w) xAswt nb(t) ir-rdwy nTr pn nfr dwA(w) rxyt nb(t) (sanx) sn

tA.w nb(w) StA.w xAst nb(t) pHww sTt ir-rdwy nTr pn nfr

tA.w nb(w) xAswt nb.t HAw-nbwt ir-rdwy nTr pn nfr

anx Ddt wAs nb tA.w nb.w pHww sTt ir-rdwy nTr pn nfr

tA.w nb.w StA.w tA.w nb(w) styw ir-rdwy nTr pn nfr

tA.w nb(w) fnxw xAst nb(t) StA.t ir-rdwy nTr pn nfr

mry d anx Ddt wAs Aw-ib.f sSm.f anxw mi ra

Walking stick (Cairo museum)

Sethe 1362 (L. 394)

pt Hr nhm

tA Xr rSwt

nb.w iwnw m Hb

ist ptH m Haawt

wAst Xr THHwt aA-xprw-ra xa.w Hr st it.f

tA.w nb.w xAst nb.t Xtb(.w) Xr Tbwty.f

Bow (Cairo Museum)

Sethe 1363 (L. 394)

dwA rxyt xa(.w) Hr nst ra


pA sbty aA n kmt

mk.y mSa.f

Tomb of Weser

Sethe 1380 (L. 323)

xpr swt Hmst nswt m DAdw n imy-wrt

nswt-bit mn-xpr-ra d anx

sTA(.w) wr.w smr.w Spsww-nsw saH.w st waaw imyw-xnt

wr.w nw stp-sA Snwt Hr m aH.f

r nD-xrt nswt a.w.s

aq in TAty r nD-r Hr xrt tAwy r Ssr.t ...

... Hm.f xft smr.w ipn


iAwt ip.s wnwt.s

smr.w ipn

iw siA.k ity nb.n r-ntt TAty pH.f tni

nhy m ksw xn(.w) m psD.f

nt-a.f th.s dmi.s

sqA sArt imt ib.k sAx.n n.k wDa mAat

nkA.y Hr sp pn

Ax(.w) n tAwy ky d.w Hr m mdw-iAwy Hm.f

Hwy n.i ... n Hm.w.Tn

XA ib Hr sp.w nw ...

... Hr Hr sn-tA n Hm.f a.w.s

in nn n smr.w sn.w sp.w aSA mnx.w Hr srx.f

Hn.k Hr / Hry qmA(t).n it(.k )

nbnb.k kmt

smn.k hp.w n HH.w n HH.w r hr.rt rmT(t)

srwD.k mXrw grg tAwy

iAwty.w Hr

smn.k tAS.w r-xt psDt-pDt

psD.t ra Xr st-Hr.k

Htp.k iwat nt sA Ast

it.k pw Hms.n.k Hr nst.f

qA(.w) nrw.k m tA.w nb(w)

xa.ti mi sxm imy pt

d.k is sA.f wsr rn.f m sS xtmt-nTr m Hwt-nTr nt imn

xft wn.t.f m hAw n it.k nswt-bit aA-xprw-ra mAa-xrw


... n.f wD m aH smi.f xft-Hr

Hmw-ib qd nfr

ti(?) sw n mdw-iAwy Hm.f Hr wSd TAty Hr.s m-Dd

nfr.w(y) imAx.f

mrwt.f mn.ti m aXnwty

nn wn.k

nn sp.k xbn

nn srx.k spr(.w) r aH

iw mtr.n.i sA.k wsr m mnx m wAH sp.w

aqA-ib sbAwt.k

swbA ib.f r sArt.k

d pXr mnx.f xr.k

ix ir.f n.k mdw-iAwy mi ir(r)t n ir(w) Hs.s(t)

Dbbw(?) Ax...

sp nfr DbA(w) m mity.f

Turin Papyrus

Sethe 1384 (L. 207)

rnpt-sp 5 Abd 1 Axt sw 1 xr Hm nswt-bit mn-xpr-ra a.w.s sA-ra DHwty-ms a.w.s

hrw pn sTA(.w) sS xtmw-nTr wsr-imn n pr imn m-bAH Hm.f a.w.s Hm.f

ib.i hn.i Hr wsr-imn r aAt

(m) TAty TAy wr n rnpwt pw m-Dr fx.t.f

30 n rnpt (r) tAy (n) pr-aA a.w.s pAy(.i) nb nfr

qnw nA n rnpwt ...

Inscription of Kenamun

Sethe 1398 (L. 404) and Sethe 1390 (L. 402)

Sms twt.w n imy-r iH.w n imn qn-imn

r Hwt-nTr nt imn m ipt-swt

r rw-prw nw nTrw nb.w Smaw mHw

m Htpw m Htpw r is.f n Xrt-nTr xft Hswt nt xr-nsw n bAk-im

hAw.f nb dmD(.w) m wpwt Hr nhm

isT wD.n Hm.f rd.t nn twt.w r rw-prw

smn m aqw wabt m Xrt-hrw nt ra nb

Inscription of Kenamun

Sethe 1396 (L. 402)

wrH (m) antyw gs m bAq

ir.t hrw nfr Ts wAH.w m at-nt-xt.k

sSn r fnD.k imn-Htp

ir.k n.n nHH m Awt-ib

nfr.wy Hr.k m xat-nsw Htp.ti Hr st-wrt

... ra mAA.f sw

anx n.f tm.f mwt

Inscription of Amenemhet

Sethe 1408 (L. 409)

HAt-a m sbAyt ir.t.n rpat HAty-a it-nTr mry-nTr

Hry-sStA m ipt-swt

Hry-tp tA r-Dr.f

r shr.r m rw-prw

aq r pt mA ntt im.s

rx sSm nb n dwAt

imy-r prwy-nbw imy-r prwy-HD

rpat HD n gb

imy-r Hmw-nTr nw Smaw mHw (Hm-nTr) tp(y) n imn imn-m-HAt

Dd.f m sbAyt xr ms.w.f

Dd.i swt

d.i xpr.t xr.i Dr hrw tpy

Dr pr.t.i m wart.y mwt.i

wn(.i) m wab mdw n iAwt m-a it(.i ) m wn.f tp tA

iw pr.i hA(.i) Xr wD.f

n th(.i) prw-n-r.f

n HD(.i) SA.t.n.f xr.i

n mkHA.i Hr wd.dt m Hr.i

n st(.i) sw m gmH aSA

Hr.i m Xry.i mdw.f xr.i

n sxm.i m ir.t xm.t.n.f

n rx.i Hmt nt pr.f

n sDAm.i m-a wbAt.f

n swrH.i wdpw.f

n aq.i Hr.f m sxm

Hs.n.f wi

n gm.f wn.i

iw xr kA.f r At mni.t.n.f im

pH.n.i s n rnpt 54

iw.i m wab Tbwty nTr imy-r st Hry smdt.f

Hmw.w n sbAyt.f


sxnt-Hst.n nb tAwy rn.i Hr ib n ity

iw.i r sDm sDm.t wab m (waaw)

iw it.i Hr sA.i im


isT xa.n nswt-bit nb tAwy aA-xprw-ra d anx Dt

Dd(.w) n HH.w m rnpwt

smn(w).n imn Ds.f Hr st-Hr nt anxw


dhn.n.f wi r it-nTr r Hry-tp / r-Hry tp(y) m ipt-swt Hr xm.w


wHm.n n.i nb Hswt ...

Inscription of Sennefer

Sethe 1425 (L. 400)


iw pH.i imAxyt iAwt xr nswt

iw.i mH-ib n nb tAwy

mnx.i rx.n st nswt

rx.n.f ir.i Axt m iAwwt rd(t).n.f m Hr.i

Dar.n.f Hr wAt nb.t

n gm.f sp Xs.y m-a.i

Hs.kwi Hr.s ir(yt) Xr.i

rd.n.f r Hry Hry.w Hry-tp aA m niwt-rst

imy-r Snwty n imn

imy-r AHwt nt imn

imy-r xnty-S n imn

Hm-nTr tpy n imn m mn-swt HAty-a sn-nfr mAa-xrw xr nTr-aA

Inscription of Amenemipet

Sethe 1439 (L. 399)

rpat HAty-a saH nswt

Xnm rHwy

DbA nbwy sSd nbty

sHtp mAat ra nb

wp rHwy r wn-mAa

sDm Hwwt-wrwt 6 imy-r niwt TAty imn-m-ipt mAa-xrw

Inscription of Suemniut

Sethe 1450 bottom of the page (L. 406)

(n) kA.k it(.i )

swr tx.y

ir hrw nfr

Inscription of Pehsukher

Sethe 1460 (L. 405)

i.t m Htpw Xr anx n imn nb nswt tAwy

m-xt ir.t Hsst m Xrt-hrw nt ra nb

Hr-tp a.w.s nswt-bit nb tAwy aA-xprw-ra d anx Dt

in Smayt nt imn mnat wr.t nt nb tAwy

Hsyt nt nTr nfr Sd.t nTr

nfr.t snq Xnm n Snbt nt mAat-xrw


n kA.k nsw wAH nTr nfr nb tAwy mrrw ra anx n it(.k) imn-ra

Hs.f Tw mr.f (Tw) swAH.f Tw

sip n(.k ) HH.w nw rnpwt

iw.k mn.ti Hr st-Hr nt anxw

Inscription of Wersu

Sethe 1491 (L. 406)

... Dd.f

ir nty nb r th.t XAt.i m Xrt-nTr

nty r Sd.t twt.i m is.i

wn.n.f m xbd n ra

nn Ssp.f mw Hr wdHw n wsir

nn swD.f ixt.f n Xrd.w.f r nHH

Abydos stela

Sethe 1494 (B II 185)

d.w m Hswt nt xr-nswt nswt-bit mn-xpr-ra anx Dt n Hm-nTr tpy n wsir nb-wawy


iw xrp.n.i kAt aSA.t m pr it(.i) wsir

m HD nbw xsbD mfkAt aAtt nb.t Sps.t

iw nn r Aw Hr Dbawt.i

rx.n.f mnx.i n ib.f

iw ir.n.i ixt nt nb.i m sAw pr n it(.i)

iw pH.n.i imAxyt

iw.i Xr Hswt nt xr-nswt

nis.kwi r pr.f n nbw st.i m-m wr.w.f

wsTn.n rd.wy.i m st Dsr.t

gs.kwi m tpt

wAH r xx.i mi ir nswt n Hs(w).n.f

wHm.n n.i sA.f Hswt nswt-bit aA-xprw-ra anx Dt

rd.n.f n.i twt n it.f nswt-bit mn-xpr-ra d anx

Xnty.f n HH.w m rnpwt m pr it.f wsir

Htp-nTr AHwt xnty-S

drf nb mn(.w) r st.f

Hr-tp a.w.s sA-ra mry.f imn-Htp mry wsir xnty imntyw nb AbDw d anx mi ra Dt

Inscription of Kha

Sethe 1509 (L. 407)

anx nTr nfr mi wbn ra

stwt.f n ra sw mi qd.f

qd.f m AHwt Hna.f

nb xpS aA-xprw-ra

rS(.w) ib.w rmT(t) sw

Hr-nb gAgAw n mrwt.f

sw m nxt pry-a

imn-Htp nTr HqA-iwnw ... n itm mr(w).f nxt(.w)

anx Hr kA-nxt wr-pHty nTr nfr qn rs-tp nb tAwy aA-xprw-ra

kA nxt n xAst nb(t) (sHw(t)) Hr Dw n nhrn

d.f saAy bw-nb nHsy

sA-ra imn-Htp nTr HqA-iwnw kf Hr xAswt nb(t)

anx nTr nfr qn n wn-mAa nb tAwy aA-xprw-ra in Hm.f ib.f Aw(.w)

m pr imn it.f Sps

iw mSa.f r-HAt.f mi snHm.w Hm.f r xmnw

iw.f Hr qd Xnw aA-xprw-ra m hrw 2

n itrw 1 m qAw n itrw 1 m wsx

Reign de Thutmose IV

Sphinx Stela

Sethe 1540 ((B II 812, L. 413)

rnpt-sp 1 Abd 3 Axt sw 19 xr Hm n Hr kA-nxt twt-xaw

nbty Dd-nsyt-mi-(i)tm

Hr-nbw wsr-xpS dr(w)-psDt-pDt

nswt-bit mn-xprw-ra sA-ra DHwty-ms xa-xaw mry Hr-m-Axt

d anx Ddt wAs mi ra Dt

anx nTr nfr sA itm nDty Hr-Axty

Ssp anx n nb-r-Dr

ity ir(w).n ra iwaw mnx n