Sethe, Kurt, Helck, Wolfgang, Urkunden der 18. Dynastie, Berlin, 1984 (Sethe); Breasted, James Henry, Ancient records of Egypt : historical documents from the earliest times to the Persian conquest, 5 vol., Chicago, 1906-1907 (B II and III); Lalouette, Claire, Thèbes ou la naissance d'un empire, Paris, 1986 (L.)

The vocabulary displayed is partly built on the book of Raymond O. FAULKNER, A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, Oxford, 1962. Specials thanks are given to the Griffith Institute for the permission to use it.

Reign of Ahmosis

Stela of King Ahmosis, Karnak

Sethe 14 (L. 131)

Hr aA-xprw nbty t(w)t-mswt Hr-nbw Ts-tAwy

nswt-bit nb tAwy nb-pHt(y)-ra sA-ra mry.f iaH-ms anx Dt

sA imn-ra n Xt.f mry.f

iwaw.f rd(w) n.f nst.f

nTr nfr n wn-mAa


nn grg im.f

sxm-ir-f mitt ra


iwaw.f Hkn m Awt-ib

mstyw ra qmA(w).n.f

nDty rd(w) n.f tp(t) tA / (tpyw-tA)

sHD nswyt

nb Awt-ib

dd (TAw) r fnD.w Hmt

wsr pHty

dAr xn

dd anx

smn mAat

nsw nsyw m tA.w nb.w

ity a.w.s waf idbwy

wr biAyt(?)

sxm xaw m nxtt(?) m ks.yw Xr anx wAs

wa m pt snnw m tA

sxpr(w) imAw.f HDDwt

mrwty n imn

smn iAwt mi nfr-Hr

nb rnpwt mi Hm n ra

rd rx nTr iwnn.f

Hbyt nt nTr nb

nswt m p

HqA m tA-mri

sAw n pt

Hmw n tA

HqA.n.f Sn(n)t.n itn

HDt dSrt mn.ti m tp.f

psSt nbwy Xr st-Hr.f

xa(w) twt(.w) m nxnw.f

biAty Tnw wnwt.f r wrrt

qA Swt.y

sxm n wADty n-Hr.f mi Hr

HqA.n.f tAwy.fy

ity a.w.s iT xaw m Ax-bit

nb xaw

Hr wAH mrwt

iw(w) n.f rsyw mHtyw iAbtyw imntyw

iw.f mn(.w) m nb

smn(.w) tAwy.fy

iT.n.f iwat wtT-sw / wtT(w) sw

tAwy-tmwy Hm.w(w) n.f

d.n n.f st it.f Sps.y

iw xfa.n.f Hnmmt

Amm.n.f rxyt

iw pat n.f iAw

Hr-nb Hr (Dd)

nb.n pw

HAw-nbwt Hr (Dd)

Sms.n im.f

tA.w Hr (Dd)

wn.n.n n.f

nswt pw sHqA(w).n ra

saA(w).n imn n.f idb.w tA.w m sp wa

psD.t.n ra Hr.s

Karnak Stela

Sethe 18, l. 3 (B II 30)

iw xAsty.w m hims wa

aHa.w r arrwt.f

iw Sat.f m xnt-Hn-nfr

hmhmt.f m tA.w fnxw

snDt Hm.f m-Xnw tA pn mi mnw rnpt i.y.f mAaw nfr.w

ATp.w m inw n nswt

pr.r.f ist(?).f Hr gs(wy).fy mi iaH m Hr-ib sbA.w

nfr a r Sm.t

hr nmtt

mn rd.wy

mds Tbt

Dsrw ra xn(.w) Hr.f

imn m sA.f

it.f Sps.y mr.r sw Hr ir.t n.f mTn

idbwy Hr (Dd)

HA mA{n}.n sw

Xt nb.T mH.ti m mrwt.f

irt.y m gAgAwt Hr nswt pn

HAty.w Hr ftft n.f mi ra wbn.f

mi psD itn

mi xa xpri m irt.y

stwt.f m Hr.w mi itm m iAbt pt

niw Hr ibA m inwt

mi psD iAxw m Hr-ib hrw

Ddft nb.T Sm.ti

nswt wa dwA(w).n spdt

Hs.y(w).n sSAt

Sfyt DHwty Hr gs(wy).fy

d.f n.f rx-xt

iw.f sSm.f sS.w r tp-Hsb

wr-HkAw pw

nb mrwt r nswt nb

mry Hr ra

d.f d n.f HAty.w iAw

ib.w Hknw(w) m Xwt

sDm.w pat Hnmmt rxyt Hr-nb

Sms.w nswt pn r nmtwt.f

imi bAw.f n ktxw

wab.w Hr rn.f

twr.w Hr anx.f

mTn nTr pw m tA

im.w n.f iAw mi ra

dwA.w sw mi iaH

nswt-bit nb-pHty-ra anx Dt waf xAst nb.T

im.w hnw n nbt tA

Hnwt idb.w HAw-nbwt

qA.t rn Hr xAst nb.T

ir.t sxr aSAt

Hmt-nsw snt ity a.w.s

sAt-nsw mwt-nsw Spst


nw.t kmt

awA.n.s mnfAt.s

nbnb.n.s sy

nw.n.s wtxw.w.s

inq.s tSw.w.s

sgrH.n.s Smaw

dr.s btnw.w.s

Hmt-nsw iaH-Htp anx.ti

Sethe 22 (B II 32)

iw grt wD.n Hm.f ir.t mnw n it.f imn-ra

m mAH.w aA.w n nbw

m SASAwt nt xsbD mAa

xtm.w nw nbw

Hst aA.t nt nbw

nmswt Hswt m HD

qbHw m nbw

dbHt-Htp m nbw Hr HD

mniwt m nbw Hr HD

Sbn(.w) m xsbD Hr mfkAt

TAb n kA m nbw

agn.f m HD

TAb n kA n HD

inHw m nbw

agn.f m HD

Tnyw m HD

nmswt nt mAT

mH(.w) m mDt

wSmw.w aA.w n HD

inHw m nbw

... iry m HD

bnt m hbny m nbw Hr HD

Sspw.w m HD

spt m nbw

iw wD.n Hm.i ir.t wiA aA n tp-iTrw

wsr-HAt-imn rn.f

m aS mAa n tp-xtyw

r ir.t Xnt.f nfr.t nt tpy-rnpt

... saHa.n.i wxA.w m aS

kApw sAtw m-mitt

rd.n.i ...

Quarry inscription

Sethe 25 (B II 27, L. 130)

rnpt-sp 22 xr Hm n nswt-bit sA-ra iaH-ms d anx

wn Htwt m-mAwt

Sd.t inr HD nfr n anw r Hwwt.f nt HH.w m rnpt

... Hwt ptH Hwt-nTr nfr imn m ipt-rst

m mnw nb ir(w) n.f Hm.f inr m iH.w in(ww) ... xt tA.w fnxw

ir(w).n Xry-a n rpat HAty-a (mry nb.f) ...

rs-tp n nb tAwy m smnx mnw n nHH ... wrt

mH-ib n nTr nfr xtmw-bity smr-waty imy-r xtmt nfr-prt

Building inscription

Sethe 26 (B II 34, L. 137)

xpr swt snDm Hm.f m DAdw nswt-bit nb-pHt(y)-ra

sA-ra iaH-ms d anx

rpatt wr.t Hswt wr.t imAt sAt-nsw snt nsw Hmt-nTr Hmt-nsw wr.t iaH-ms nfrt-iry anx.ti

xft Hm.f

wa(.w) Dd.f xft snnw.f

Hr HH.y Axt n ntyw-im

st.t mw

drp Hr xAwt

swAD abA

m tp-tr nb m psDntyw m Abd prt sm

ixt-xAwy Abd 5.nt 6.nt hAkr wAg DHwtt

tp-tr nb n pt n tA

Dd snt.f

wSb.s xr.f nn Hr sy iSst mdwt tn Hr-ix

ptr spr r HAty.k

nswt Ds.f Dd.f xr.s

ink pw sxA.n.i mwt mwt.i mwt it(.i)

Hmt-nsw wr.t mwt-nsw tti-Sri mAat-xrw

wn.n is.s maHat.s m tA At Hr sAtw wAst tA-wr

Dd.n(.i) nn xr.t

iw Ab.n Hm(.i) d.t ir.t(w) n.s mr Hwt m tA-Dsr

m sAHt mnw nw Hm(.i)

Sd(.w) S.f

wd(.w) xt.w.f

smn(.w) pAwwt.f

grg(.w) m rmT(t)

nHb.w m AHwt

sAH.w m mnmnt

Hmw-kA Xryw-Hbt Hr

s nb rx tp-rd.f

isT Dd.n Hm.f mdwt tn

iw nn xws(.w) m ir.t

ir.n Hm.f nn

n-aA-n mr.r.f sy r ixt nb.t

n sp ir nsyw tpyw-a mitt-iry n

isT Hm.f DA.f a.f

qaH.f Drt.f

ir.f n.s Htp-di-nsw gb (psDt-aAt) psDt-nDst ...

... inpw xnty sH-nTr xA m t Hnqt iH.w Apd.w

iwA(w) ... n kA n ...

Edfu Stela

Sethe 29 (L. 139)

Hmt-nTr nt imn Hmt-nsw wr.t iaH-Htp mAa(t)-xrw

Hmt-nsw snt nsw sbk-m-sA-f mAa(t)-xrw

Stela of Yuf

Sethe 30 (B II 111)

Htp-di-nswt Hr-bHdty wsir Ast prt-xrw t Hnqt iH.w Apd.w ixt nb.t nfr.t wab.t

n kA n Hmt-nsw wr.t mwt-nsw iaH-Htp mAat-xrw sA.s nb-pHt(y)-ra mAa-xrw

d.n.s n.i Hm-nTr 2.nw n SAw n xAwt

iry-aA n Hwt-nTr wab iw-f sA irt-s


smAw.y.n.i is pn n sAt-nsw sbk-m-sA-f

m-xt gm.t.f wA(.w) r wAs

aHa.n Dd.n wab pn

i Hr wD pn


d.i Hswt.i xr Hmt-nsw wr.t iaH-Htp

d.n.s wi r Hnk n.s

mni.n.s wi m rpwt nt Hmt.s

d.n.s n.i aqw.s

bit 100

psn 10(?)

Hnqt ds 2

pdsw m iH nb

sAH.kwi m qAyt m xrw

wHm.n.s n.i kt Hswt

rd.n.s n.i ixt.s nb.t m DbA

r xrp st n Hmt.s

kt Hswt nt Hmt-nsw wr.t iaH-ms mAat-xrw mrrt nswt aA-xpr-kA-ra mAa-xrw

d.n.s wi r sS xtmt-nTr

mni.n.s wi m rpwt nt Hmt.s

d.n.s n.i aqw.s 100

Hnqt ds 2

wabt m iH nb

sAH.kwi m qAyt m xrw

sS AHwt n Hr-bHdty dnrgi

Ahmes Pen Nekhbet

Sethe 34 (B II 25, L. 174)


iw Sms.n.i nsyw-bityw

nTrw xpr.n.i r

Hr xAst rs.t mHt.t m bw nb xpr(w) im

nswt-bit nb-pHty-ra mAa-xrw nswt-bit Dsr-kA-ra mAa-xrw

nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra mAa-xrw nswt-bit aA-xpr-n-ra mAa-xrw

nfryt-r nTr pn nfr nswt-bit mn-xpr-ra d anx Dt

iw pH.n.i iAwt nfr.t

iw.i m anx n xr-nswt

iw m Hswt xr

iw mrwt.i m stp-sA a.w.s

(B II 344, L. 175)

wHm.n n.i Hmt-nTr Hswt Hmt-nsw wr.t mAat-kA-ra mAa(t)-xrw

iw Sd.n.i sAt.s wr.t sAt-nsw nfrw-ra mAa(t)-xrw

iw.s m Xrd imy mnDwy

Sethe 35 (B II 20, L. 127)

rpat HAty-a xtmw-bity smr-waty ...

imy-r xtmt wHmw kfaw iaH-ms

Dd.w n.f p-n-nxbt mAa-xrw


iw Sms.n(.i) nswt-bit nb-pHt(y)-ra mAa-xrw

kfa.i n.f Hr DAhy anx 1 Drt 1

Sethe 36 (B II 41, L. 155)

iw Sms.n(.i) nswt-bit Dsr-kA-ra mAa-xrw

kfa.i n.f m kAS anx 1

wHm ir.n(.i) n nswt-bit Dsr-kA-ra mAa-xrw

kfa(.i) n.f Hr mHty imAw-khk Drt 3

Sethe 36 (B II 84, L. 161)

iw Sms.n(.i) nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra mAa-xrw

kfa.i n.f m kAS anx 2

Hrw-r sqrw-anx(w) in(ww).n.i m kAS

n Hsb.n.i st

(L. 163)

wHm ir.n(.i) n nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra mAa-xrw

kfa.i n.f Hr xAst nt nhrn Drt 21

ssmt 1 wrryt 1

Sethe 36 (B II 124, L. 167)

iw Sms.n(.i) nswt-bit aA-xpr-n-ra mAa-xrw

in.t.n(.i) Hr SAsw sqrw-anx(w) aSA wrt

n Hsb.n.i st

Sethe 38, middle of the page, line 8 (B II 21)

imy-r xtmt wHmw kfaw iaH-ms Dd(w) n.f p-n-nxbt


wAH pA HqA anx(.w) Dt

iw n tS.i r nswt Hr pri

SAa-m nswt-bit nb-pHt(y)-ra mAa-xrw nfryt-r nswt-bit aA-xpr-n-ra mAa-xrw

iw.i m Hswt nt xr-nswt nfryt-r nswt-bit mn-xpr-ra anx Dt

rd.n n(.i) nswt-bit Dsr-kA-ra nbw awaw 2 Sbw 2 / 4 msktw

bAgsw mDHt mHt mxtbt 1

rd.n n(.i) nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra nbw awaw 4 Sbw 4 msktw 1

aff 6 mAi 3 nbw AqHw 2

rd.n n(.i) nswt-bit aA-xpr-n-ra nbw awaw 4 Sbw 6 msktw 3 mxtbt 1 HD AqHw 2

Reign of Amenhotep I

Biographical inscription of Thure

Sethe 40 (B II 62)

... xr nswt nswt-bit nb-pHt(y)-ra

rd.n.f wi r imy-r ...

qd nfr Hr ib.f wrt

n wn.t sk m ... Snwt.f

wHm Hswt in sA.f nswt-bit nb tAwy Dsr-kA-ra

rd.n.f wi r imy-r Snwty n imn

r xrp kAt m ipt-swt

aq.kwi Hr ib n Hm.f

rx.n.f mnxt nt ib(.i)

Hs.n.f wi Hr ir.t mAat.f

sp tp(y) n wHm Hswt nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra

rd.n.f wi r sA-nsw


wD.n.f rd.t(w) n(.i) nbw (Swbty) nbw awaw 2

... r wr.w aH

rx.n.f iqr ...


... m st sHtp ib

pH.n.f iAwt

sp tp(y) n wHm Hswt nswt-bit aA-xpr-n-ra


Hr wpwt nt nswt

smn ...

saA.n.f wi m Hr-ib ...

Limestone door of Karnak

Sethe 43 (B II 44, L. 188)

ir.n.f m mnw.f n it.f imn nb nswt tAwy

saHa n.f sbA aA n mH 20 r rwt.y Hwt-nTr

m inr HD nfr n anw

ir(t) n.f sA-ra imn-Htp anx Dt


qd pr.f

smnx Hwt-nTr.f

saHa sbA rs(y) sqA(.w) Htp(.w) m mH 20 m inr HD nfr n anw

Stela of Keres

Sethe 45 (B II 51, L. 185)

rnpt-sp 10 Abd 1 Smw sw 1 xr Hm n nswt-bit Dsr-kA-ra sA-ra n Xt.f imn-Htp

mry wsir d anx

wDt mwt-nsw n rpat HAty-a xtmw-bity smr-waty

imy-r prwy-nbw imy-r prwy-HD imy-r pr wr n mwt-nsw iaH-Htp anx.ti

wHmw kArs

iw wD.n mwt-nsw rd.t n.k maHat

r rdw n nTr-aA nb AbDw

smn iAwwt.k nb.t Hswt nb(t) ir(t) n.k

twt.w.k mn(.w) m Hwt-nTr m Smsw n nTr-aA

smn(.w) wabt

sAx(.w) smnx(.w) m sS.w


xr ir(.w) n.k Htp-di-nswt

m ir Hmt-nsw n mr(w).n.s

n rpat HAty-a xtmw-bity imy-r pr wHmw krs

wa mH-ib

Xnm m Haw sxmt

Sms Hnwt.f r nmtwt.s

aq.f ib xnt rxyt

sA-ib n Hnwt.f mAa

Dd.w n.f mdwt HAp.t

nkA m sxr.w Hnwt.f

sar mdwt r-Xnw aH

gm Tsst

snDm qsnwt

aHa.w Hnwt.f Hr mdw.f

tkn mAat

rx xrt-ib

Ax Dd xr Hnwt.f

wr snDw m pr mwt-nsw

dns mhwt

mnx Dd

HAp Xt Hr sSm aH

xtm r Hr sDm.t.f

sr wHa Tsst

imy-r pr wr krs

xrp sxm rs-tp n mwt-nsw

tm Tn grH r hrw

wHmw krs


i HAtyw-a sS.w Xryw-Hbt Smsw.w anx.w nw mSa

Hs Tn mr Tn nTrw.Tn niwty.w n m-xt iAwy wAH

mi Htp-di-nswt ... nsw qA Swt.y nb anx dd mr.t

nb qrst m-xt iAwt

d.f prt-xrw t Hnqt iH.w Apd.w ixt nb.t nfr(t) wab.t

pr.rt Hr wdHw.w n nb-r-Dr

n kA n xtmw-bity imy-r pr wr n mwt-nsw kArs

s n mAat xnt tAwy

mty mAa

Sw m grg

Hry-tp n wDa-mdt

nx mAr

nHm iwty-sw

dd pr.y s 2

Htp(.w) m prw-n-r.f

aqA mity mxAt

snnw m nD-Hr rn

wAH-ib r sDm mdwt

mity nTr m wnwt.f

sA-ib n Hnwt.f mAa

sxnt(w).n Hnwt tAwy

imy-r ab wHmt Swt nSmwt

imy-r pr wr kArs

Stela of It-nefer

Sethe 51 (L. 173)

Htp-di-nsw wsir nb Ddw nTr-aA nb AbDw

d.f prt-xrw t Hnqt iH Apd snTr mrHt Ss mnxt ixt nb.t nfr.t wab.t anx.t nTr im

dd.t pt qmA.t tA in.nt Hapy m (TpHt).f


ssn.t TAw nDm n mHyt

swr mw Hr bAbAt nt mw

n kA n HAty-a wHAt rx-nsw mAa mry.f

it-nfr mAa-xrw

Hmt.f mrrt.f iiy mAa(t)-xrw

mnw ir(w).n sn.f sS Hri-m-Axt wHm(w) anx

Inscription of Ineni

Sethe 53 (B II 45)

... Hwt-nbw

saHa.w aA.w.f m Hmty

qmA(.w) m sTAt wa

tiwt irw m Damw

Sethe 54 (L. 181)

iw mA.n.i ir(t) Hm.f ...

... Hsmn Hmty sTt

mniwt qrHwt wsx.w

iw.i m xrp Hmwt nb.t

iAwwt nb.t Xr st-Hr.i

wD ...

... im

Hb.w tp-trw r-mitt-irw

n it.f imn nb nswt tAwy

iw.w r-xt.i n.i

ink Hsbw

Sethe 54, line 14 (L. 156)

sb.t Hm.f aHaw m nfr rnpwt m Htpw

pr(.w) r pt

Xnm.n.f itn

Abx n.f pr(w).n.f im.f

Sethe 55 (B II 101)

nTr nfr Hw styw nb pHty ssH mnTw

ir.n.f tAS.f r wpt-tA

pHww m qbHw...


... n Abw

Hryw-Say Xr mi bAkw Smaw mHw

xrp st Hm.f r wAst n it.f imn r Tnw rnpt n.i ixt nb.t xr nswt-bit nTr pn nfr


(L. 181)

n mH.f ib im.i

in.kwi r HAty-a imy-r Snwty

AHwt Htp-nTr Xr st-Hr.i

kAt (nb.t) mnx.t dmD(.w) r-xt.i

(L. 189)

iw mA.n.i mnw wr.w ir(ww).n.f m ipt-swt

saHa(.w) iwnyt Sps.t m wAD.w

saHa(.w) bxnwt Hr gs(wy).sy

m inr HD nfr n anw

saHa(.w) snyt Sps.t r rwt.y Hwt-nTr

m aS mAa n tp n xtyw m Damw

iw mA.n.i saHa ...

bAk(.w) m Damw

iw mA.n.i saHa sbA aA sxm-fAw-imn / imn-sxm-fAw

aA.f wr m Hmty sTt

Swt-nTr Hr.f ms(t) m nbw

iw mA.n.i saHa txn.wy wr.wy r rwt.y Hwt-nTr

m inr n mAT

iw mA.n.i mDH dpt Sps.t nt mH 120 m

Aw.s mH 40 m wsx.s

r Xn.t nn txn.w

iw(.w) m Htpw aD(.w) wDA(.w)

sAH.n(.sn) tA r ipt-swt

iw mA.n.i SAdw S ir(w).n n.f Hm.f Hr imntt nt niwt

wd(.w) mAa.f m xt nb bnr

(L. 197)

iw mA.n.i SAdw Hrt nt Hm.f m waaw

n (wn) mAA(w)

n (wn) sDm(w)

iw Dar.n.i Axt Hrw...

... mnx.t

tp.i rs(.w) Hr HH.y Ax.t(y).sy

iw sxpr.n.i AHwt qAH

r (sSr) nw Xrt-nTr

kAt pw n ir.t.s Dr-bAHw

SA(.w) n.i ir.t im (xprt) wr.t

idn n.s inbt


Dar.n.i n imyw-xt.i

(L. 182)

Hmwy pw n ib.i

sp.i m rx

n n.i tp-rd in tni Hr rx.i m-xt rnpwt

in nty.w r sn.t r ir.t.n.i

xrp(t).n.i ...

iw.i ...

iw.i m r-Hry n kAt nb.t

iw Hswt.i mn.ti m aH

mrwt.i xr Snwt

sAH.n wi Hm.f m mrt

aqw.i Hr Snwt nt pr-nsw m Xrt-hrw nt ra nb

Htp nsw m anx

pr(.w) r Hrt

km.n.f rnpwt.f m nDm-ib

Sethe 58 bottom of the page (B II 116)

bik imy sS ... xa.w Hr st-Hr nswt-bit aA-xpr-n-ra

nsy.f kmt

HqA.f dSrt

iT.n.f idbwy m mAa-xrw

(L. 183)

iw.i m mH-ib n nswt m st.f nb.t

aA(.w) ir.t.n.f n.i r imyw-HAt

pH.n.i iAwt imAxw.w

iw.i m Hswt Hm.f m Xrt-hrw Hr xAwt nt nsw

m t n abw-r nswt

Hnqt mitt

iwf DdA rnpwt dqr.w Sbn.w

bit Sat irp bAq

iw xrt.i m snb anx

m Dd Hm.f Ds.f n mrwt.i

pr(.w) r pt

Xnm.n.f m nTrw

Sethe 59 (B II 341, L. 201)

sA.f aHa(.w) m st.f m nswt tAwy

HqA.n.f Hr nst nt wtT(w) sw

snt.f Hmt-nTr HAt-Spswt Hr ir.t mXrw tA

tAwy Hr sxrw.s n.s

kmt m wAH tp

prt-nTr Ax.t pr.t xnt.f

HAtt nt Smaw

mnit rsyw

pHwt pw mnx.t nt tA-mHw

nbt wD-mdw

mnx.t sxr.w.s

hr.r.t(w) idbwy xft mdw.s

Hs.n wi Hmt.s

mr.n.s wi

rx.n.s iqr.w.i m stp-sA

sxwd.n.s wi m ixt

saA.n.s wi

mH.n.s imAw.i m HD nbw m sSrw nb nfr n pr-nsw

n Dd.i HA n.i r ixt nb.t

(L. 184)

Dd.i n.Tn rmT


ir.Tn bw-nfr ir(w).n.i

ir.Tn mitt

sb.t.i aHaw m Htpw

n xpr btA.i

rnpwt.i m nDm-ib

nn SnTy.i

nn srx.i

nn ktt.i

nn Dbaw.i

ink xrp xrp.w

n xpr sk.i

mnx ib n nb.f

Sw m bAg

ink sDm(w) Dd.t.n Hry-tp.f

n bq ib.i r wr.w imy.w aH

iw ir.n.i mr.rt nTr.i niwty

Sw.i m DAt-r Hr ixt nTr

ir sk.k(w) rnpwt m Hsy

wn.n bA.f anx(.w) r-a nb-r-Dr

rn.f nfr(.w) m r anxw

sxA.t(w).f Ax.f n Dt

imAxw HAty-a imy-r Snwty n imn sS inni mAa-xrw

Inscription of Ineni II

Sethe 68 (L. 181)

rpat HAty-a xrp kAt nb.t m ipt-swt

prwy-HD Xr st-Hr.f

prwy-nbw Hr Dbawt.f

xtm xtmt nb.t m pr imn

HAty-a imy-r Snwty n imn inni mAa-xrw

Inscription of Ineni III

Sethe 69 (L. 181)

rpat HAty-a xrp kAt nb.t m Hrt nt nswt

imy-r iAwt nb.t m pr imn

Inscription of Ineni IV

Sethe 70 (L. 182)

mAA nHsy.w

rd.y(w) m tp.w sqrw-anx(w) r Htp-nTr n imn

xft sxrt kAS Xs.t

Hna inw n xAswt nb(t)

rd(w).n Hm.f r Hwt-nTr nt imn

m Htr r Tnw rnpt

Sethe 70 (B II 648)

Hr-tp a.w.s nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra

Sethe 71 (L. 182-183)

pr imn dbn m snTr 440

pr mwt (dbn m snTr) 8-1/2

pr xnsw (dbn m snTr) 8-1/2

pr ptH (dbn m snTr) 8-1/2

pr Hwt-Hr (dbn m snTr) 8-1/2

ipt-rst (dbn m snTr) 8-1/2

mn-swt (dbn m snTr) 14-1/2(?)


Inscription of Ineni V

Sethe 73 (L. 183)

xns S.f n imntt

sqbb Xr nhwt.f

mA(A) mnw.f ipw aA.w nfr.w

ir(w).n.f tp tA Xr Hswt nTr pn Sps imn nb nswt tAwy

Stela of Hor-min

Sethe 76 (B II 48, L. 171)


iT.n.i rnpwt aSA.t m HAty-a n nxn

ms.n.i inw.s n nb tAwy


n sp.i

pH.n.i iAwy m wAwAt

iw m mH-ib n (nb.i)

xd.d.i Xr inw.s n nsw Tnw rnpt

pr.r(.i) im m mAa-xrw

n DAyt.i

Graffito of Ture

Sethe 78 (L. 171)

rnpt-sp 8 xr Hm n nswt-bit Dsr-kA-ra d anx Dt

rpat HAty-a xtmw-bity smr-waty

mH-ib n nsw m xAswt rs.t

nHb(w).n nb tAwy kA.f

sA-nsw (t)wri

Reign of Thutmose I

Coronation decree

Sethe 80 (B II 54, L. 157)

wD-nsw n sA-nsw imy-r xAswt rs.t twri

mk n.k wD pn n nswt-bit r rd.t rx.k

ntt Hm.i a.w.s xa(.w) m nswt-bit Hr st-Hr nt anxw

nn wHmwty.f Dt

ir(.w) nxbt.i m Hr kA-nxt mr(y)-mAat

nbty xa-m-nsrt aA-pHty

Hr-nbw nfr-rnpwt sanx-ibw

nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra sA-ra DHwty-ms anx Dt r nHH

ix dd.k mAa Htp-nTr n nTrw tp-Smaw Abw

m ir.t Hsst Hr-tp a.w.s nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra d anx

ix dd.k mn anx m rn n Hm.i a.w.s

ms.n mwt-nsw sn-i-snb snb.ti

hAb pw r rd.t rx.k st

ntt pr-nsw aD(.w) wDA(.w)

rnpt-sp 1 Abd 3 prt sw 21 hrw n Hb n xaw

Tombos stela

Sethe 82 (B II 69, L. 159)

rnpt-sp 2 Abd 2 Axt sw 15

xr Hm n Hr kA-nxt mr(y)-mAat nbty xa-m-nsrt aA-pHty

Hr-nbw nfr-rnpwt sanx-ibw nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra d anx sA-ra DHwty-ms Dt

... n

xa.t.f m Hry-tp tAwy r HqA.y Sn(n)t.n itn

rsw tA-mHw m-r-a psSt nbwy

smAt tAwy

snDm.f Hr nst gb

wTs.t(w) xaw sxmty

ti Hm.f iT.n.f iwat.f

Htp.n.f TnTAt Hr

r swsx tAS.w wAst

Hnbwt xft-Hr-nb-s

r bAk n.s Hryw-Say

xAsty.w (bwtyw) nTr

HAw-nbwt rtHw-qAbt

rsyw m xd

mHtyw m-xntyt

xAswt nb.t dmD.yw(t) Xr

n nTr nfr sp tpy aA-xpr-kA-ra anx Dt

nxt(.w) Hr nb tAwy

Hnk.n.f ... Hryw-Say n.f m sn-tA

Xnwtyw m hbt n Hm.f

m ksw n imt-HAt-f

sxr.n.f wr styw

nHsy wSr(.w) ... Ssp.f

sHw.y.n.f tAS.w gs.wy.fy

n xpr nhy m nbDw-qd

iw.w r nx.f

n sp wa im

iwntyw-sty xr(.w) n Sat

d.y Hr gs xt baH.f

Tmsw mi snmw Hwyt

HAyw Hr.s(n) aSA(.w) n Apd.w

Hr xnp iT(w) r ky bw

TAr sw dpy Hr wtxw

sdg(.w) sw r Hr TmA-a Xr ir.ti wa

sA imn

wtTw nTr imn-rn-f

mstyw kA psDt

tit sbq.t nt Haw-nTr

ir Hs.ti bAw-iwnw

qmA.n nb.w Hwt-aAt

mnnw n mSa.f tm

Hs.y sw m psDt-pDt dmD(.w)

mi Aby rnp.y m idr xn.y

Sp.n st bAw Hm.f

in(.w) Dr.w tA Hr ndbwt.f

xnd(.w) pHwy.fy m xpS.f nxt

Hr HH.y aHA

n gm.n.f Hs.y.t(y).fy Hr im.f

sD(.w) inwt xm(t).n imyw-bAH

n mAA st wTs.ww nbty

tAS.f rs.y r xnty tA pn

mHty r mw pf qd.w xd.dy m-xntyt

n xpr mitt n kywy bityw

rn.f spr(.w) r dbnw n pt

pH.n.f tAwy rxtt im.f m tA.w nb.w

n-aA-n bAw Hm.f

n m gnwt nt Drtyw

Dr Smsw-Hr

dd TAw.f n Sms(w) sw

aAbwt.f n mDd(w) mTn.f

ti Hm.f m Hr

iT.w m nsyt.f nt HH.w m rnpwt

gnX n.f iw.w Sn-wr

tA r-Dr.f Xr Tbwty.fy

sA-ra n Xt.f mry.f DHwty-ms anx Dt r nHH

mry imn-ra nswt nTrw it.f pw qmA nfrw.f

psDt nt ipt-swt

d anx Ddt wAs snb

Aw-ib.f Hr st-Hr Hr sSm.t anxw nb.w mi ra Dt

Tombos inscriptions

Sethe 87 (L. 169)

Hr kA-nxt mry-mAat nTr nfr aA-xpr-kA-ra d anx

sxr kAS

mry imn-ra

Hr kA-nxt mr(y)-mAat nswt-bit nb tAwy aA-xpr-kA-ra d anx

HqA sk nHsy.w

mry imn nb nswt tAwy

nbty xa(w)-m-nsrt nTr nfr nb tAwy aA-xpr-kA-ra d anx

nHm tA ...

mry mnTw nb wAst

Hr-nbw nfr-rnpwt sanx-ibw sA-ra n Xt.f DHwty-ms xa(w)-mi-ra d anx

nb tA-sty m tA m st nb(t)

mry imn nb nswt tAwy

Assuan inscription

Sethe 88 (B II 77, L. 162)

rnpt-sp 3 Abd 1 Smw sw 22

xr Hm n Hr kA-nxt mr(y)-mAat nbty xa-m-nsrt aA-pHty

Hr-nbw nfr-rnpwt sanx-ibw nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra sA-ra DHwty-ms

mry sTt nbt Abw

iw.t Hm.f m kAS

Hr sxr(t) xfty.w.f

Sehel inscription

Sethe 89 (B II 76)

rnpt-sp 3 Abd 1 Smw sw 22

na.t Hm.f mr pn m nxt m wsr

m iw.t.f Hr sxr.t kAS Xs.t

sA-nsw twr

Sehel inscription

Sethe 89-90 (B II 75, L. 162)

rnpt-sp 3 Abd 1 Smw sw 22

xr Hm n nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra d anx

wD Hm.f SAd mr pn

m-xt gm.t.f sw

DbA(.w) m inr.w

n sqd.n dpt Hr.f

xd.n.f Hr.f

ib.f Aw(.w)

smA.n.f xfty.w.f

sA-nsw twr

Karnak obelisks

Eastern face

Sethe 93 bottom of the page (B II 87)

Hr kA-nxt mr(y)-mAat nswt-bit nbty xa(w)-m-nsrt aA-pHty aA-xpr-kA-ra stp-n-ra

Hr-nbw nfr-rnpwt sanx-ibw sA-ra n Xt.f DHwty-ms xa(w)-nfrw

ir.n.f m mnw.f n it.f imn nb nswt tAwy xnty ipt-swt

ir.f di-anx mi ra Dt

Western face

Sethe 93 upper part of the page (L. 190)

Hr kA-nxt mr(y)-mAat nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra tit-imn

ir.n.f m mnw.f n it.f imn-ra Hry-tp tAwy

saHa n.f txn.wy wr.wy r rwt.y Hwt-nTr

bnbnt m Damw

Southern face

Sethe 93 upper part of the page (L. 190)


sDsr.n n.f nb nTrw Hb-sd Hr iSd

Abydos Stela

Sethe 95 (B II 91)


hr.wy nn m ib.w rmT(t)

an.wy nn m-Hrw nTrw

ir.k mnw n wsir

sDsr.k xnty imntyw nTr-aA n sp tpy

sxnt(w).n itm st.f

saA(w).n.f xnt ms.w.f

grg(w).n.f tA n ib.f

bAk.w n.f nsyw-bityw

Dr tA pn

ntk n.f

ir.n.f Tw m mtyt nt ib.f

r ir.t ir.t.n.f m tA

r srwD xm.w nTrw


ntk nbw

n.k-imy HD

wn.n n.k gb imt.f

rd.n n.k tA-tnn ixt.f

bAk n.k xAswt nb.t

tA.w nb.w Xr sxr.w.f

aAtwt nb.t arf(.w) xt pr.k

nn HA (n.i) A m-xt.k

SA xpr(.w)


mr.ti kA.k pw

wD Hm.f n imy-r xtmt xrp kAt

m rd.t Sm ...

spd(w) nb n smdt.f

tpy n wnwt.f

rx tp-rd

SsA m rx.t.n.f

iwty th.h.f m Hr.f

ir mnw n it.f wsir

grg sSmw.f n nHH

smnx sStAw wrt

n mAA(w)

n ptr(w)

nn rx(w) Dt.f

ir n.f wTs-nfrw m HD nbw xsbD Hmty km

aAtwt nb.t Sps.t

xrp.n.i n.f wdHw.w aSA sxm.w SSyt

mniwt sHtpy.w tni.w

aAbwt.i im

n tS.y.n(.i) sn

n ir.n(.i) Abw im

iw grt mDH.n.i n.f nSmt Sps.t

m aS mAa n tp-xtyw

HAt.s pHwy.s m Damw

sHb.n.s nwy

r ir.t Xnt.f im.s m Hb.f n w-pqr

iw grt wD.n Hm.f ms.t psDt-aAt imt AbDw

Dd wa im m rn.f

Xnmw nb Hr-wr Hry-ib AbDw

Xnmw nb qbHw Hry-ib AbDw

DHwty xrp nTrw xnty Hsrt


Hr nD-Hr-it-f

wp-wAwt Smaw

wp-wAwt mHw

sStA.w sDsr.w

iAwt iry m Damw

smnx.w r

Dsr(.w) st r xprt m pt

HAp(.w) st r sxrw dwAt

wAS(.w) st r imyw-nwn

ir.n Hm.i nn n it.i wsir

n-aA-n mr.r.i sw r nTrw nb.w

n-mrwt mn rn.i

rwD mnw.i

m pr it.i wsir xnty imntyw nb AbDw

nHH Hna Dt

sDm.w irf Tn

itw-nTr nw r-pr pn




wnwt (Hwt-nTr) mi-qd.s

Hnk.w n mr(.i)

drp.w n abA(.i)

smnx.w mnw nw Hm.i

dm.w rn.i

sxA.w nxbt.i

imw Hknw n twt.i

swAS.w Xnty Hm.i

imw rn.i m r n Hm.w.Tn

sxAw.i xr ms.w.Tn

Hr-ntt ink nswt mnx n ir.t.n.f

wa qnt n sxA.t rn.f

r-DAty ir.t.n.i m tA pn

r rx.ti.Tn

nn m iwms xft-Hr.Tn

nn aba im

ir.n.i mnw n nTrw

sDsr.n.i n m-xt


srwD.n.i wn.t wAs(.ti)

sn.n.i Dr-bAH

d.i rx wab.w

sSm.n.i xm r xm.t.n.f

d.i HAw-Hr ir.t.n kywy nsyw

xpr.ww Xr-HAt.i

nTrw Xr rSwt m hAw.i m Hb

ir.n.i tAS.w tA-mri r Sn.nt itn

d.i nxt wn.ww Xr Hryt

dr.i Dwwt Hr.s(n)

d.i wn kmt m Hrt-tp

tA nb m mrt.s

m ir wa Hs(w).n imn

sA-ra n Xt.f mry.f DHwty-ms xa(w)-mi-ra

mry wsir xnty imntyw nTr-aA nb AbDw HqA Dt

d anx Ddt wAs snb

xa m nswt-bit Hr st-Hr nt anxw

Aw-ib.f Hna kA.f mi ra Dt

Campaign in Syria

Sethe 103 (B II 125, L. 163)

bAw nswt aA-xpr-kA-ra mAa-xrw in n.f Abw.w ipn

m nxtw.f Hr xAswt rs.t mHt.t

isT Hm.f Ds.f bHs.n.f ... n Abw

m xAst nt nhrn

iw.f Hr Htr.f

m-xt wDA Hm.f r sxr.t rTnw Hrt

m wDyt.f ... nt nxt

spr Hm.f r xAst nt ny

gm.n.f nn Abw.w im

n sp xpr mitt n nsyw tpyw-a

isT ir nn Abw.w in(ww).n Hm.f m xAst tn

rd.n.f st r pr it.f imn nb nswt tAwy

m-xt iw.f m wsr m nxt m mAa-xrw

sxr.n.f xfty.w.f

Inscription of Prince Wadjmes

Sethe 108 (L. 170)

... sA-nsw wAD-ms

isT ir imy-r niwt TAty ii-m-Htp

iw.f ir.f it mnay n msw-nsw

n nswt-bit aA-xpr-kA-ra

n-aA-n Hswt.f ...

Inscription of Paheri

Sethe 111 (L. 175)

Htp-di-nsw imn nb nswt tAwy nswt nHH nb Dt

ity nb Swt.y wr.ty

wa imy-bAH wr smsw pAwty iwty snnw.f

wr pw qmA rmT(t) nTrw

tkAw anx pr m nwn d sSp n Hnmmt

nxbt HDt nxn nbt pt Hnwt tAwy

wsir xnty imntyw nb tA-wr aA m AbDw

Hwt-Hr nbt smyt wsrt-ib m-m nTrw

ptH-skr nb STyt

inpw nb r-sTAw

psDt-aAt psDt-nDst xA m t Hnqt iH.w Apd.w xA m Htpt DfA xA m Hnkt rnpwt

rd.t nb.t Hr-sA tA

xA m ixt nb.t nfr.t wab.t mAa.t m-bAH nb nHH

Ssp snw pr m-bAH irTt pr.t Hr wdHw

swr mw bs.yw m Abw


m Abd snwt smdt prt-aAt prt-spdt

wAg DHwtt msyt tp.t msyt Ast

prt mnw prt sm



Hb.w nw pt r m Xrt-hrw nt ra nb n.k wabw m pAqt

iry.wy(?) m sfx.w Haw-nTr n.k mDt wab.t

swr.k mw Hr spyt xAwt

smA.k ixt m-m iry

saH.ti m (tpy) Hsy.w

n kA n HAty-a n nxb sS pA-Hry mAa-xrw

mH-ib mnx n nb.f

aq.k pr.k

ib.k Aw(.w) m Hswt nt nb nTrw

qrst nfr.t m-xt iAwy imAx

iAwt i.iy.ti

Xnm.k st.k m nb-anx

smA.k tA m Hrt imnt.t

xpr m bA anx.y

Hm sxm.f m t mw TAw

ir.t xprw m bnw mnt

m bik Snty (r-pw) mr.k

DA.k m-a Xn.t

nn HnHn.k

sqd.y.k nwyt nwy

xpr anx.k m wHm-a

nn rwi bA.k r XAt.k

nTr.y bA.k Hna Ax.w

mdw n.k bAw mnx.w

snty.k m-m iry

Hr Ssp dd.t tp(t) / tp(y) tA

sxm.k m mw

tpi.k TAw

abab.k m xrt-ib.k n.k r mAA r sDm Dd.t

r.k Hr md.t

rd.wy.k Hr Sm.t

pXr n.k

rwD iwf.k

nDm mt.w.k

xntS.k m awt.k nb.t

ip.k Haw.k tm.w wDA.w

nn Dwt irt.k r-sy

ib.k m-a.k n wn-mAa

HAty.k n.k n imy-HAt

pr.k r pt

wbA.k (dwAt

m xprw nb mr(w).n.k) n.k m Xrt-hrw Hr wdHw n wnn-nfr

Ssp.k snw pr m-bAH

Awt-a n nb tA-Dsr

n kA n HAty-a n nxb

HAty-a n iwnyt

Hsb sSrw SAa-m iwnyt nfryt-r nxb

xrp rs-tp

Sw m bAg

sS pA-Hry mAa-xrw

wnm.k Sns r-gs nTr r rdw-wr n nb psDt

wHa.k im.f r bw Xr.f m-qAb DADAt tp.t

swtwt.k m-m iry

xnms.k Smsw-Hr

pr.k hA.k

nn HnHn.k

nn Sna.k Hr sbA n dwAt n.k aA.wy Axt

sn(.tw) n.k qArwt

Xnm.k wsxt nt mAaty

wSd Tw nTr imy.s

ir.k Hms m-Xnw imHt

wsTn.k m niwt nt Hapy

Aw-ib.k m skA.k m Sdw.k n sxt-iArw

xpr Xrt.k m ir.t.n.k

iw.t n.k Smw m wAHt n.k aqA m mXnt

sqd.y.k xft dd ib.k

pr.k r-HA Tnw dwAw

nw.k Tw Tnw mSrw n.k tkAw m grH

r wbn.t Sw Hr Snbt.k n.k iiy.wy sp sn m pr.k pn n anxw

dg.y.k ra m Axt nt pt

sgmH.k imn


rs.k nfr(.w) m Xrt-hrw

dr(.w) n.k sDb nb r tA

sb.k nHH m nDm-ib

m Hswt nTr imy.k

ib.k m-a.k

nn bT.f Tw

DfAw.k mn(.w) r st iry

n kA n sS pA-Hry mAa-xrw


ink saH Ax n nb.f

SsA Hr

Sw m mht-ib

Sm.n.i Hr wAt

nD.n.i sy

rx.n.i prw-n-anx

iw Hsb.n.i Dr.w m sS.w

wDb.w m sSrw nb n nswt

ixt nb.t nt pr-nsw a.w.s mi Hapy

Hr sTA r wAD-wr

r.i rwD(.w)

Hr smnx n nb.i

snD.kwi Hr xrt DAt

n sX.y.i Hr.i n DbAw

n Ssp.i xsAy m prw

sSm.n wi ib.i Ds.i

r wAt nt Hsy.w n nswt

ir.n wi ar.i m rxx.y

smAa.n.f xrw.i m DADAt


sar.n wi qd.i nfr


dd.kwi Hr mxAt

pr.n.i ... ip.kwi mH.kwi wDA.kwi

Sm.n.i i.i.n.i

ib.i Xr mity(?) / mitt(?)

n Dd.i grg r ky

rx.kwi nTr imy rmT(t)

siA.i sw

rx.i (pfA) r pn

ir.n.i ixt mi wd.dt

n Sb.i wpwt (wpw-Hr) smi.s

n Dd.i mdwt nt HAw-mr

n wHm.i n iwty.w

ink inw n wAH-ib

Hsy pr m Xt Hs.w

HAty-a n nxb pA-Hry mAa-xrw


sDm.w irf Tn nty.w m xpr


nn grg im

i anxw wn.nyw wr.w rmT(t) tp.w tA

Hmw-nTr wab.w

sS nb Ssp gsti

SsA Hr m mdw-nTr

iqr nb n smdt.f

Tn r m aba wnwt.f

Hs.y Tn ra nb nHH

nxbt HDt nxn

nty{w} nb mnx m iAwt.f n

mi Htp-di-nsw m-snt-r ntt m sS.w