Budge, E. A. Wallis, The Book of the dead, the chapters of coming forth by day, Londres, 1898; Barguet, Paul, Le livre des morts des anciens Egyptiens, Paris, 1998

The vocabulary displayed is partly built on the book of Raymond O. FAULKNER, A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, Oxford, 1962. Specials thanks are given to the Griffith Institute for the permission to use it.

Chapter I (Budge 18 LM 38)

HAt-a m r.w nw prt-m-hrw

sTsw sAxw pr.t m Xrt-nTr Axt m imntt nfr.t

Dd.t hrw n qrst aq m-xt pr.t

Dd-mdw in wsir Any wsir sXAw Any

inD-Hr.k kA-imnt i.n DHwty (n) nswt nHH im.i

ink nTr-aA n gs-dpt aHA.y.n.i Hr.k ink wa m nw n nn nTrw DADAt smAa-xrw wsir r xfty.w.f hrw pwy n wDa-mdw

ny-wi wnDwt.k wsir

ink m nw n nTrw (ms.wy) nwt smA.yw

19) xfty.w nw wsir xnr(yw) sbi.w Hr.f

ny-wi wnDwt.k Hr aHA.n.i Hr.k sb.y.n.i Hr rn.k

ink DHwty smAa-xrw wsir r xfty.w.f hrw pwy n wDa-mdw m Hwt-sr wr(t) imt iwnw

ink Ddy sA Ddy iwr(.w) im.i m Ddw ms.y.i m Ddw

wn.i Hna HAytyw iAkbywt wsir m idbwy-rxty smAa-xrw wsir r xfty.w.f

xr.f sn ra (n) DHwty smAa-xrw wsir r xfty.w.f

xr.f tw(?) ir(t).n.i DHwty

wn.i Hna Hr hrw Hbs tStS

wn TpH.wt n ia.w wrDw-ib

sn r sStAyt m r-sTAw

wn.i Hna Hr nD qaH pwy iAby n wsir imy xm

aq.i pr.w.i

20) m imw hrw dr sbi.w m xm

wn.i Hna Hr hrw Hb.w nw wsir ir(t) aAb.wt hrw snwt dnit m iwnw

ink wab m Ddw rw

imy pr wsir sqA.yw tA ink mAA StAw m r-sTAw pn

ink Sd Hbt n bA m (Ddt)

ink sm m (irt).f

ink wr-xrp-Hmwt hrw rd.t Hnw-skr Hr maxAyt.f

ink Ssp xbsyt hrw xbs tA m nn-nsw

i stkn.yw bAw mnx.w m pr wsir stkn Tn bA iqr n wsir sXAw Any mAa-xrw r pr wsir

sDm.f mi

mAA.f mi

aHa.f mi

Hms.f mi

21) i dd.yw t Hnqt n bAw mnx.w m pr wsir

d Tn t Hnqt r tr.wy n bA n wsir Any mAa-xrw xr nTrw

nb.w tA-wr mAa-xrw

i wn.yw wAt wp.yw mTn.w n bAw mnx.w m pr n wsir

wn irf Tn n.f wAt

wp irf Tn mTn.w n bA n wsir sXAw Hsb Htp nTrw nb.w Any

aq.f m dndn pr.f m Htpw m pr wsir



aq.f Hs.w pr.w.f mr.w mAa-xrw.f

ir.w wd.dt.f m pr wsir

Sm.f mdw.f Ax.f

nn wn.f im iw mxAt Sw.ti m sp.f

22) nn rd.t qn(?) rx

sip.kwi m r.w aSA

saHa bA(.i) r-xft-Hr(.k) wDA r(.i) tp tA

mk wi m-bAH.k nb nTrw

pH.n.i spAt mAaty(w)

xa.kwi m nTr anx

psD.kwi m psDt imy.w pt

wn.n(.i) mi wa

sTs nmtt(.i) m Xry-aHA

mA.i sqdwt sAH Sps DA nwn

nn Sna wi r mA.n.i nb.w dwAt ky Dd psDt

xnm.m.i DfAw n psDt


nis n.i Xry-Hbt hn

sDm.n.i dbHt-Htp dgs.n.i nSmt

nn bA.i Hna nb.f

inD-Hr.k xnty imntt wsir Hry-ib TAw-wr

d.k hA.i m Htpw r imntt

Ssp wi nb.w tA-Dsr n.i

iAw sp sn m Htpw n.i st r-gs wr m DADAt

23) Ssp wi xnmt.y r tr.w pr.i m-bAH wnn-nfr mAa-xrw

Sms.i Hr m r-sTAw wsir m Ddw

ir.i xprw nb.w r dd ib.i m bw nb mr(w) kA.i im

Chapter 1B (Budge 23 LM 40)(pap Nekhtu-Amen)

r n rd.t hA.y saH r dwAt hrw n smA-tA

Dd r-mdt

inD-Hr.k nty m smyt Dsr.t nt imnt

iw wsir sXAw-nsw nxt-imn mAa-xrw rx Tw rx rn.k

24) nHm.k sw m-a nn HfAw.w nty(w) m r-sTAw anx.yw m Haw n rmT(t) sam.yw m

Hr-ntt wsir Hsy n nTr niwt.f sXAw-nsw nxt-imn mAa-xrw rx twtn rx

wD tpy wsir nb-r-Dr sStA.w.n Dt n.f

d.f TAw m snDw pn imy qAb imntt

wd.d.n.f sxrw n nty-m-wnn

sS.n.f st.f m-Xnw kkw rd(w) n.f Ax m r-sTAw

nb snkt hA m sam fnT.w m imntt

sDm(w) xrw.f n nTr-aA m-Xnw Ddw

snD.w n.f imy.w bAgyw pr Xr smi r nmt nTr

i.iy n.i wsir sXAw-nsw nxt-imn mAa-xrw m wpwt nt nb-r-Dr

iw Hr iT n.f nst.f

rd.n n.f it.f iAw.w nb(w) nty.w m-Xnw

25) wiA ntf Hr i.iy.n.f Xr smi ...

Dd.f mA.t.n.f m iwnw

aHa n.f wr(w).sn Hr tA

saA sw sXAw.w Hry.w (Ts) n.f sAbt m iwnw

iT pt iwa.n.f tA m arf(?) (i)n pt tA pn m-a.f

ntf is ra smsw nTrw

snq.n sw mwt.f d sy .n mnat imt Axt

Dd r-mdt m-xt Htp m imnt (r) arrwt Tnnt

Hr nb.s wsir m pr.t m wiA

n ra Hsb(?) XAt m qrsw.f m dwAt wsir

sXAw-nsw nxt-imn mAa-xrw nn(?)

Chapter II (Budge 25 LM 41)

r n pr.t m hrw anx m-xt mwt wsir Any mAa-xrw

i wa wbn

26) m iaH

i wa psD m iaH

pr.t wsir Any pn m aSAt.k twy (r-rwty)

wHa sw imy.w Hnmmt

wn.w n.f dwAt

isk wsir Any pr.t m hrw r ir.t mr.t.f tp tA m-m anxw

Chapter III (Budge 27 LM 41)

ky r mity.f

Dd-mdw in ... nw...

i itm pr m wr hnhnw Ax m rwty

Hwy mdw.k n imyw-bAH iw ... nw ...

imy ir n.f wD-mdw n ist ra m mSrw

anx wsir ... m-xt mwt.f mi ra ra nb in Hm ms.y ra

m sf ms.y wsir ... Ha nTr nb m anx wsir ... mi

m anx ptH m prt.f m Hwt-sr wr.t imt iwnw

Chapter IV (Budge 27 LM 42)

r n swA Hr wAt Hr.t nt r-sTAw

Dd-mdw in ... nw ink tAS Agby wp

rHwy i.i.n.i dr.n.i (Dwt) Hr wsir

Chapter V (Budge 28 LM 42)

r n tm ir.t kAt m Xrt-nTr in sXAw spXrw

n pr ptH nbsny Dd.f ink fA a nty nn

pr.n.i m wnw ink bA anx(w) bskw-ib ian.w (im.f) / anx m bsk.w ian

Chapter VI (Budge 28 LM 42)

r n rd.t ir Swbty kAt n s m Xrt-nTr

Dd-mdw in sXAw spXrw m rw-prw sXAw Smaw mHw

nbsny nb imAx m Hwt ptH Dd.f

i Swbty ip n sXAw nbsny ir.n sXAw TnA mAa-xrw

ms.n nbt-pr mwt-rsti mAat-xrw

ir ir r ir.t kAt nb.t ir.t m Xrt-nTr

isT Hw n.k sDb im m s r Xrt.f

ip.k Tw r.i r nw nb r srd sxwt r smH.t wDb.w

r Xn.t Say n iAbtt pw(?) n imntt mk wi kA.k im

Chapter VII (Budge 29 LM 42)

r n swA Hr Ts qsn n aApp

Dd-mdw in imy-r pr n imy-r xtmt nw mAa-xrw

i wa mnH iT m awAy anx m nnyw nn nn.y.i n.k

nn gn.i n.k nn aq mtwt.k m awt.i awt.i awt itm

ir tm gnn.n.k nn aq gmwt.k m awt.i iptn ink itm

Hr-xnt nwn iw mkt.i m nTrw nb.w Dt ink sStA rn

Dsr st r HH.w ink imytw.s(n) pr.n.i Hna itm

ink nty n ip wDA.kwi sp sn

Chapter VIII (Budge 30 LM 43)

r n wbA imntt m hrw Dd-mdw in wsir Any

wn.w wnw xtm tp.i DHwty iqr irt Hr Sd wi irt Hr

Ax Xkr.w{.i} m wpt ra it nTrw ink wsir pwy nn imy

imntt rx.n wsir hrw.f (xrw.f) tm.f wn.n im n wn.n.i im

ink ra (stS) imy nTrw nn tm.t.i aHa ir.k Hr ip.f Tw

m-m nTrw

Chapter IX (Budge 30 LM 43)

r n pr.t m hrw m-xt wbA imHt

Dd-mdw in Any i bA aA Sfyt mk wi

i.iy.kwi mAA.i Tw wbA.i dwAt mAA.i it.i wsir sHr(.i)


ink mry.f i.iy.n.i mAA.i it.i wsir Hsq.i ib pn stx

ir ixt r it.i wsir wn.n.i wAt nb(t) imt pt imt tA

ink sA mry it.f wsir

i nTr nb Ax nb ir n.i wAt wsir sXAw Any mAa-xrw

Chapter X (Budge 31 LM 43)

ky r n pr.t s m hrw r xfty.w.f m Xrt-nTr

Sd.n.i pt

bA.n.i Axt

SAs.n.i tA r nmt.wt.f

iT.n.i Ax.w wr.w Hr-ntt ink is apr HH.w.f m HkAw{.i}

wnm.i m r(.i)

fgn.i m art.i

ink is nTr nb dwAt

iw rd n.(i) nn r mn m wsir Any pn (m-xmt) xaw.f

Chapter XI (Budge 32 LM 44)

r n pr.t r xfty m Xrt-nTr

Dd-mdw in imy-r pr n imy-r xtmt nw

i am a.f Hr.y n.i wAt ink ra pr.n.i m Axt

r xfty.w.i iw.f rd n.i nn nHm.f m-a.i

mAa.n.i a.i m nb wrrt dwn.n.i rd.wy.i

m wn.y xaw(?) n rd.n.i xr.t m a.i xfty.i pw

iw.f rd n.i n nHm.f m-a.i aHa.n.i m Hr

Hms.n.i m ptH nxt.n.i m DHwty wsr.n.i m itm

Sm.i m rd.wy.i mdw.i m r.i r HH.y xfty.w.i iw.f rd

n.i nn m-a.i

Chapter XII (Budge 33 LM 44)

r n aq pr.t Dd-mdw in ... nw ianw n.k ra

mk StAy sbA.w Hry wsrt twy nt gb Hry mxAt

twy nt ra fA.f mAat im.s ra nb mk wi

bA.i tA (Dd.i(?)) iw.t.i nxx.kwi

Chapter XIII (Budge 33 LM 44)q

r n aq pr m imnt

nnk tm rd.n n.i mi-qd aq.n.i m bik

pr.n.i m bnw nTr-dwAy ir.w n.i wAt aq.i m Htpw r imnt nfr.t

ny-wi S n Hr nwH.i Tsm.w Hr ir n.i wAt aq.i

dwA.i wsir nb anx

Dd-mdw Hr bnnt.y nt anx-imy m msDr wnm(y)

n Ax.w Hna kt bnnt.y rd.t(w) m sSd n pAqt ir.y

rn n wsir iw-f-anx mAa-xrw ms.n mnwt(?) mAa(t)-xrw Hr.s

m hrw qrst

Chapter XIV (Budge 34 LM 45)

r n dr Spt-ib m ib n nTr r imy-st-a tpy n imn ms-m-nTr mAa-xrw

ianw n.k hAb-m-At xnty StAw nb mk Dd(.w) mdw{.i}

in nTr Spt r.i mH isft xr sy Hr-awy nb mAat

dr Tn nkn imy.i Dw smA.w nTr mAat Htp n.i nTr pn

dr(.w) sDb.i nki(?) nb Htp m gn-wr mk in.n.i n.k sy

Htp anx(w).k im.f Htp n.i dr Spt nb(t) nty m ib.k r.i

Chapter XV (Budge 35)

dwA ra wbn.f m Axt r xpr Htp.f m anx Dd-mdw

in wsir Any inD-Hr.k ra m wbn.f itm-Hr-Axty nfrw.k m irt.y.i xpr iAxw Hr Snbt wDA.k

m Htp.k m msktt ib.k Aw(.w) m mAaw.w m manDt ib snDm(.w) ...

Chapter XV (Budge 37)

dwA wsir nb Dt wnn-nfr Hr-Axty aSA xprw aA irw

ptH-skr itm m iwnw nb STyt ...

Chapter XV (Budge 48 LM 50)

dwA ra-Hr-Axty m Htp.f m Axt imnt.t nt pt inD-Hr.k

ra m Htp.f itm-Hr-Axty nTr nTr.y xpr Ds.f pAwty xpr

m HAt hnw n.k ir nTrw ax pt r Hptt irt.y.fy

ir tA r wsx iAxw.f r rd.t siA s nb snnw.f

iw msktt m Awt-ib manDt m hy-hnw n.k

nwn m Htpw sqdwt.k Htp.ti sxr.n Axt xfty.w.k nHm(.w) n.k

nmtt aApp nfr.ti m ra ra nb Hpt Tw mwt.k nwt Htp.k nfr ib.k

Aw(.w) m Axt nt mAnw imtyw(?) Sps.w m Haawt sHD.k

im n nTr-aA wsir HqA Dt nb.w qrrt m m iAw n kA.k n.k nb.t m-xt ir.k psD nb.w dwAt nDm(.w) sHD.n.k imAw imntt sw sn n mAA n.k

Ha.yw Tw sDm.k snmw n nty m DbAt dr.n.k

xsf d.k TAw r HAtt nt (wiA).k

m Axt nt mAnw nfr.ti ra ra nb qni Tw mwt(.k) nwt wsir ... mAa-xrw

Chapter XV (Budge 45 LM 50)

ky r n StAt dwAt bs StA n Xrt-nTr mA itn Htp.f m imntt

dwA.f in nTrw Ax.w m dwAt siqr Ax Hr ib n ra rd.t sxm.f xr itm saA.f

xr wsir rd.t SfSft.f xr psDt sSm.w dwAt sdwx nmt.wt.f

swbA Hr.f Hna nTr-aA ir Ax nb ir.w n.f nn iw.f pr.f

m hrw m xprw nb mr.f iw.f sxm.f m-m nTrw dwAt sw mi wa aq.f Hr sbA.w StA.w m sxm

Dd-mdw in mwt-Htp-T(i) mAa(t)-xrw iAw n.k ra-itm m iww(t).k

nfr.w(t) xa.ti Htp.k m anx m Dsrw Axt imnt(t) Htp.k sxt.k

imt mAnw iart.k HA.k sp sn inD-Hr.k m Htpw sp sn

Xnm.n Tw irt itm stp.s sA.s HA iwf.k DA.k pt sAH.k tA

Xn.n.k anDw iw.t n.k itrty m ksw n.k iAw ra nb nTrw imnt m nfrw.k dwA Tw StAw-st sqd Tw imy.w msktt

sns Tw bAw iAbty.w m xsfw Hm.k ii.wy spr m Htpw iw n.k hA nb pt

HqA imnt nD.n Tw mwt.k Ast mA.s sA.s im.k nb snDw aA SfSft

Htp.k m anx m-Xnw sStA(?) Ts Tw it.k tA-tnn d.f a.wy.f

HA.k xpr.ti nTr.ti m Haw tA rs.k m Htpw Htpw.k imt mAnw

iw rd.n.k wi m imAxw xr wsir mi n.i ra-itm dwA.i

Tw ir.k mr.t.i d.k mAa-xrw.i m-bAH psDt nfr(.w) Tw ra

m Axt.k nt imntt nb mAat aA snDw wsr irw.k aA mrwt.k

n imy.w dwAt sHD.k Hr nty.w im.s mn.ww(?) nb.w r Axt

sHD.k wAt r-sTAw wn(.w) n.k wAt rwty d.k nTrw Hr st

Ax.w m Aw-ib nArf Htp sp sn ra i nTrw ipw

imnty.w Hn.yw ra-itm dd.yw Haawt m xsfw.f Ssp Tn

aHAw sxr Tn sbi Hr ra xsf Tn nbD Hr wsir nTrw

imnty.w nwH.w m msktt m Htpw mAa(.w)

nTrw StAw-st imy.w imntt i DHwty smAa-xrw wsir

r xfty.w.f smAa-xrw mwt-Htp-T(i) mAa(t)-xrw r xfty.w.{f}s

m DADAt aA.t imt wsir nb anx nTr-aA imy itn.f

Hr nD-Hr-it-f wnn-nfr ra Htp wsir dwA.f in Ax.w m dwAt

inD-Hr.k i.i.ti m itm xpr.ti m qmA nTrw

inD-Hr.k i.i.ti m bA bAw Dsr imy Axt

inD-Hr.k Ax r nTrw sHD dwAt m irt.f

inD-Hr.k na m Axw.f sqd imy itn.f

Chapter XV (Budge 39 LM 51)

dwAw ra xft wbn.f m Axt imnt.t nt pt Hna imyw-xt.f

i wsir Any m mAa-xrw Dd.f

i itn pwy nb stwt wbn m Axt ra nb psD.k m-Hr n wsir Any mAa-xrw

dwA.f Tw m dwAyt sHtp.f Tw mSrw pr bA n wsir Any mAa-xrw Hna.k r pt

wD.f m manDt mn.y.f m msktt Abx.f m ixmw-wrD m pt

wsir Any Htpy mAa-xrw Dd.f swAS.f nb.f nb nHH

inD-Hr.k Hr-Axty xpri pw xpr Ds.f nfr.wy wbn.k m Axt

sHD.k tAwy m stwt.k nTrw nb.w m Haawt Tw

m nswt n pt nbt wnwt mn.ti m tp.k Smas mHws m wpt.k

iw ir n.s st.s m HAt.k DHwty mn(.w) m-HAt wiA.k Hr sswn xfty.w.k nb.w

imy.w dwAt pr(.w) m xsfw.k r mAA.w smx(?) pw nfr

i.iy.n.i xr.k iw.i Hna.k r mAA itn.k ra nb nn

nn mAw.y Haw.i m dg nfrw.k mi Hsy(w).k nb.w

Hr-ntt ink wa m nw n Spss.w n.k tp tA iw pH.n.i r

tA n nHH Xnm.n(.i) r tA n Dt ntk is wD n.i st nb.i

i wsir Any mAa-xrw m Htpw mAa-xrw Dd.f inD-Hr.k wbn.k

m Axt.k m ra Htp Hr mAat DA.k pt Hr-nb Hr mA.k

Sm.t.k imn(.ti) m d.k Tw dwAyt m (Xrt-hrw)

rwD sqd.d Xr Hm.k stwt.k m Hr nn rx st Damw nn sw mi

imAw.k tA.w nw nTrw Hr sXA.w xAswt nw pwnt r sip Tw

imn(.ti) ir.k wa.ti smwn rf xprw.k tpy nwn iw.f r Sm.t.f mitt-r

Sm.t.k n ir.n.f Abw mi Hm.k hrw ktt(.w) Hpt(.k) wAt itrw m HH.w Hfn.w At Sri.t

ir.w.n.k st Htp.n.k km(.w) n.k wnw.wt grH mitt gsgs.n.k st km(.sn) n.k mi nt-a.k

HD-tA d.k Tw r r-a.k (n sf) m ra wbn.k m Axt

wsir sXAw Any mAa-xrw Dd.f dwA.f Tw m psD.k Dd.f

(...) n.k m wbn.k dwA.k m sqA xprw.k xa.a.k m saA nfrw.k

Hpyw(?) / (ptH Tw) nb.k Haw.k ms sw iwty m ra

wbn m Hrt d.k pH.i Hrt nt nHH smyt nt Hsy.w smA.i m Ax.w Sps.y(w) iqr.w nw

Xrt-nTr pr.i r mAA nfrw.k wbn.k mSrw nmi.n.k mwt.k

niwt d.k Hr(.i) r wnmy a.wy.i m iAw n Htp.k m anx

ntk is ir nHH dwA(.i) Tw Htp.k m nwn d.i Tw m ib.i iwty bAg.y

nTr.y r nTrw

wsir Any mAa-xrw Dd.f iAw n.k wbn m nbw sHD tAwy m hrw n mswt.f

ms.n Tw mwt.k Hr Drt sHD.n.k Sn.n(t) itn sHD-wr wbn m nwn

Ts (mhwt).f m Hbbt sHb spAwt niwwt nb(t) pryt nb(t) xw m nfrw.k

wTs kA.k m Hw DfAw aA nrw sxm sxm.w Hr.w st.f r isfty.w

aA xaw m msktt wr.f Aw(.w) m manDt sAx.w.k wsir Any mAa-xrw m Xrt-nTr

d.k wn.n.f r imntt Sw m Dwt mkHA.k isft d.k wi m imAxw

xr Ax.w Xnm.f bAw m tA-Dsr sqd.d.f m sxt-iArw (Hr-sA) wD.t

m Awt-ib in wsir sXAw Any mAa-xrw

pr.y.k r pt DA.y.k biAt snsn.k m-a sbA.w n.k Hknw m wiA m manDt dg.y.k ra m-Xnw n kAr.f sHtp.k

itn.f ra nb mAA.n.k int m xprw.s Hr babat nt mfkAt

mAA.n.k AbDw sp.f xpr Dw xr(.w) xft sr.n.f Hsq.n.i dm.wy

(m) Ts.w n.f wn.n ra m mAaw nfr sk.n.i msktt

pH sw sqdwt ra m Haawt nbt anx ib.s nDm(.w)

sxr(.w) xfty n nb.s mA.n.k Hr Hr nfrw(?) DHwty

mAat Hr-awy.fy nTrw nb.w m Haawt ra

iw(.w) m Htpw r sanx ib n Ax.w in wsir sXAw Htp-nTr n

nb.w wAst Any mAa-xrw

Chapter XVII (Budge 50 LM 57)

HAt-a m sTsw sAxw pr.t m Xrt-nTr m imntt nfr.t pr.t m hrw m xprw nb mr.y.f Hba

r snt Hms(t) m sH pr.t m bA anx.y

Dd-mdw in wsir Any m-xt mni.f iw n ir sy

tp tA

xpr mdwt nb-tm ink itm m wn.y wa.kwi xpr.n.i

m nwn ink ra m xaw.f m SAa HqA (...).n.f

pw-tr rf sw

ra pw m SAa xa.a.f m nn-nsw m nswt m wn.t n xpr


iw.f Hr qAA n imy xmnw ink nTr-aA xpr Ds.f

nwn pw qmA rn.w.f psDt m nTr

pw-tr rf sw

ra pw qmA rn.w n awt.f xpr nn pw m nTrw imyw-xt ra

ink iwty xsf.f m nTrw

pw-tr rf sw

itm pw imy itn.f

ky Dd ra pw m wbn.f m Axt iAbt.t nt pt

ink sf rx.kwi dwAw

pw-tr rf sw ir

sf wsir pw ir dwAw ra pw

hrw pwy n sHtm xfty.w.f nw nb-r-Dr

im.f Hna sA.f Hr

ky Dd hrw pwy n iw.n mn(.w) Hb qrst pw wsir in it.f ra aHA nTrw xft wD(t).n.i wsir nb imntt

pw-tr rf sw

imntt pw r bAw nTrw xft wD wsir (nb) smyt imnt.t

ky Dd imntt pw nw pw rd.n ra hA.y nTr nb r.s

aHa aHA.n.f Hr.s

iw.i (rx.kwi) nTr pwy nty im.s

pw-tr rf sw

wsir pw

ky Dd ra rn.f Hnn pw n ra nk(w).f im.f Ds.f

ink bnw pwy nty m iwnw ink iry sipw n nty wn.n

pw-tr rf sw

wsir pw ky Dd XAt.f pw

{ky Dd ir sTA.w.f ir {n} nty wn.n XAt pw}

ky Dd (i)n {r} nHH pw Hna Dt

ir nHH pw hrw ir Dt pw grH

ink mnw m prw.f iw rd.n.i Swt.y.f m tp.i

pw-tr rf sw

ir mnw Hr pw nD-Hr-it-f ir prw n.f mswt.f pw

ir Swt.y.f m tp.f Smt Ast Hna nbt-Hwt

sw Hr.t tp.f m Drt.y is Hr mn tp.f

ky Dd iart.y wr.t(y) aA.t(y) pw imt tp itm

ky Dd (i)n irt.y.f pw Swt.y.f m tp.f

wn.n wsir sXAw Htp-nTr nb.w Any mAa-xrw m mAa-xrw m tA.f

i.i.n.f m niwt.f

pw-tr rf sw

Axt pw nt it.f itm dr.i iw.i xsr.i Dwwt.i

pw-tr rf sw XpAw pw n wsir sXAw Any mAa-xrw

xr nTrw nb.w Dwwt nb(t) iry.w(t).f

pw-tr rf sw

wab pw m hrw n mswt.f wab(.i) wi m sS.wy(.i) aA(wy) wrt

nty m nn-nsw hrw pwy n aAbt rxyt n nTr pwy aA

nty im.s

pw-tr rf sw

(HHw) rn n wa wAD-wr rn n ky

S pw n Hsmn Hna S pw n mAat

ky Dd sSmw HH.w rn n wa wAD-wr rn n ky

ky Dd wtT HH.w rn n wa wAD-wr rn n ky

ir grt nTr-aA nty im.s ra pw Ds.f

Sm.n.i Hr wAt rx(t).n.i tp-m iw mAaty(w)

pw-tr rf sw

ir r-sTAw pw sbAyt pw rs.t nArf

sbAyt mHty(t) nt iAt (wsir)

ir grt iw mAaty(w) AbDw pw

ky Dd wAt pw Sm.t.n it.f itm Hr.s xft wDA.f r sxt-iArw pw

ms.t DfAt n nTrw HA kAr.w ir grt sbAyt pw Dsr.t sbA pw

n sTsw-Sw ir sbA mHty n dwAt pw

ky Dd aAwy-ry pwy wDA(w).n itm Hr.f xft wDA.f (r) Axt

iAbt(t) nt pt imyw-bAH imi n.i ink nTr pwy

n xpr.n.i

pw-tr rf sw

snf pw pr m Hnn n ra m-xt wA.f r ir.t Sad.w im.f Ds.f

aHa.n.w xpr m nTrw imyw-xt ra Hw Hna siA m-xt itm (m) Xrt-hrw nt ra nb

iw mH.n.i wsir sXAw Any mAa-xrw n.k wDAt m-xt hbq.s

hrw pwy n aHA rHwy

pw-tr rf sw

hrw pwy n aHA Hr im.f Hna stS m wd(.f) sTA m Hr Hr

iT Hr Xrwy n stS in grt DHwty ir nn m Dba.w.fy

Ds.f Ts(.w) n.i Sny m tr n nSny

pw-tr rf sw

irt pw wnm.t nt ra m nSn.y.s r.f m-xt hAb.f sw

in DHwty Ts Sny im in.n.f sy n a.w.s

n bAg nb

ky Dd wn.n irt pw m mr.s m wn.n.s Hr rm.y n snnw.f

aHa irf in DHwty r psg n.s iw mAA.n.i ra ms(y) m sf

r xpd.wy n mHt-wrt wDA.f wDA.i Ts-pXr

pw-tr rf sw

nw n nwy n pt

ky Dd twt pw n irt ra r mswt.f ra nb

ir mHt-wrt wDAt pw nt ra Hr-ntt ir wsir sXAw Any mAa-xrw

wa wr m nw nTrw imyw-xt Hr mdw.w Hr-tp.f

mr.yw nb.f

pw-tr rf sw

imsti Hpy dwA-mwt-f qbH-snw-f nb.w

mAat DADAt HA wsir dd.yw Sad m isfty.w imyw-xt

Htp-s-xw-s mTn wi i.i.kwi Dwwt nb(t) iry.w(t).i

mi nw ir(w) n Ax.w 7 ipw imy.w Smsw n spA

ir(w).n inpw st.s(n) hrw pwy n miy ir.k im

pw-tr rf sw

ir nn nb.w mAat DHwty pw Hna isds nb imntt

ir DADAt HA wsir imsti Hpy dwA-mwt-f qbH-snw-f

nA pw nty m-sA pA xpS m pt mHt.t ir dd.yw Sad m isfty.w

imyw-xt Htp-s-xw-s sbk pw imy mw ir Htp-s-xw-s

irt pw nt ra ky Dd nsrt wn.n.s m-xt wsir Hr sAm.t bAw

nw xfty.w.f ir grt Dwwt nb(t) iry.w(t) wsir sXAw Htp-nTr n nTrw

nb.w Any mAa-xrw hA.y.f m Xt nt mwt.f

ir grt Ax.w ipw 7 imsti Hpy dwA-mwt-f qbH-snw-f

mAA-it-f Xry-bAq-f Hr-xnty-irty rd.t(w).sn in inpw m sA qrst nt wsir

ky Dd m-sA wabt nt wsir

ky Dd ir Ax.w 7 ipw nDHDH iAqdqd n-rd-n-f-nbi-f-xnty-hh-f

aq-Hr-imy-wnwt-f dSr-irty-imy-Hwt-insy Asb-Hr-pr-m-xtxt


ir Hry-tp DADAt n nA nArf Hr nD-Hr-it-f

ir grt hrw pf mi.y ir.k im

Dd(t) wsir pw n ra mi.y ir.k im mAA(.i) Tw xr.f

st-r (imnty) ink (bA.wy.fy) Hry-ib TA(wy).fy

pw-tr rf sw

wsir pw aq.f r Ddw gm.n.f bA im n ra

aHa.n Hpt.n (wa) ky im

aHa.n.w xpr m (bA.wy.fy) Hry-ib TA(wy).fy

ir igr TA(wy).fy Hr pw nD-Hr-it-f Hna Hr-mxnty-n-irty

ky Dd ir bA(wy).fy Hry-ib TA(wy).fy bA pw n ra bA pw n wsir

bA pw n imy Sw bA pw n imy tfnwt bA(wy).fy

pwy n imy.w Ddt

ink miw pwy pSn iSd r-gs.f m iwnw grH pwy n Htm

xfty.w nw nb-r-Dr im.f

ptr rf sw

miw pwy TA ra pw Ds.f n.f miw m Dd siA r.f

mi sw m nn ir(w).n.f xpr rn.f pw miw

ky Dd wn.n Sw pw Hr ir.t imt-pr nt gb n wsir

ir gr pSn iSd r-gs.f m iwnw wn ms.w bdSt pw

Hr mAa Hr ir(t) ir grt grH pf n aHA pw m iAbty pt

aHa.n a n aHA m pt m tA r-Dr.f

i imy swHt.f psD m itn.f wbn m Axt.f (nb) Hr biA iwty

snnw.f m nTrw sqd.d Hr sTsw-Sw dd TAw m hh n r.f

sHD tAwy m iAxw.f nHm.k nb-sny nb imAx m-a nTr pwy

StA irw wn.n inH(wy).fy m a.wy mxAt grH pf n Hsb awAy

ptr rf sw

in-a-f pw

ir grt grH pf n Hsb awAy grH pw n nsrt n xrwy.w

dd spH.w m isfty.w r nmt.f dnd bAw

ptr rf sw

Ssmw pw (siATy) pw n wsir

ky Dd aApp pw wn.n.f m tp n wa Xr mAat

ky Dd Hr pw wn.n.f m tp.wy wn.n wa Xr mAat ky Xr isft

dd.f isft n ir sy mAat n Sms.y Xr.s

ky Dd Hr pw aA xnty-xm

ky Dd DHwty pw

ky Dd nfr-tm pw spdw xsf ixt n xfty.w nw nb-r-Dr

nHm.k sXAw nb-sny mAa-xrw m-a nw n iry.w sTAw imnH.yw

spd.w Dba.w mr.w Hsqt imyw-xt wsir nn im.i

nn hA.y.i r

ptr rf sw

inpw pw Hr pw mxnty-n-irty

ky Dd DADAt pw xsf.t ixt n (xfty.w) ...

ky Dd wr-swnw n Snwt n sxm m sXAw nb-sny mAa-xrw

nn hA.y.i r Hr-ntt tw.i rn iry rx.kwi

mDd (pwy) n pr wsir st m irt n

dbn(w).n pt nsr n r.f smi Hapy n ink wDA tp tA

xr ra mni.i nfr xr wsir nn im.i (n) {m} Hry.w

Hr-ntt tw.i m Smsw n nb-r-Dr r sXA.w n xprw

aX.i m bik ngg.n.i m smn sk.i nHH mi nHb-kAw

ptr st

nw pw n Hry.w twt pw n irt ra Hna twt n irt Hr

i ra-itm nb Hwt-aAt ity a.w.s nTrw nb.w nHm.k

nb-sny mAa-xrw m-a nTr pwy nty Hr.f m Tsm inH.wy.fy

m rmT anx.f m xryt sAw qAb (pwy) n S n sDt am XAt xnp HAty.w

wd.d(?) sTA n

ptr rf sw

am HH rn.f wn.n.f m iAt ir grt iAt nt sDt pA pw nty

r imytw (nArf) r Snyt ir xnd nb Hr.f (sAw) xr.f (n) Sawt / Sat

ky Dd mds rn.f iry-aA pw n imntt

ky Dd (bAby) rn.f ntf sAw qAb pwy n imntt

ky Dd Hry-sp-f rn.f

i nb nrw Hry-tp tAwy nb dSrt wAD nmwt anx m bsk.w

ptr rf sw

sA.A qAb pwy n imntt

ptr rf sw

HAty pw n wsir ntf wnm Sat nb.t rd.y n.f wrrt Awt-ib

m-xnt nn-nsw

ptr rf sw ir rd.y n.f wrrt Awt-ib m-xnt nn-nsw

wsir pw wd.d(w) (n).f HqAt m nTrw hrw pf n smA.t tAwy m-bAH-a nb-r-Dr

ptr rf sw

ir wd.d(w) n.f HqAt m nTrw Hr pw sA Ast sHqA(w) m st it.f

wsir ir hrw pf smA.t tAwy dmD tAwy pw r qrst wsir bA anx imy nn-nsw

dd kA.w dr isft sSm(w) n.f wAt nHH

ptr rf sw

ra pw Ds.f nHm.k nb-sny mAa-xrw m-a nTr pwy TA.y bA(w) nsb.w HAty.w

anx m HwAw iry kkw imy skr snD(w) n.f imy.w bAg

pw-tr rf sw

stx pw

ky Dd smA-wr bA n gb

i xpri Hry-ib wiA.f pAwty Dt.f

nHm.k wsir Any mAa-xrw m-a nw pw iry.w sipw rd(w) nb-r-Dr

r Ax n.f r ir.t sAwt xfty.w.f dd.yw Sad m iATw nty.w pr m

nn im.i nn aq.i r nn wrD.n.i m-Xnw

nn n.i ixt m nw bwt(w) nTrw Hr-nty ink wab Hry-ib msqt

in(w) n.f mswt m THnt imt Tnnt

pw-tr rf sw

xpri Hry-ib wiA.f ra pw Ds.f ir nw n iry.w sipw bnt.w pw Ast pw nbt-Hwt pw

ir nw n bwt nTrw Hs pw grg ir swA (wab.t(w)) Hry-ib msqt inpw

pw iw.f m-sA afDt ntt Xr mXtw nt wsir ir rd.y n.f mswt m THnt

im(t) Tnnt wsir pw

ky Dd ir mswt m THnt imt Tnnt pt pw tA pw

ky Dd qnqn Sw tAwy pw m nn-nsw

ir mswt m THnt irt Hr pw

ir Tnnt smAt pw nt wsir qd pr.k itm snT Hwt.k rwty

pH n(.k) pXrt twr Hr nTr.y stS Ts-pXr i.i.n.f m tA pn

iT.n.f m rd.wy.f wsir Any mAa-xrw xr wsir ntf itm

iw.f m niwt.k HA.k rHw HD r pds tp Hm n pHty.f

ky Dd Hm pH sw ir sAw nn sAwty wsir Any

ntf Ast gm.t n.f sw psx.f Sny n Hr.f txtx(.w) r-wpt(?).f

iwr.n.f m Ast bnn.n.f m nbt-Hwt Xnnw.f

nrw(.k) m-xt.k SfSft.k tp-awy(.k) qaH (n).k {r} HH.w

pXr n.k rxyt sbxbx.x (n).k wnDwt xfty.w

kf n.k skmw rd(.w) n.k snsn bnr{.k}

qmA (n).k imy(w) Xry-aHA imy(w) iwnw nTr nb snD n.k wrt aA(.w)

SfSft.k nTr nb m-a sHwr sw (sT(.i)) snt(?) anx.k r mr.y.k

ntk wADt nbt imw (iar.y).sn n.k and(.w)

pw-tr rf sw

StA-irw dd(w) Hmn rn n HAd Hr-awy rn n

qri ky Dd rn n nmt ir mAi-HsA(?) HD r pds tp Hnn pw n wsir

ky Dd Hnn pw n ra

ir (psx) n.k Sny.k txtx n(.k) r-wpt(?) wn.n Ast pw Hr StAw is

aHa.n sin.n.s Sny.s im

ir wADt nbt imw irt ra pw

Chapter XVIII (Budge 69 LM 64)

Dd-mdw in iwn-mwt-f Dd.f i.iy(.i) DADAt aA.t imy.w

pt tA Xrt-nTr in.n.i wsir Any nn btA.f xr nTrw nb.w

imi wn.f ra nb

dwA wsir nb r-sTAw psDt-aAt imy(t) Xrt-nTr in wsir sXAw Any Dd.f

inD-Hr.k xnty imntt wnn-nfr Hry-ib AbDw i.iy(.i) xr.k ib.i

Xr mAat nn isft m Xt.i nn Dd grg m rx nn ir.y.i sp snnw d.k n.i

t pr m-bAH Hr xAwt nt nb.w mAat aq pr(t) m Xrt-nTr nn Sna.t(w) bA(.i) (mAA)(.i)

itn dg.g(.i) iaH Dt sp sn

Dd-mdw in sA-mr-f Dd.f i.iy(.i) DADAt imy.w r-sTAw in.n(.i) wsir Any

imi t mw TAw sAH m sxt-Htp mi Smsw-Hr

dwA wsir nb Dt DADAt nb.w r-sTAw in wsir Any Dd.f

inD-Hr.k nswt Xrt-nTr HqA nw igrt i.iy(.i) xr.k rx.k(wi) sxr.w.k apr.k(wi) m irw.k n dwAt

d.k n.i st m Xrt-nTr r-gs nb.w mAat sAH.i mn(.w) m sxt-Htp Ssp(.i) snw m-bAH.k

i DHwty smAa-xrw wsir r xfty.w.f smAa-xrw sXAw nb-sny r xfty.w.f mi smAa.k xrw

wsir r xfty.w.f m-bAH DADAt imt ra imt wsir imt iwnw grH n ixt-xAwy grH pwy n aHA

n ir.t sAwt sbi.w hrw pw n xfty.w